Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 1086 – Transfer
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 1086 – Transfer


“Hmm?” Xavier lost his focus for a moment, but he soon felt something burning up in his chest. A pain reverberated from the very depths of his soul, immediately breaking the defences of his spirit to render him unconscious.

However, his body stood still in the real world. Were his clothes to be taken off, one would be able to see dark yet beautiful runes form a mandara flower that spread out from his heart. Many powerful glyphs formed its exquisite petals.

“What are you trying to do, kid?” Wolf Fang felt shivers run down his spine, and he sensed a great danger to his life.

“Damn it!” He struck out under the pressure, forming the sharpest of wind blades, “Secret technique— Feral Wind Wolf Crunch!”

*Awoo—* A distant howl sounded, and the gale turned into a giant wolf jaw that engulfed the teen. However, Wolf Fang actually felt the threat to his life increase, amplifying over tenfold in an instant. The fear almost stopped his heart.

A figure walked out of the wolf jaw, completely unharmed. Wolf Fang let out a cry of astonishment, but it was too late. A black datura flower bloomed faintly in the void.


“Hmm, not bad.” Leylin nodded his head as he saw Crowley taking the unconscious Xavier away. The other members of the Bloodline Alliance had also retreated, but that was after they had set the base on fire, turning everything into ashes.

“However, what are these impure descendants of the Snake Dowager doing here? She has so many descendants of her bloodline in the Purgatory World, these few here do not even matter… Unless…”

Leylin’s eyes brightened, “She wants the other beings of laws to revive using their bloodline? That’ll consume a lot…

“So then… A bloodline corruption will occur, allowing her to resist Shar’s Weave?” Many possibilities flashed before Leylin’s eyes, all simulated by the A.I. Chip.


“Hurry and leave!” Crowley hopped onto an aircraft with Xavier in tow.

“Hmm? You actually made it out alive? Disasters do have long lives!” Bobbi exclaimed. Still, she could not hide the joy in her eyes.

“Don’t make fun of me at a time like this…” Crowley smiled wryly, and placed Xavier down. Right now, Xavier’s eyes were shut and he seemed to be unconscious.

“What happened to him? And what about Wolf Fang?” Bobbi looked at Crowley, “I know you have a lot of trump cards…”

“It isn’t my accomplishment this time…” The bitterness in Crowley’s eyes were more apparent than ever before as he pointed at Xavier, “He was the one who killed Wolf Fang. If not for me, I’d have wound up dead…”

“Impossible!” Many members of the Bloodline Alliance exclaimed in astonishment. Even Bobbi was stunned for a moment before she began to look at the youth lying on the cold hard floor, “You mean… He killed a powerful figure of the Special Forces, Javis’ right hand man? He eliminated Wolf Fang? There’s a limit to how much you can joke…”

“I hope I was joking as well, but the fact is undeniable,” Crowley’s face turned stern. “I sensed the power of our ancestor awakening within Xavier’s blood… Have any of you felt it? The power of our bloodline has increased, especially in this short period of time…”

A bloodline carrier could only obtain strength from their bloodline, and their position and status depended on the purity and concentration of their blood. Bloodline carriers would thus weaken from generation to generation, and it was rare for a descendant to surpass their ancestor. However, they had all felt their powers from the bloodline increasing. This was extremely abnormal!

“What are you trying to say?” Bobbi looked at Crowley as she retracted her smile.

“It’s just a feeling… A huge revolution is soon approaching, so special occurrences are to be expected. And there’s also a genius like this kid…” Crowley exhaled deeply.

“Hey bros! If you’re talking about a revolution, I have something here that might interest you guys. Wanna have a look at it?” Genius’ figure was projected from the ceiling.

“What is it?” Bobbi frowned, “It had better be something useful, if not I’ll put your eyeballs up your ass when we get back to the base! I swear!”

Genius covered his right mechanical eye with his hand as if he was afraid, but then his expression turned serious.

“Hehe, I’m not joking. Look at this… While you guys were invading the base, I discovered several things that would send the entire world into chaos if they’re revealed…” Genius hurriedly transmitted some information after seeing the distrust in their eyes. A top secret document carrying the imperial seal quelled their disbelief.

“This is…” The light on the screen reflected off Bobbi’s face, revealing her shock.

“It seems like we need to make a trip to the eastern seas before heading for Kerallen and the headquarters of the Special Forces…” Crowley said slowly, extremely solemn.


A giant propeller along with the chatter of multiple people combined with the noises of shifting items shocked Xavier out of his sleep. Only then did the feeling of a devil possessing his body disappear.

“Where… Is this?” Xavier asked blankly. He could barely recall a fight against Wolf Fang with Crowley, but he had no memory of what happened next.

“Don’t move and don’t try to get up. The skin on your back will be torn apart…” Genius turned around his wheelchair, patting the healing pod Xavier was in, “How is it? This is the latest version of the healing pods from the empire, able to cure even rank 7 to rank 10 diseases. I even added the beautifying feature, no need for thanks…”

“Oh okay…It seems like Crowley is safe…” Xavier sighed, finally sensing a large sticky substance on his burning back. “What’s happening outside? Are we shifting?”

“Shift— Oh God! You can actually hear that from inside the pod? What frightening senses…” Genius gasped before he closed his eyes, causing Xavier to feel like he would be dissected at any moment.

“You didn’t answer my question…“ Xavier returned in his wariness.

“Oh. Yes, we’re shifting bases. We’ve given up on this one. After all, nobody can launch an open attack on the empire without suffering repercussions…” Genius shrugged his shoulders, “Still, it’s not really a problem. The Bloodline Alliance has many bases, from the icy north to the extreme south and the eastern seas. Our men cover the entire continent, so losing one or two bases is no big deal…”

Xavier felt the rich and overbearing outlook of the Bloodline Alliance from Genius’ words. However, this was perfectly normal. Bloodline carriers possessed extraordinary power, able to achieve great things no matter where they went. Generations of existence had allowed some bloodline families to amass a huge fortune.

Even with the establishment of the empire causing the power and outreach of bloodline families to dwindle, they still possessed astounding might. Although it was extremely difficult to openly resist them, creating a dark organisation and growing in strength was no problem.

“Oh right, I need to go to Kerallen. Jill’s been taken there!” Xavier’s expression suddenly changed, and he struggled to get up. Just that movement caused excruciating pain to travel down his back, having him wince from the pain. Cold sweat dripped down his body.

“Relax, calm down! You know how much effort it took to rescue you?” Genius’ long fingers hurriedly moved on the keyboard, but he still had the time to chat with Xavier, “However, you are also rather good huh! You killed Wolf Fang but only suffered 40% damage to his body. It’s not a big deal…”

“What? I killed Wolf Fang?” Xavier’s eyes went wide open, before he looked at his own chest. The white skin there was filled with the energy of life, and there were no longer any signs of runes on it. The datura flower had disappeared.

“Did I really do it?” Xavier muttered, feeling a new force of energy inside his body, abyssal, cold, and fearsome with an imposing aura.

The energy allowed Xavier to recover very quickly. It made him confident that he could recover in a few days even without this healing pod.

“No matter what, I still have to go to Kerallen!” the youth said resolutely. With his strength growing, his confidence in saving his sister grew as well.

“Alright, alright! I didn’t say we weren’t going. We plan to visit a few bases nearby before heading for the capital…” Genius said immediately, fearing that Xavier would worry unnecessarily.

“Mm, you can go have a look in the capital first, but it’ll have to be in disguise. Don’t act on impulse…” Crowley walked in, dressed in a black coat, “It’s nice that I managed to see you awake before I leave…”

“Huh? You’re leaving?” Xavier was shocked, staring at this person who claimed to be an ancestor of his. He had to admit that unknowingly, Crowley had became a fatherly figure that he had grown to rely on.


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