Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 313 – Magus Tower
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 313 – Magus Tower

Magus Tower

The whole drawing room seemed to be covered by a black halo of light, and even the cracks on the window were also completely sealed off as if they had been covered with a layer of black cotton.

This kind of strange scene caused Baelin to be amazed. Feeling curious, he tried to touch the ‘black cotton.’ The light quickly refilled the path that his hand passed through

Baelin enjoyed this very much, and when he looked at Leylin, his expression was much more respectful than in the past.

During this journey, Baelin had come to know of Leylin’s identity as an official Magus from Jenny and James.

For Baelin, who was from Potter Town, a Knight was already considered to be an awesome, lordly identity. However, a Magus? This was already something that was only heard of in legends.

In fact, Baelin had always fantasized about becoming a Magus and wielding the powers of lightning, fire, and ice.

This was also because if he could become a Magus, he would be able to marry Jenny.

But unfortunately, all his hopes were easily dashed by Leylin’s words “you don’t have any talent in this field”.

Leylin also noticed that Baelin’s aptitude was poor, at only around level 1, which was known as the least suitable aptitude for becoming a Magus; he could only remain as an acolyte during his entire lifetime.

However, even if he did not have a suitable aptitude, if he was diligently taught, he might possibly be able to become an acolyte! The identity of an acolyte was much better when compared to a Knight.

However, the problem was that training an acolyte required a lot more time and energy that training a Knight. Now that they were no longer at Potter Town, Leylin did not have any time for leisure, so why would he waste time on Baelin? Thus, Leylin had turned down Baelin’s request without the slightest hesitation.

Even so, Baelin was very interested in the mysterious power wielded by magicians.

“Okay, this place has been sealed by me. If you have something to say, say it. It will remain a secret between us.”

Leylin spoke out.

After hearing Leylin’s words, Jenny grimaced as she said, “As expected, nothing can be hidden from Lord Leylin.”

“Eh? Jenny, did you not come to visit us?” Now, Baelin finally reacted. He was about to make a fuss, but Leylin quelled him with a warning glance. Baelin quieted down and listened attentively to Jenny’s narration.

“After having received the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud, my father’s condition has greatly improved. He is now able to get up from bed and handle simple tasks, and his spirit has also improved a lot…”

Jenny looked slightly cheered up for a moment, but in the next, her expression darkened again.

“But good things don’t last long. Taking advantage of the fact that my father was recuperating, my two uncles once again convened a family meeting. They want to usurp my father’s title…”

“I came here today to seek help from you.”

Jenny stood up and performed an official curtsey to Leylin and said, “My lord, if only you can help my father get past this current crisis, we will repay you with anything, including my own self.”

“Jenny! You!” Listening to this, Baelin became anxious, but he felt helpless, as he could not do anything to help her.


Hearing what Jenny said, Leylin remained composed and began to mutter to himself. When Jenny began to believe that Leylin had been possessed, he began to laugh out loud.

“I have no intentions of participating in the Argus Family’s matter. However, I will pay your family a visit in three days’ time…”

About a quarter of an hour later, Jenny left after having gotten what she wanted. Although Leylin hadn’t clearly stated which side he would support, a good relationship with an official Magus was something no family would dare to neglect.

But what Jenny did not notice was that after she left, Leylin’s lips curved up in a sneering smile.

“You hid so many things, yet you are still counting on me to come and help you. Do you people think I am an ignorant person with nothing better to do?”

The reason why Jenny’s uncles dared to openly go against her and be so brazen is likely because they have a powerful backer and a high certainty of succeeding, thus forcing the original successor to seek external help. With such a guarantee, Leylin was 70% sure that they had gotten approval from Siegfried!

In such a situation, Jenny and her dad placed all their hopes on Leylin, even sacrificing Jenny herself as the bait and the gift.

“Hehe… do you really believe that I would involve myself in your matters for the sake of Baelin’s happiness? Unfortunately, Baelin’s happiness, and even his life are only like toys to me…”

With a ruminating smile, Leylin glanced at the towering figure of Baelin standing near the gate.


Three days later, Leylin, dressed in the black ceremonial suit of the nobility, visited the Argus Family with Baelin in tow.

“Lord Leylin, to be seeing you is an honor in itself.”

Having been informed by the servant, Jenny and her father, the Marquis Argus, came out and greeted Leylin.

Leylin also sized up Marquis Argus while he acknowledged his greeting with a smile. This marquis had a full head of hair that was as bright as gold and shared many physical characteristics with Jenny. He currently wore a warm, cordial, and appropriate-to-this-occasion smile on his face.

Behind him, two servants bowed with bent waists—this was a most sincere and deferential invitation to come in.

“En!” Leylin indifferently grunted and nodded his head, and alongside Marquis Argus, he walked in. Afterwards, Leylin walked slightly ahead of the Marquis.

A Magus originally possessed a lot of stamina and authority. After seeing Leylin walk ahead of him, the Marquis’ smile only became more fervent, as if he did not care about these matters.

Behind the two were Baelin and Jenny. Baelin opened his mouth on several occasions, wanting to talk to Jenny, but after he saw the solemn Jenny, who was dressed up as if to attend a royal feast, he was unable to say anything, and just closed his mouth.

It went without saying that this serene, well-constructed mansion of a marquis, as well as the respectful and cautious servants that stood on both sides of him as he walked past, all frightened the wits out of this youngster.

After welcoming Leylin, the marquis thought to introduce Leylin to the other relatives but was interrupted by a sudden voice.

“Ohoho! My dearest older brother, if you invited so many guests, why did you not invite us too?”

Upon hearing this voice, the marquis’s smile remained, but a trace of wariness appeared in his eyes as he introduced the owner of the voice to Leylin.

“My lord, these are my two brothers, Lucas and Kermode.”

Then he turned to the two men who had entered the hall and said, “This is Lord Leylin, who met Jenny while she was on her journey.”

“These two must be the treacherous uncles that Jenny said are trying to usurp her father’s position.” With just a glance, Leylin had, with a lot of interest, sized up these two middle-aged lords.

Lucas, Kermode, and Marquis Argus all looked alike—after all, they were brothers! However, Lucas’ eyes were purple and Kermode’s eyes emitted a silvery radiance. It was all very strange.

But what caused Leylin to feel startled was that these two uncles’ bodies emitted energy waves that were like those of magicians. These two were actually acolytes!

“We greet Lord Leylin!” At this moment, these two lords also respectfully bowed to Leylin. The Marquis found this behavior of theirs very hard-to-believe.

“Respected Lord Leylin, my ancestor Lord Siegfried cordially invites you to visit him and look around his laboratory. Also, he expresses his gratitude to you for having given a helping hand to the Argus Family.”

Lucas respectfully conveyed his ancestor’s words.

This invitation caused sunken expressions to appear on the Marquis’ and his daughter’s faces.

In this entire drama, only the foolish youth known as Baelin was unclear on what the significance of this invitation was!

The Magus Siegfried held a position of paramount importance within the Argus Family. Sending this invitation via Lucas and not via the marquis clearly indicated whom Siegfried was supporting.

“I am very honoured.” Leylin gave a slight nod and then immediately left the place, following Lucas, all the while not glancing at the ashen-faced marquis and Jenny.

In the secular world, Magi all had very headstrong personalities due to the power they all wielded

Before leaving, Lucas and Kermode looked at Marquis Argus in contempt, making the atmosphere awkward all around.

“What is going on?”

The rather stunned Baelin asked Jenny, having just come out of the daze caused by the recent happenings.

Although Baelin’s intuition told him to follow behind Leylin, looking at Jenny caused him to involuntarily remain beside her.

“It’s…it’s nothing… My family’s ancestor wants to meet Lord Leylin.”

Jenny was barely able to smile.


A sound of breaking glass was heard as the goblet in Marquis Argus’ hands shattered into pieces, crushed by him gripping it too tightly.


Leylin, following Lucas and Kermode, arrived at the back half the Argus Family’s mansion.

The further he went in, the tighter the security was, but with these two people leading the way, Leylin traveled unhindered, and reached the middle of the rear courtyard.

“Finally! Our ancestor, Lord Siegfried is in here. We ask for your forgiveness, as we are not allowed to accompany you in.”

Lucas and Kermode brought Leylin in front of a huge conical tower, and then bowed and left. Each and every movement of them was executed perfectly, showing the flawless deportment of the nobility.

Leylin failed to pay any attention to them, as he was distracted by the white tower in front of him.

“Stability runes, restriction runes and runes which can transmute mud into stone! This is some very good construction. Moreover, I can sense the aura of energy particles in the air. It looks as if within this building, there is a source of at least two elements’ energy particles.”

Leylin gently stroked the surface of the white tower with admiration in his eyes and sighed.

This white tower, the curves of which were similar to those of a cow’s horn, was built by a Magus.

Just the expenses of the solidification runes and the cost of building the pond of energy particles left Leylin in astonishment.

It is a construction worthy of a Magus that has lived for several hundreds of years. If I wanted to set up a tower like this, I would need to spend at least half of the resources that are currently in my pouch…

While thinking this, Leylin sighed.

A specialized and private laboratory held many advantages. Not only was it magically concealed, one could carry out covert experiments within it.

However, since Leylin had no fixed residence, there was no way that he could construct such a tower for himself.


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