Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 1056 – Salilus
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 1056 – Salilus


Destructive snow was a limitation Dreamscape had set up for the sealed Lords of Calamity. It was a shackle that imprisoned them.

Most of the time, the lords relied on layers of powerful seals to protect themselves, The moment they were unsealed, they would have to face the destructive snow head on and be weakened. This was from both the origin of the soul and from the World Origin Force.

No Lord could handle being weakened like this, which was why they were always in sealed states, unless there were special circumstances.

The large female face exploded, leaving behind another little girl. Her eyes were muddied, and she also had a white moth on her head. However, she was smaller than the one before. Once the dream demon quieted down, the destructive snow also weakened until it was bearable.

“Damn it… How did that Magus get away from my soul powder…” The dream demon’s avatar looked confused, and she transmitted some information.

“Hm? Dream demon… You’ve found the thief who stole from my treasure trove?” Tens of minutes later, a terrifying amount of pressure formed as a large tornado moved towards the dream demon. Powerful destructive snow hovered around this tornado, eliminating the ice, the rocks, and all forms of life.

The one who had spoken was a steel knight over a hundred metres tall. He wore ice-blue armour, and on his chest was a striking, gigantic rune in the shape of a cross. With his face covered by a helmet, it was difficult to see his expression. Only an inquiring red light seemed to shoot out, the evil gaze seemingly bringing disaster.

Endless black clouds revolved over this person’s head. Terrifying destructive snow fell, to the point that even the dream demon’s avatar had to retreat a distance. Everything under his waist was hidden in the great tornado, vaguely revealing huge blocks of ice. The terrifying tornado whistled, combining with the destructive snow.

The powerful law of calamity as well as a malicious might of vengeance formed more than a hundred million faces around the tornado, all of them crying.

This was the Lord of Calamity Salilus, a rank 8 existence! He’d grasped many laws like calamity and hatred. This evil god that made numerous worlds weep had now descended with his main body!

“Long time no see, Salilus…” The dream demon smiled as she greeted him, “Looks like you really detest him, to the point that you’ve moved your true body!”

“He’s stolen one of my suolo gems! Without it, my main body will need ten thousand years to recuperate after a disaster!” Salilus sounded hoarse, like the sounds of numerous crows squawking together. His voice had a strange ability to turn one’s stomach, hiding extreme anger within it.

“That damned thief! I want to send him to the Plains of Despair and seal his true soul, and then slowly skin him for ten thousand years!”

“I’ve obtained information about the thief. He also has a rank 7 Magus helping him, so you have to be careful…” The dream demon in the form of a young girl raised a finger, and a moth flew up to Salilus. The Lord of Calamity swallowed it.

Through this strange exchange, Salilus immediately obtained footage of Bodach, and Leylin next to him.

“Just two newly-advanced rank 7s? I can destroy their truesouls with just one hand!” Salilus shook his head nonchalantly, and then looked at the dream demon, “In all my memory, you’ve never been so kind-hearted…”

“Hehe… he’s also harmed my avatar and even caused me to lose a portion of my conscient…” A trace of paleness could be seen on her face.

“That’s true… your strength relies more on charm. While even a rank 8 existence might be unwittingly caught in your trap, once the other party has their guard up…” Salilus smiled as he spoke, controlling the tornado into chasing the direction of his imprint.

All the land here had been merged with the dream demon’s body, making her detection ability terrifying. As a result, the girl could determine that Salilus had truly left after a moment. She watched the direction that he had left in, a strange smile on her face.

“Relies more on charm?” Although the dream demon wasn’t acknowledged for combat power amongst the Lords of Calamity, she had been their longest survivor. Her origins traced all the way back to the ancient Final War! How could someone of this level of strength have weaknesses and be seen through easily?

While the other lords believed that the Dream Demon’s abilities were charm and sealing, this was actually not the case. What she was most proficient in was actually sensing souls!

‘Disregarding that one-eyed dragon, the young Magus is giving me an evil and dangerous impression. That’s not because of a Warlock’s bloodline ability, but… it’s like we’re mortal enemies…’ The girl’s eyes were serious as she recalled this dangerous Magus.

She and Salilus were, in reality, not on good terms. There was no point in offending two existences of laws for him. However, after taking one look at Leylin, her innate soul senses told her that he was extremely dangerous. It seemed like he would become a mortal foe.

For this reason, the young girl had tested him out right after meeting him.

“He isn’t afraid of my soul powder at all… And this doesn’t even seem to be the limits of his abilities…” The young girl bit at her lips, her delicate eyebrows furrowing and exuding a heart-breaking charm. It was because of this danger that she’d abandoned all intent to pursue them.

“Forget it… That stupid Salilus will be right at the frontlines if anything goes wrong… Let me see how many cards that Magus has up his sleeve.” A sparkling moth’s body trembled, producing a puff of dazzling powder, and the entire body disappeared as the dream demon secretly followed Salilus.


“Damn it, Leylin! Are you crazy? Why did you attack our ally?” Bodach’s huge body was tossed by Leylin onto the ground, causing dust to fly everywhere while he yelled and shook his head.

“You’re the one who’s gone crazy! Aren’t you clear-headed yet?” Leylin glanced at Bodach, suddenly punching his face using a fist covered in blood-red flames.

*Bang!* Bodach immediately fell backwards like an artillery shell, breaking through several tall and hard mountain peaks.

“Damn it… You dare to hit my handsome face. I will fight you to the death… Ugh…” Bodach shook his head, spitting blood out that stained his teeth. Of course, much more soul powder was spat out. He was first cursing everywhere and almost transformed back into his original body, but his expression soon changed.

Fury turned into puzzlement, and then slight fear! Soul powder that could affect the truesoul directly was better than any illusory spells. It was something that even existences of laws found difficult to resist!

“That darned moth actually tried to control me, One-eyed Dragon Bodach, the prophet of the Ultron World and great scholar… I, who’ve travelled through numerous worlds and left behind numerous treasured legends was almost controlled?”

*Roar!* Bodach yelled. The fear had been replaced by rage once more.

For these existences of laws, small injuries were just losses of energy. With their limitless time, They could be healed, which was why this was no issue. However… the moment someone tried to interfere with their free will or even enslave them, what would be left was endless hatred!

“Dreamscape’s Dream Demon Lord! I’ll remember this!” Bodach hatefully spat out some white air, but wasn’t foolish enough to say that he’d immediately return. Evidently, he still retained some reason.

He was a rank 7, while the other party was rank 8. On top of that… he still had a curse on him, and was now being pursued by another Lord of Calamity.

“Leylin, I’m sorry!” At this point, Bodach obviously knew that Leylin was his true ally, and he could not offend him. This was especially when there were many things he needed to trouble Leylin with.

“Hmph… Awake now?” Leylin snorted, but found this situation strange.

‘That dream demon is acting so strangely. She doesn’t know us, but she suddenly attacked. And still, she didn’t pursue us either. Did she notice something?’ Her strange behaviour caused Leylin to think up all sorts of possibilities.

However, he was interrupted by a prompt from the A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Host’s devouring talent has been used. Completely digested conscient of law. Host has obtained partial information regarding the law of ‘charm’. Host has obtained partial law of ‘illusion’. Host’s illusion proficiency has been strengthened.]
Using his law of devouring, Leylin could absorb the powers of existences of laws, turning them into his own comprehension.

‘Unfortunately… Even a rank 7 who has evolved can’t obtain more from those existences of laws. If I were to use the A.I. Chip’s terms, I haven’t even obtained 1% of the law. That’s even worse than the World of Gods…’ Leylin sighed.

There were obviously some things lost during the conversion of laws, but for Leylin, this was so low it was rage-inducing.

Although that was just a portion of the dream demon’s conscient, if this was a god in the World of Gods he wouldn’t have had trouble in forming a thread of divinity. The difference was more than tenfold!

‘Even with my devouring law I’m in this situations. Things would be even worse for other existences of laws. Then again, if everyone can advance so rapidly, the Magus World doesn’t need to send people over. It can just fight and devour as well as annihilate itself… Only the World of Gods can be the true hunting grounds of Magi.’

Unlike how hard it was for Magi to comprehend laws the divine laws in the World of Gods were easy to acquire. They were learned quite quickly, so much so that devouring a god could allow one to obtain the complete comprehension of a law! That was the reason Magi were crazy over them!


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