Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 1005 – Divine Spells
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 1005 – Divine Spells

Divine Spells

“Is this the feeling of being a demigod?” Leylin muttered under his breath, sensing the ever more sturdy threads of faith as well as the terrifying origin force in his body coming from the godfire. He extended his right hand, and a trace of golden power appeared in the veins on his palm.

This power was something unique to him. His will could transform it into all sorts of energy, be it qi, magic, or something else.

“Divine force?” The tremendous power of faith had been transformed by the godfire, becoming a large amount of divine force that filled up Leylin’s body. He felt like he could tear the very world apart.

[Beep! Upgrade complete!] the A.I. Chip’s voice sounded at this moment. With Leylin’s own soul advancing into the divine, the A.I. Chip had also reaped unknown rewards. Having resumed operation, it began the tedious work of updating Leylin’s hugely changed stats.
[Beep! Host has ignited his godfire, becoming a demigod. All stats +5.]
[Host’s arcanist rank has risen. Now rank 27.]

[Beep! Host’s stats have all reached 20 points. Intermediate Perfect Body has advanced with the bonus of becoming a demigod, and is now Divine Body.]

[Beep! Secondary system has been upgraded, computational power increased. Analysis of levels 8 and 9 of the Weave are at 100%/. Host has obtained all spell models, and will no longer forget any spells. No materials required to cast spells.]

This was evidently the boost the godfire had given to his stats. However, even Leylin himself found the extent of the increase terrifying. Because of the restrictive laws of the World of Gods, it was very difficult to increase one’s stats. Once they reached a threshold, each point would grow more and more difficult to attain, and at the same time increased one’s might greatly.

This stat increase of 5 points each wasn’t small at all. It was a huge increase in his power, over tenfold!

[Beep! Host’s stats and data have changed greatly. Recalculating…] Almost at the instant this prompt showed, the A.I. Chip showed his stats on a screen.
[Leylin Faulen. Race: Human (Demigod), Rank 27 Arcanist (Legendary). Strength: 21. Agility: 21. Vitality: 21. Spirit: 27. Arcane Energy: 270. Divine Force: ??? Status: Healthy. Feats: Legendary Sturdiness, Well-Versed, Dreamscape Vision, Extreme Adaptability, Divine Body. Specialties: Origin Force Detection, Arcane Amplification, Illusions.]
[The outer Weave has been analysed completely. Beginning analysis of the inner Weave.]

“With the outer Weave done, I need to begin on the divine spells and web of faith in the inner Weave. I’m already a demigod, so I have the right to use a part of the inner Weave anyway…” Leylin muttered to himself before looking at the description of Divine Body.

[Divine Body. A god’s true form is made entirely out of divine force, and can change in any way. Grants peak tolerance to all environments as well as the ability to travel to the outer planes. Grants the permanent ability to understand all languages, as well as Epic Damage Reduction and Epic Magic Resistance. Grants immunity to all spells below rank 9, as well as other spells like Timestop.]

‘Divine Body? So that’s where the true strength of a demigod lies!’ Leylin sighed in awe as he read through the information relating to the feat. The defence the divine body provided him ensured that few beings in the mortal world could harm him. Regular and arcane spells imbued with divine force would now become his best weapons.

‘But I can’t see my divine force statistic yet. I’ll need to determine units for it, and then find the patterns and rules behind it myself…

‘Most importantly, I can finally bestow divine spells on my priests. But that’s only up to rank 5…’ As was instinctual to a god, Leylin immediately knew what divine spells he could bestow.

‘In general, they’re all blessings and cures. There’s also Devil Detection and Massacre Blessing.’ A large number of divine spells appeared before him, along with general descriptions. There were rank 1 spells like Blessing, Cure Light Wounds, and Command; then there were rank 2 spells like Bear’s Endurance and Bull’s Strength. It went up to the rank 5 Cure Light Wounds (Mass) spell and Summon Monster. There was huge variety.

The two specific spell models he named left Leylin in deep thought. The divine spells priests could cast were all virtually the same, but sometimes there were unique ones characteristic of the god that bestowed them.

These two were Leylin’s. He was proficient at identifying devils and his domain was the massacre domain. It gave his priests spells like Devil Detection and Massacre Blessing.

‘Having acquired divine force, demigods can establish churches. It gives them a chance to eventually compete in the mainland… After all, there isn’t much of a difference other than the lower level divine spells. In fact, the time of a church’s establishment is the best time to join, the first worshippers will be offered the greatest perks…

Most demigods only established their churches after igniting their godfires. Leylin, however, seemed to be ahead of the pack. If not for his astonishing capabilities and the devil worshippers and natives aiding him, he couldn’t have done it so easily.

Now, his church finally had a sturdy foundation, which gave him a shot at competing with other gods for faith.

There was a special title for such demigods in the World of Gods. They were called false gods. They could bestow holy spells and reply to their worshippers’ prayers, but weren’t true gods yet. They were often repressed by Helm, the God of Protection.

However, Leylin’s church was located on Debanks Island, so he wouldn’t have to fend that off. The churches on the mainland would wind up in a worse state, so much so that they would have to cease their operations and hide in the abyss. This caused originally good demigods to shift to evil as well…

The transformation ended. What seemed to be a long while to Leylin was only minutes for the four demigods.

“He’s out!” Once the tidal surge of forces died out, Akaban looked solemnly at the figure that emerged. Leylin had put on an illusory white robe now, and although his features weren’t different he possessed an imposing aura. This was the authentic aura of a demigod!

“You’ve gathered a lot of faith!” Akaban looked Leylin deep in the eye, his expression betraying his jealous thoughts. The two-headed lion, the golden scorpion, and the blazing horse had similar reactions.

“I am the devouring serpent, the ruler of massacres, the monarch of the devils… The Winged Serpent, Kukulkan!” Divine force streaked past Leylin’s eyes. He did not pay any attention to the four demigods, instead letting out a divine decree. A giant half-bodied phantom appeared above Hope Stronghold, declaring Leylin’s authority and might.

Having advanced to become a demigod, he could finally get rid of the constraints that held him back when he was weak. He could now connect with his worshippers in his true form.

“Almighty lord, you are the saviour of my soul, the salvation of the mortal world…” Many clerics found after a prayer now that multiple divine spells were inside their bodies. They were like normal magic spells, and could be cast if they were willed.

Even the most foolish would realised that the Winged Serpent God had advanced and grown stronger. They immediately cheered. The large group of priests felt like they’d gotten power which could suppress everything.

Although holy spells were not as efficient as regular spells, clerics trained much faster than wizards, not to mention the number of people who would be training at the same time.

The holy spells were extremely effective at shocking the natives. No matter what plans Akaban had made, they’d now failed completely. The numerous cheers and the tidal surge of faith formed an astonishing current beside Leylin.

“Not good! Now that he’s a demigod, this is his domain. Retreat!” As a regional spirit, Akaban had the same weakness as totem spirits. The power of faith he possessed waned if he left his lands, and another divine domain would suppress him.

Before Leylin had advanced, it hadn’t been at evidence. Now that he had, though, the suppression was one of equal levels, and it had a frightening effect. Akaban had originally dreamed of crushing Leylin with numbers, but after seeing Leylin’s true might, but this founding emperor of Sakartes shuddered in fear.

“First you taint my domain, then you want to leave? Isn’t it too late for that?” The massacre domain stretched out, covering the entire sky in crimson. It had already been strong, but Leylin’s advancement had maximised its potential.

“I control massacre itself! The ichor of gods will provide me strength, their wails giving me energy. Your bones will form my sceptre, and your eyes will be turned into jewels…”

These words sounded like a song of legends, and the decree of a curse. Leylin instantly appeared before the two-headed lion.

*Roar!* The demigod knew that it was in danger, and let out a crazed roar from the depths of its soul. Immense divine force appeared from its jaws.


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