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system:Harry the harem lord
Author :god_of_pleasure
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24 Divorce

In London, one of the most famous and prestigious hotels, Royal Place.

In one of the suites, a couple was lying on a bed. Both didn't look more than 23, especially man, who looked no more than 20 years old.

A woman was sleeping, but man wasn't sleeping, as a woman was frowning, he tried to relax her as if he didn't want her to be unhappy; awake or asleep.

Although the sun was high in the sky, they didn't wake up. They needed much rest, no, not physically, but mentally. Last night was hectic for them.

Harry still felt angry remembering it.

When Vernon came home at midnight with Dudley, he visited him in a hospital and discharged him as they were leaving for America, where he could get better treatment for him, not knowing that Dudley got the best treatment by Harry's call already.

They came back to pack a few essential things. But when they entered, they found Harry sitting in the living room. Of course, it was shocking to them as it was midnight. Without a word, he stood up and pointed his wand toward Vernon, who was standing near Dudley-Went flying.

Both of them were shocked as it was the first time they saw magic. Vernon had no time to think as he was feeling pain all our body as it wasn't a simple spell used on him.

While Dudley wet his pants due to fear and terror which Harry had told him many times. Vernon shook on the floor as Harry didn't stop his spell.

Harry was tempted to use one of the unforgivable curses but somehow managed to control himself. He wasn't afraid of the ministry, but he simply didn't want to make Petunia's life harder.

Harry's anger knew no boundaries. He used a spell which can make the whole nervous system enchanted for some time while he used a minor torturing spell.

After a few seconds, Dudley, who was watching everything silently until now, screamed.

Harry used another spell to silence him with a quick hand move as he didn't want to disturb Petunia's sleep.

Alas, his scream was too loud, thus she came out wearing a nightdress after a minute or so.

She was shocked when she saw a horrifying scene and couldn't speak for a few moments.

When she did, she asked Harry to stop.

Unwillingly Harry stopped but not before performing a stronger spell on him—to make him more miserable.

Petunia unconsciously took a step forward, but she remembered the previous encounter at his office and stopped.

Still, she was feeling sad for him as she was a kind woman the same as Lilly, only she changed more after marrying him.

She looked at Harry with pleading eyes, where, his face clearly indicated anger.

But he yielded and performed another spell to make him conscious rather than healing him. Being evil to the end.

Petunia watched Harry unaware of his intentions.

"snort, don't you dare think she is alone. She is under my protection if you dare to make her unhappy in any way..." Harry stooped and said with an evil face "Death will be the easiest punishment you will get."

Vernon was scared and angry, as his face turned blue and purple and last it got pale.

He was clearly mad but scared of Harry's magic. But, he endured.

Finally, he spoke while grinning" fine. You won't have any chance to complain in future," and took out papers from his coat and handed to Petunia while taking a detour to avoid Harry.

"D-divorce papers," she stuttered.

Even Harry was shocked by this development. He didn't think much about divorce. He assumed that Vernon must have said that in anger as they were fighting.

While everyone was in shock, he took the pen and handed it to Petunia, who signed it without looking as she was shocked and she was in no place to think clearly.

"aha," he laughed and gave Harry a victory smile.

Harry, who was dazed, saw this, shouted, "you bastard."

He stepped back, "No, no, no, you are a bastard, not me." he replied while grinning.

Harry lost his temper when he heard insults to his parents. It was always his weak spot, it was just that he hid it very well.

Before he could do anything, Petunia yelled, "how dare you!"

Vernon was thrown to the wall by her sheer anger, same way as Harry but for different reasons.

And again, everyone quiets down.

Harry was one thing as his parents were witches and wizards but petunia...

Vernon watched with an open eye that might pop out any moment--discarding pain.

"you are a freaking witch," Vernon roared.

Harry was surprised with her actions but glad and felt warmth in his heart knowing someone cared about him thus he stopped his action.

No one spoke for a while and looked toward her, who was breathing heavily and her chest was moving with each breath.

"Fine" she trembled, "packs your thing and gets lost."

Vernon got back some of the colors to his face and said, "That is why we are here, and of course, for divorce too."

Not sure what he meant, Petunia asked, "What do you mean by 'we'?"

"Dudley and I, of course," he replied.

"no way, how can he stay with someone like you?" Petunia snapped.

"snort. Everything was written in the paper that you just signed, or we could ask him directly who he wanted to stay with." He went to Dudley, who was wet from the bottom and murmured to him something.

"I will stay with my dad. I don't want to live with a freak like you." Dudley shouted.

Harry was glad to hear that, but Petunia was sad, not because of his actions, but because she saw herself in Dudley. And did the same thing she had done to her sister.

"retribution, this is retribution," she murmured and started crying.

Harry came near her and hugged without saying anything.

While Vernon and Dudley went to pack their stuff.

Harry asked her softly, "We will leave this house too, do you have anything to take?"

She nodded in reply, so Harry went with her to help.

Just half an hour later everyone packed and came out.

When they were leaving, Harry took out a wand and set the house on fire.

It was a symbolic message.

Different for each of the four with more than one meaning.

One meaning was clear to everyone "time for the Dursley family is over.



American arc it is.

I am answering your questions here rather than the comment section.

He will go to Ilvermorny but not for a long time(he will learn some magic though.). and later to Hogwarts. Also, America's arc is bigger than just Ilvermorny.

He won't have bloodlines from another world. as for this world, I dropped a vague hint before.

As for Petunia and Sara learning magic-- I already planned that, and I didn't want to spoil it so I didn't mention it before, but how they will, just wait and watch.

He will meet with a few of his classmates before Hogwarts starts but not all of them.

There won't be cultivation. also, maybe a few skills from another world but he will create himself but somewhat different from the original. (Which is much later.)

The story won't end with just Voldemort(i made another villain but Harry will face them after defeating him, still I will cover them in a story once in while.)

I already could see the future result in half day so I started rearranging story and draft earlier, thus releasing chapter now. I writing second chapter for today since i got some time to spare.

Next chapter: House-Hunt


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