Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 1150 – Sneak Attack
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 1150 – Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack

Meteor Explosion! Ultimate Shattering Palm! Absolute Break!

Leylin moved his fingers like an expert musician as he strummed the strings of the Shadow Weave, releasing terrifying legendary magic. Numerous spells were formed without any setup, complementing and amplifying each others’ power to form a vast current of magic!

“Legendary combination technique— Arcane Torrent!” This was a project Leylin had been researching for a while. It was a divine version of the spell he’d used in his adventurer days, and this fight against Shargaas was the first time he’d used it.

The earth rumbled as a terrifying explosion hit the surface, the aftermath shrouding the space between Shargaas and Leylin. Space itself had begun to distort from the horrifying damage of the attack.

‘This God of Massacre… He isn’t even 400 yet but his comprehension of magic is so great. Did he receive the arcanists’ inheritance?’ Shargaas teleported in retreat, his body in a sorry state as his golden divine force healed the injuries. Fear could be seen within his eyes.

However, although the sneak attack hadn’t managed to injure Leylin, the pressure on Malar’s avatar lessened unexpectedly. The huge ape roared, tearing through the black net and escaping.

*Whoosh!* The avatar that escaped dissolved into a dazzling rainbow that was instantly absorbed into his divine kingdom. Another avatar stepped forth, taking the former’s strength in as its aura rose sharply.

The new avatar released a terrifying roar Leylin’s way, opening a huge portal from nowhere to send a meteor from his divine kingdom that transformed into a pair of terrifyingly sharp claws.

This was Malar’s divine artifact, the Beast Claws. Other than his true body, Malar had brought everything he had to bear in this fight. It seemed like he’d been harbouring hatred over the losses he suffered at Leylin’s hand before, and had always been looking for an opportunity at revenge.

“Don’t even think of escaping. We’ve sealed off this space, and Gruumsh has sent out his avatar to intercept any possible reinforcements…” A tall god with an aura of blood and savagery waved his hands, and the group of four instantly encircled Leylin.

“The Orc God of War, Ilneval?” Leylin remembered having met this god once.

“I could see through all your conspiracies. No scheme you hatch will ever succeed!” Ilneval relied cautiously, trying to probe for information even as he wanted to damage Leylin’s confidence.

However, Leylin’s expression didn’t change in the slightest. He just moved on to the last god, the one wrapped in a dark robe who had a dense deathly aura. His eyebrows twitched, “Yurtrus… So the God of Death, the God of War, the God of Stealth, and the God of the Hunt… Looks like everything here was a trap?”

“Indeed, Kukulkan. Greed comes before the fall.” Ilneval roared, and Malar at the side was eager to rush forth as well. If not for the others restraining him, he would likely have barrelled over by now.

“Malar has deep connections to our pantheon. Do you think our alliance could be shaken by an outsider like you?” Yurtrus asked coldly, “Your avatar will fall this time, and we’ll strip you of your massacre divinity as compensation for Malar…”


“So the Lord colluded with the orc gods to ambush another god?” Gara muttered as he watched the situation incredulously. They’d already escaped a great distance, and Gara himself only had some of the information.

“Will the Lord’s plan succeed?” the werecreature chief asked by his side, obviously worried.

“Everything is as the Lord wills. We only have to follow his instructions and conserve our energy, taking part in the battle at the right time,” a legendary shaman stated from the side. There was an unspeakable resolution contained in his voice. Although legendary might was nothing in front of a true god, they could still contribute to an assault on an avatar.

“Mm, and it’s four gods fighting him this time, our chances of victory are quite high!” Gara was confident in the current situation.

“The God of Massacre, truename Kukulkan…” the orc leader muttered to himself, “The youngest legendary wizard of the prime material plane, and someone who ascended at such a young age… That spellcasting ability… He really is a thousand year genius…”

Gara looked at the legendary magic seemingly blossoming like fireworks from Leylin’s hands, the terrifying arcane torrent causing him to subconsciously shrink his neck.

“This is the Lord’s plan, it will definitely succeed!” he tried to console himself internally, but the feeling of unrest couldn’t be erased.

*Rumble!* Endless spatial storms swept across the original land of the Blackblood Tribe, wreaking havoc upon it. The prime material plane was too weak to withstand a fight between gods, and with the entire sky filled with golden light even high-ranked Professionals would instantly be dissolved into nothingness if they tried to enter the scene. Numerous werecreatures were screaming as they escaped the scene.

A few legendaries smiled bitterly at the sight. Even they didn’t have much confidence of being unaffected by a god’s might. Only at the higher ranks would they be able to trade blows with an avatar, hoping to kill it.

“Sure enough… these orc gods are uncivilized and ignorant, not being able to notice even basic benefits…” Golden chains spread endlessly from Leylin’s avatar in mid-air, making the entire surrounding area his divine kingdom. The dark red massacre domain was released, ensuring that any slaughter would only increase his power.

He could stand calmly amidst the centre of a barrage of orc attacks, and even had the leisure to examine his surroundings. When he sensed a familiar aura approaching the scene, a strange smile surfaced on his face.


The elite troops led by Rafiniya and Cardinal Karal had reached the core of the Moonwood just in time to notice the terrifying fight between the gods.

“Kukulkan! And the orc gods!” A trace of excitement appeared in Rafiniya’s eyes, “Quick, inform the Lord and ask for reinforcements. Losing a few avatars should teach these gods a good lesson!”

The remaining paladins also had a look of eagerness on them, but their actions were soon stopped by Cardinal Karal.

“The Lord sees everything…” Karal’s reason was strange, and caused suspicions to emerge on Rafiniya’s face. She still maintained her trust in the church, however, following orders and standing down.

“Such a strong massacre domain, and he still has such divine force…” The orc gods had entered a bitter struggle with Leylin. He was already a rank 8 god, his power far surpassing these orcs. If not for their advantage in numbers, they would not be his match. The crimson massacre domain expanded endlessly, about to cover the entire Moonwood.

Shargaas couldn’t hold on much longer. “Damn it… is he really a new god?” he snarled, his body covered with numerous small wounds that were leaking golden blood.

*Crash!* Lightning flashed in the sky, forming a terrifying large door. Another of Shargaas’ avatars walked out, joining the forces that were besieging Leylin. Golden light flashed continually as the other gods did the same.

“This number of avatars… Are they crazy?!” Rafiniya and the rest who were watching from afar cried out in surprise. Although the loss of one avatar wouldn’t cause significant damage to a god, the number of avatars they were throwing at Leylin would exhaust their divine force. Even as true gods, they would likely fall into a slumber or just die.

If their luck was the same as Beelzebub’s, having poured a majority of their will and divine force into an avatar that was eliminated, they wouldn’t be far off from a true death. These gods were now putting themselves at risk!

“It’s time!” A trace of a smile suddenly appeared on Leylin’s face in spite of the imminent danger.

“What’s going on?” The four gods were stunned. Leylin’s expression was completely unexpected.

However, they didn’t have more time to think about it. A loud explosion sounded as two terrifying powers descended upon the Moonwood, their strength directly breaking apart the spatial seal that the orc gods had set in place. The whole world trembled as an elderly warrior and a young lady entered the scene, their bodies rippling with the unfathomable power of greater gods.

The two entrants immediately spread out a huge net, seemingly wanting to catch the orc gods and Leylin in one go. “Tyr and Mystra! Where’s Gruumsh?” Ilneval muttered with incredulity…

Outside the prime material plane, Tyr and Mystra had combined to trap a powerful greater god.

“Give up, Gruumsh,” Mystra said coldly, “We only need to mobilise a few avatars to take out those gods of yours…”


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