Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 869 – Act
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 869 – Act


Leylin looked at himself in the mirror, and was satisfied with his new appearance. He originally looked like a westerner in the World of Gods, with bright golden blonde hair and clear blue eyes. However, his locks were now dyed black, and his eyes were a rich dark with blood-red sclera. His new appearance Exuded a never-ending aura of evil.

“With this extent, I don’t think anyone will associate me with the young master of the Faulen Family.” Leylin wore a sinister looking silver mask over his face and disappeared into the darkness.

Obviously, a change in appearance wouldn’t be enough. Thus, when Leylin reappeared his whole body seemed to have undergone an even greater and more terrifying transformation. He looked as if he were someone wrapped in mysteries, sinister energy encircling his body with a charming trace of the power of laws.

Once all the brilliant energy had fused into his body, Leylin completely resembled a devil who had ascended from hell, and even the aura of his soul had changed. A sense of power and danger emanated from his body in waves, and the surrounding space seemed to fold in on itself, as if everything was being devoured.

This was divinity! Only a divine power could accomplish this! Leylin had now become a divine being who grasped some power in the domain of devouring!

‘This imitation isn’t bad at all.’ Leylin looked at his new self and nodded in approval. His understanding of the law of devouring had already reached a peak. Only after he acquired Beelzebub’s divine force and divinity could he advance to become a rank 7 Magus. In the World of Gods, this would be considered as having achieved godhood.

His understanding of the law would not disappear with reincarnation. Though it was tough to create and draw out divinity from nothing, it was still an effortless task for the A.I. Chip to imitate the aura and appearance of a divine being with the power of devouring.

‘I definitely cannot ascend to godhood solely in the domain of devouring. Even if I do that, I’m afraid I’ll be sent straight to hell. Even if I’m going to go there in the end, I can’t be thrown down so passively…’

There was also another advantage of being in his current form. Divine beings were practically immune to scrying spells, and Leylin, an otherworldly guest, was obviously immune too. It would be an absolute joke if anyone tried to gain more information on him through scrying.

“The show has begun,” Leylin turned his gaze to the bright moon before his silhouette suddenly blurred and disappeared into the darkness.

Most of Beelzebub’s truesoul and divinity had been devoured by Leylin, along with a hundred thousand years of his memories as a devil. Thus, all of his followers were nothing but tragic beings in front of Leylin.

Everything was stored in his A.I. Chip, included Beelzebub’s methods to communicate with them, or his habits and disposition and even the list of bishops and demons in different regions of the prime material plane.

Beelzebub’s followers were unable to hide from Leylin, and thus Leylin had already made his plans after strolling about the castle.

Leylin’s deified incarnation arrived in front of a vast building. Two guards there were loyally carrying out their responsibilities, making sure the entrance was secure.

‘Even security officers fell to the attacks, no wonder they could carry out the blood sacrifice of an entire city so brazenly…’ Leylin put both his hands behind his back and swaggered into the mansion.

The moment he stepped into the vicinity, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath at the aura of evil within. He would have been completely unable to sense the soul undulations so precisely without the divinity that his current body possessed. Evil forces continued to circulate in Leylin’s surroundings, making the glow of his imitated godhood even brighter. It seemed as if it was turning his pretense into reality.

‘Eye of the Divine!’ Through his imitated divine powers, Leylin was able to use something like magic to make himself invisible to the tight security. Once he passed through, he followed his instinct to a descending passageway behind a rock garden that was obviously concealed.

“The stench of human blood… and the aura of low-ranked devils…” Leylin sniffed, but did not plan on making his way further.

“Who’s that?” His movement had alerted a nearby watchman, but he deliberately lowered his voice, seeming like he didn’t want to blow the matter up.

But in the darkness, a handful of otherworldly beings have already felt their way towards Leylin, obviously with the intention of mounting a sneak attack. However, when he saw these creatures up close, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry at the sight of them. “Are these what you are relying on? Devil priests like these? Is this an insult?”

Through his night vision, he had already seen who his attacker was—an amalgamation of badly damaged human carcass parts and heads. It looked like a massive ball of flesh. This inferior devil was of the lowest grade, and it was also the most common cannon fodder in the ninth level of hell.

The A.I. chip sent over the creature’s data to him.

[Inferior devil. Strength: 3 Agility: 1 Vitality: 5 Spirit: 0.1 Description: This is a common magical creature found in hell, usually a reincarnation of deceitful humans. Its IQ equates to that of a retarded human, and it is easily controlled by high-ranked devils. Feats: 1. Fire Immunity, Poison Immunity. 2. Cold Resistance. 3. Acid Attack]
“Scram, you lowly ants!” Leylin said icily, using the language of the devils of hell.

Instantly, those poor devils were rendered completely defenceless under Leylin, someone who was as good as a near Archdevil. They immediately fell under his control.

The watchmen were left in shock, “W-Who are you exactly?”

“You aren’t qualified to know that.”

They did not dare to retaliate even as Leylin walked further in. Naturally, that was perhaps because they felt the intrinsic quality of a devil within him. Once he pushed through a door covered in fresh blood curses, a room that looked like a dining hall appeared in front of Leylin.

Fresh, steaming flesh was laid on the long dining table, and many worshippers raised their heads to look at Leylin who was an unwanted and unexpected guests. In their shock, they forgot to even wipe off the remnant blood from the side of their lips.

“What’s going on? Sybar, why did you let an outsider in?” The plump noble seated right in the centre sounded unhappy, and put on an resentful expression.

‘The bloody banquet. Isn’t this another one of Beelzebub’s favourite ceremonies?’ Leylin recognised the ceremony being conducted.

“All you maggots, can’t you tell?” Leylin’s voice was low but powerful, exploding with the dignity of divinity.

“This- This is the divine force of our Lord!” A devil priest yelped out of surprise, and the whole room suddenly followed him as they knelt down before Leylin.

“My Lord, you haven’t made contact with your followers for 20 years…” Tears filled the eyes of the priest.

“I have received the gift of our Lord and have become his Chosen and his substitute to lead you! Any objections?” Leylin announced bluntly.

Pretending to be Beelzebub’s Chosen and a divine being would allow Leylin to take control of all his followers as well as his priest network in the prime material world.

This was Leylin’s goal. He’d grown jealous of what was formed by a hundred thousand years of operations by an Archdevil. Moreover, he already had the Manderhawke Plate.

“None at all!” The priest was the first to surrender his loyalty to Leylin, dropping to his knees and kissing Leylin’s boots.

“Hold up, even if he has the favour of our Lord and and has gained divinity, what give him the rights to take control of us completely?” A royal raised up his opinion from the crowd, feeling like his interests were breached.

But he was silenced shortly after. A crimson blade was pinned into his throat in a split second, and the terrifying power of devouring had sucked him dry in no time.

Many took in sharp breaths and others cried out in surprise, “The Devilblood Dagger!”

“Any more objections?” The blade returned to Leylin’s hand as the carcass of the royal turned to ash, and in return Leylin gained the respectful gazes of almost everyone in the room. As Beelzebub’s worshippers, they definitely knew what the Devilblood Dagger could do.

One had to have sacrificed the flesh of more than ten thousand humans and high-ranked priests to receive such a terrifying weapon. One needed to prove their strength to complete the sacrificial ceremony and survive for so long, and the Devilblood Dagger confirmed Leylin’s.

“Great Lord, we pledge our loyalty to you!” Many followers chanted.

“Very well! Our Lord is currently injured and needs time to recover. My mission is to act on behalf of his conscient, and bring together all the churches in the prime material world to restore our Lord’s health with enough faith and followers.” Leylin said halfheartedly.

“I see…” Most of them had already guessed that Beelzebub was hurt, but at this point in time it was too late for them to turn their backs on Leylin.

“Now, I’ll give out the first mission. A team of paladins is heading towards us, I’ll need your help.” With his divinity, he was a Chosen of the church. He could sometimes even override the church head’s authority!

After confirming his identity, Leylin deployed every follower with specific roles and ordered them to stall those paladins. These people were no match for them, but they were proficient at plots to stall time, as well as scheming and intrigue.


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