Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 1058 – Battle
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 1058 – Battle


*Rumble!* The air cracked, and the ground trembled. The very world tremored in the face of a battle between two existences of laws.

*Hsss! Tinkle! Chi!* An energy undulation rippled out, and in that moment all the Lords of Calamity in Dreamscape awoke from their sealed slumbers. They emitted powerful radiation that protected their own territories.

The Dream Demon Lord, in particular, had countless moths cover the sky in layer upon layer that quickly fell. Her armies paid great casualties to block most of the stray energy, multi-coloured lights mixing with the air and meteor fragments to stop everything else.

*Pu! Pu!* All of a sudden, a thin black thread shot through the region and arrived in front of Bodach. The dragon scales that the one-eyed dragon prided himself on so much had no effect as they were pierced through, and dragon blood appeared.

A layer of tiny black dots began to surround the injury, spreading outwards with the powerful might of calamity.

“Despicable thief, you will pay for your sins today!” Salilus’ figure burst out from the smoke, his sparkling armour showing no damage. This already showed who was winning right now.

“As expected of a rank 8 Lord of Calamity.” Leylin also made his move at this moment. He gathered dreamforce as well, forming a thin red layer that covered the dragon’s wounds and suppressed the power of calamity.

“You’re…” Salilus halted, glancing at the Magus on the one-eyed dragon’s head with serious red eyes. Leylin’s robes rustled in the wind from the stray rays of the explosion, and traces of dreamforce still lingered around him.

The giant that was a hundred metres tall had not noticed this tiny thing at all before, but once Leylin stood out, he seemed to have turned into the heart of everything! Salilus’ gaze unconsciously focused on him.

“Magus… no! Bloodline Warlock!” Salilus stopped moving, the large black hatchet in his hands appearing protectively in front of him, “Your bloodline ability has unique characteristics of Dreamscape…”

The dreamforce surging out of Leylin’s body was making him feel unsettled, As if he had met a natural enemy. Memories from ancient times were sealed within his blood and genes, and now they were emerging. Yet, these memories were being covered by something, giving rise to a depression that made Salilus want to cough blood up in anger.

‘A Lord of Calamity, a rank 8 existence!’ Leylin focused on his enemy. This could be the most powerful being he’d ever fought.

When he’d fought the Snake Dowager and the rest in the Purgatory World, he’d had the advantage of being in the right place at the right time. Leylin currently did not have that luxury, he would have to rely on his own strength!

‘Of course, my bloodline ability from the Nightmare King is a trump card.’ Without that as an insurance, Leylin would have prudently avoided making a move here. He currently needed a Lord of Calamity as a guinea pig so he could confirm some suspicions, if not he definitely wouldn’t have stopped here and waited for Salilus to arrive.

‘Good timing…. Let me see the differences in a bloodline Warlock after rank 7!’ The figure of a looped snake was reflected in Leylin’s eyes. Purplish-red bloodline force surged out, and torrential strength seemed to make contact with several large worlds. The power of numerous blood descendants was transmitted over to him.

Having broken away from the Snake Dowager, Leylin had become the progenitor of a new bloodline. He had a bunch of bloodline abilities he could use.

*Hss!* Boundless bloodline energy formed a phantom Targaryen that soured through the skies. The large winged serpent suddenly pounced forward, savage and dominant like a tyrant hunting for prey. It took a good bite out of the centaur, dragging it all the way to the astral river.

The auric phantom forms of these two beings of laws began a huge war in the starry skies, causing great energy undulations that destroyed numerous planets.

“Have I been asleep for too long? Since when could mere rank 7s challenge me?” Salilus roared, the black hatchet in his hands instantly turning into a streak of light aimed straight at Leylin.

“I am a Lord of Calamity!” Numerous malicious spirits were pulled out of thin air, forming distorted figures that surrounded the incoming black light. These faces wailed, their eyes filled with tears of blood. A black mask in the shape of a crying face solidified in the air, forming a strange mark of calamity.

“The moment he brazenly releases all his might, this land is completely done for…” Leylin noticed what Salilus was doing, rather surprised.

Based on normal logic, rank 7 existences like them could cause immense damage to their environments with a single move. Battles would be avoided at all costs. However, this Lord of Calamity seemed to be having none of that. He had no qualms in his strikes, caring naught for the consequences of his actions.

“If you do this, aren’t you afraid of the World Will interfering?” Leylin berated. At the same time, numerous crimson shields spread in the skies, seemingly indestructible.

“Bloodline Shield!” Purplish-red light reflected off the metallic lustre of these shields. Many vortices formed, like countless huge mouths waiting for their prey. The combination of rank 7 bloodline energy and the law of devouring created a powerful defence.

When the devouring shield clashed with the blade, numerous vortices rapidly spun around to absorb the power of calamity from the hatchet. Horrifying crunches sounded out as the shield surrounded the hatchet, acting like a huge mouth doing all it could to digest the object.

“What’s a World Will to me?” Salilus laughed maniacally. His views seemed to be different from those of the Magi, as red light gained in intensity on his helmet.

“Break!” A great rumble resounded as the numerous crimson shields shattered. While the law of devouring was exceptional, it was currently put up against a rank 8 being. The burden being too great, it could hold on no longer.

Once the bloodline shields were eliminated, the hatched of calamity also seemed to have used up all its strength. It gradually disappeared.

“Warlock, I admit that your power is not bad amongst rank 7s. No… Of the worlds I have travelled to, your ability is at the top. But so what? Can your law of devouring overpower mine?” Salilus chuckled madly, a black knight’s halberd appearing in his hands. The spearpoint blazed with terrifying flames, while the battleaxe glinted with light. The sharp teeth on its side seemed chilling, able to pierce through the void itself as great power of laws lingered around it.

‘It’ll be difficult to fight the accumulated strength of a rank 8 existence, especially if he doesn’t just use the law of calamity… But then again, if he can even say something like “What’s the World Will to me,” it seems like the path they walk goes against the World Will.’ Leylin’s eyes flashed with understanding.

This was actually rather easy to comprehend. Which other world forced their beings of law to this point, causing them to seal themselves in and reduce their energy consumption, unable to escape? One would have to oppose the World Will to warrant such treatment.

‘It might also be due to the unique environment here, leaving them with no choice.’ Leylin now felt like he had a better understanding of Dreamscape now.

*Lulu!* At this moment, a victor had been decided between the giant snake and the centaur. The tall centaur roared, ruthlessly kicking at the neck of the Targaryen. The winged serpent also opened its mouth, leaving behind an injury that allowed one to sea bone at the centaur’s chest.

The Targaryen disappeared unwillingly amidst its last struggles, leaving behind a centaur with injuries all over it. It thundered out, “sksklgnlsdgnl!” the words translating to ‘I am the king of calamity!’

“You’ve seen it, haven’t you? Your power loses completely to mine,” Salilus raised his head proudly, “Admit defeat, and I can consider letting you go.”

“Unfortunately, you and I both know that’s impossible!” Leylin answered nonchalantly, caressing a cross blade that appeared in his hand. The weapon blazed with crimson light.

If he’d planned on peace from the start, Leylin would at least have forced Bodach to hand over the suolo gem, seeing if it was possible to calm the fury in the Lord of Calamity’s heart. Instead he’d attacked at the very beginning, which meant he wasn’t going to be benevolent.

“Don’t forget me, the gem thief from the boundless world, one-eyed dragon Bodach!” The one-eyed dragon Leylin had mounted flapped his wings, snorting out a terrifying dragon breath. In normal worlds this breath alone could render entire species extinct, but things were fine here.

As the three beings of laws went all out in their attacks, the surroundings were completely destroyed. The space around them grew disordered, and the ground disappeared into grey fog of primal chaos.

Large amounts of the power of laws spread everywhere in this region, the horrifying radiation destined to make this a dangerous land of Dreamscape.

Once the dragon breath was launched, Bodach’s mountainous body pounced agilely towards Salilus, forming a straight white line in the vacuum.

“Keke… coward, you’ve finally gotten the courage to face me?” Salilus chuckled madly, the blizzard above his body becoming more concentrated.

“Unfortunately, that’s all useless!” He leant over and aimed at the one-eyed dragon charging over… *Boom!*


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