Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 878 – Reversal
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 878 – Reversal


Leylin was rather satisfied with the current situation in the outer seas on the whole. Were external powers to take root there, extra variables would arise. Marquis Tim was someone he understood very well, so it was fine for him to be there.

Being fully aware of the Faulens’ abilities, Tim definitely wouldn’t stupidly declare war on his own initiative. In fact, Leylin believed that the powers he revealed during this operation were sufficient to intimidate him.

Given that Tim had already completely surrendered himself to him, Leylin didn’t mind letting Tim have a taste of success. After all, Tim was the most influential nobleman in the outer seas, and at the same time, he was a vassal of the royal family. It would be a good thing if Leylin could bind Tim to his chariot of war through a mutually beneficial alliance.

No matter how deep one’s hatred was, it would melt like ice and dissolve in the face of sudden huge profits. Moreover, there were only a few ‘misunderstandings’ between them. Still, although Tim had already expressed his will to pledge his allegiance to him, Leylin certainly wouldn’t put down his guard against him.

“Ooh…. No….”

“Boohoo… Sister… Daniel… Save me!”

A familiar voice could be heard from the room. The guards and maids in the area undoubtedly recognised Leylin, and roughly knew his relationship with their master. They even knew about the transfer of the estate, and thus could only stare blankly at him as they didn’t dare to stop him.

“Interesting! How should we play this game?” The corners of Leylin’s lips curled into a smile as he pondered over this. Shortly after, he suddenly pushed open the door that had been tightly shut.

“What’s going on? Tim, my friend? I think I hear an unusual voice!” Leylin scanned the room with a ‘puzzled’ expression. Daniel stood at the side, his face as red as an apple, while Tim’s pants were already half undone. The pair of beautiful sisters stood next to the office table, weeping.

“Oh, Leylin!” Tim greeted Leylin as if it wasn’t awkward at all, and gave Daniel an introduction at the same time. “He’s a court wizard, an honorable viscount. This is Sir Leylin. My closest friend!”

Tim then turned to Leylin and said, “This is Viscount Daniel!”

“Sir… Sir Leylin!” Daniel felt that Leylin looked rather familiar, but he had long forgotten the mercenaries from earlier, hence he still bowed calmly. Court wizard! Honorary viscount! Although these were empty titles, they also represented an exceptional amount of glory!

He could even be favoured by His Majesty, and Marquis Tim was also his good friend. Just these facts were enough to crush Daniel completely.

“Good day, Sir Daniel!” Leylin had a doubtful expression on his face as he gestured towards Hera and her sister, whose clothes were all over the place.

“Oh! This is a pair of sisters that Daniel sent over from a noble family. What do you think? If you like them, I can give them to you for a while…” Such occurrences were extremely common among nobles and were not worth paying attention to. Tim had evidently misunderstood Leylin’s gesture.

“Yes! Although I’ve popped the younger sister’s cherry, I didn’t touch the older one. She might even be the purest of all virgins…” Daniel was obviously an expert in this field as well.

It was just that from his supposed point of view, that statement seemed wrong. Perhaps he didn’t even intend to actually marry the younger sister, and was just toying with her, thus he could just offer her as a gift without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Hera gave up all hope upon realising this. However, when she saw Leylin once more, her expression suddenly changed drastically. “Ley? You’re Ley! Are you here to save us?”

“Ley?” Yalani was using the clothes on the floor to cover her chest as she sized up the noble who had hastily barged in. He really did look exactly like the mercenary from earlier, just that he now had the air of a noble.

“Ley… The mercenary?” At this point, Daniel had finally realised why Leylin looked so familiar. Wasn’t this Ley the mercenary who had escorted Hera and her sister to his doorstep previously?

It was just that this was a court wizard, an honorary viscount! Compared to a mercenary who was worth as much as mud, they were obviously on two different ends of society. Even Daniel couldn’t immediately see the connection between the two.

Hera felt as though her face was burning hot, and was ashamed to death. She quickly came to her senses.

To think that she thought she had magnanimously given Leylin a way out! Who would have thought this Ley was so secretive that even Marquis Tim, whom Daniel was trying to curry favour with, would be afraid of him?

All her previous actions were probably clownish in his eyes, right? No matter how much adversity they had met with earlier, Hera did not waver. Now, for some reason, streams of tears had begun to flow uncontrollably from her eyes.

“Erm… You guys know each other?” Tim scratched his head as he looked at the people around him, who seemed to be caught in an awkward situation.

“Yes. We met once on the way to the capital…” Leylin spoke very ambiguously. “Viscount Daniel is my friend as well. If there isn’t any other trouble…”

Since it was such a trivial matter, Tim did not particularly mind helping Leylin save face. “No problem. I agree to the matter you raised previously!” Tim said as he clapped Daniel’s shoulder, who immediately showed a joyful expression.

“Thank you so much! Thank you Marquis Tim, and Viscount Leylin! Thank you so much for your help…” Daniel was so emotional that he couldn’t even speak clearly, and could only incoherently express his gratitude towards Leylin and Tim.

‘Hehe… I heard that Yalani is Daniel’s fiancée! He actually even brought her here for this purpose, just to receive a tiny amount of benefits,’ Tim secretly viewed Daniel with disdain, but did not show it. What he was more interested in was the relationship between Leylin and the sisters.

What were women worth to him? If he couldn’t get these two, he could find others. However, if he could use the sisters to discover Leylin’s weak points or the people he held dear, that would be absolutely perfect.

Due to Leylin’s deliberate interruption, the situation that had been about to occur naturally couldn’t continue. Hera and Yalani swiftly rearranged their clothing. “Thank… Thank you…” Hera muttered as they brushed past him, her voice as low as a mosquito’s buzz.

“It’s nothing much.” Leylin looked at Hera, whose face was flushed, and Yalani, who was visibly silent. The corners of his lips suddenly curved into a strange smile. “If you feel like you can’t stay on in his place, perhaps you can look for Marquise Louise!”

“Marquise?” Hera obviously noticed the honorific.

“Yes.” Leylin had to forcefully hold back his urge to laugh. This woman had just crawled out of a trap, yet was about to fall into an even deeper abyss. “Oh, and Lady Delia as well. Go straight to them, I believe they’ll definitely help you.”

“Thank you! Thank you! Leylin, you’re really such a nice person!” Hera looked at Leylin, who was helping them ‘wholeheartedly’, then recalled her attitude towards them earlier. She started to sob so hard that it was silent.

Leylin watched as the sisters departed, and could even hear Yalani and Daniel screaming and quarreling not long after. Seeing this, Leylin’s smile grew wider.

‘My dear Delia! I found you a pair of vain souls, don’t let me down… What will they become with your exploitation? Pleasure devils? Or lust demons? I look forward to it…’

“Sorry for disturbing a happy occasion, Tim!” Leylin turned to Marquis Tim, who was next to him.

“No matter. It’s my pleasure to be of use to you, sir!” Seeing Leylin in this state, Tim suddenly felt a chill in his heart for some reason. Trying to pry into Leylin’s thoughts was really such a foolish decision.


Tim eventually left the capital and returned to his territory, the Baltic archipelago. However, with a handwritten letter of alliance from Leylin, Tim now had a little more confidence to continue surviving in the outer seas, and also develop new areas.

After Tim had left, the enormous and magnificent mansion now belonged entirely to Leylin. Tim was even smart enough to leave behind a huge sum of operating funds for Leylin to squander, which pleased him greatly.

With Ernest’s recommendation letter, Leylin successfully met another high-level wizard, Simell, and even obtained the authority to conduct experiments alone in Simell’s wizard tower.

Although the president of the Wizards’ Guild, Meribald, had made the same gesture of goodwill, Leylin eventually chose Simell after thoroughly considering the matter.

After all, given that he was the president of the Wizards’ Guild, choosing Meribald would bring about a lot of trouble, but with Simell, it would purely be a working relationship. Additionally, Master Simell had remarkable academic achievements in alchemy, which appealed greatly to Leylin.

Through his studies, he had gradually fused the alchemy techniques of the Magus World and this world into one, allowing him to regain his original ability as an alchemic Grandmaster.

After reading extensively through the Wizards’ Guild’s latest magic research and the library resources, Leylin’s understanding of magic continuously grew deeper.

Time ticked by, and two years passed within the blink of an eye. Winter had passed and spring had just begun. After the harshest season had passed, the giant trees in the garden were impatiently sprouting their tender buds, full of vitality.

In the study room of his mansion, Leylin was half reclined on his chair. His eyes were slightly shut as he connected to the A.I. Chip.

‘A.I. Chip! Display my current statistics.’ Leylin inwardly commanded.

[Leylin Faulen. Age: 18. Race: Rank 10 Human Wizard. Strength: 8.1. Agility: 7.8. Vitality: 9.2. Spirit: 10. Condition: Healthy. Feats: Sturdy, Erudite, Multitalented. Spell Slots: Rank 4(3), Rank 3(5), Rank 2(???), Rank 1(???), Rank 0(???)] [Progress of Weave analysis: Rank 0 Weave 100%. Rank 1 Weave 100%. Rank 2 Weave 100%. Rank 3 Weave 53.71%. Rank 4 Weave 31.99%.]
The A.I. Chip faithfully executed Leylin’s order, and displayed a row of data.


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