Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 306 – Stationed Troops
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 306 – Stationed Troops

Stationed Troops

But Leylin’s advanced meditation technique, Kemoyin’s Pupil, also required specific resources. If it wasn’t for the fact that he got his hands on the meat of the ancient Thousand Eyed Starfish by pure luck, then even Leylin had no clue how long it would have taken him to completely remodel his heart, and thereby become a rank 2 Magus.

Besides, compared to other advanced meditation techniques, the criteria for Warlocks were much harsher!

One mustn’t forget — to train in Kemoyin’s Pupil, one must first possess the ancient bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent!

Just this one prerequisite was enough to stump most acolytes!

Whether it was the south coast or Twilight Zone, there were very few beings with ancient bloodlines. They were practically extinct!

Any acolyte that wanted to obtain a bit of the essence from an ancient bloodline would find this task even more difficult than advancing to become an official Magus!

Take Kemoyin’s Pupil for example. If one does not try to obtain the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Snake or the Black Horrall Snake and instead settled for the next best thing, even getting blood from the matured Mankestre Snake, which had the strength of an official Magus, was an impossible task for level 3 acolytes!

High-grade meditation techniques had very harsh requirements, and they were not something that Magi from remote areas, such as the Twilight Zone, could fulfill.

Hence, though there were more ancient inheritances left behind here than in the south coast, the power on both sides was about the same, or perhaps the Twilight Zone’s power was inferior to the south coast’s.

“With the passage of time, everything is advancing!”

Having thought this through, Leylin couldn’t help but sigh.

Though the south coast had not been able to gain the full inheritance, the Magi of the younger generations were just as talented and as good as the ancient Magi were at researching.

In a situation where they lacked specific resources, they had independently come up with another way for Magi to advance: using Grime Water and breaking through by way of stimulation through a rank 1 spell model.

Though this took a toll on a Magus’ life force and even hindered their future, the price to rise to rank 1 and 2 was still affordable.

At least compared to high-grade meditation techniques which required precious materials, though there were many needs for resources using this simplified version, these could be satisfied using materials from the south coast itself. This had thus allowed for the prosperity of the south coast.

The top-grade materials were all gathered and collectively provided to Magi with high-grade meditation techniques, guaranteeing that they could develop their top-notch battle power and maintain their governance.

“Things are improving over time! Though the choice of the Magi in the south coast in using the simplified version was not the best choice, it was likely the most suitable for the land of the south coast.”

Leylin sighed.

Although the amount of ancient inheritances on the south coast were not incomparable with those in Twilight Zone, he had never seen so many Magi who were so fixated on the power of the ancient Magi. They would kill each other in order to receive even a part of a broken inheritance.

“But the Magi of the Twilight Zone have a lot of Magi training in high-grade meditation techniques, which proves that there must be even more resources from ancient times here than in the south coast. This might be a chance for me!”

Leylin brightened up.

For him, gathering high-grade meditation techniques, filling up his database, completing Sacred Flame, and simulating the content of the fourth level of Kemoyin’s Pupil were some of his goals. His other purpose was to gain precious materials from the subterranean world, as well as items that might be helpful in progressing in high-grade meditation techniques.

”Be careful now, the hills which we were ambushed previously are ahead!”

At this moment, James spoke and broke the silence.

Baelin immediately gripped his longsword. As for Leylin, he did not even budge an inch.

To him, an ambush from a level 3 acolyte was just a joke!

The horse carriage continued forward, and very soon, hills surrounded them on both sides. The large trees which grew to the skies projected sinister-looking shadows on the ground, which was also the perfect place for an ambush.

On the ground, there were large amounts of footprints and traces of blood; even the surrounding rocks and trees were covered with numerous arrows and scars made from sword slashes.

Although the ambush happened some time ago, even with people covering up the tracks, it was not too difficult to imagine the gruesome scene that had happened.

Upon seeing all of this, Jenny’s body quivered and she immediately went back to the horse carriage.

As for James, he heaved a sigh, “Miss Jenny is but a fifteen-year-old girl. All of this is too grim and too early for her…”

”Since she was born and raised in a noble family, she has enjoyed the elegant lifestyle and glory of being a noble. However, she also must undertake the responsibilities of one, regardless of her age or gender. This is her calling…”

At this moment, Leylin who had been simulating the high-grade meditation technique Sacred Flame spoke with wisdom.

”Lord Leylin’s words possess a philosophical element to them!”

James smiled and praised, but Leylin eyes lit up.

Just then, he had tried a different simulation of the Sacred Flame. After hearing James speak, he replied with his own feelings. However, when he did so, there was no doubt behind his words.

”Is this the power of Lady Fate? I seem to have glimpse part of her silhouette

Leylin grinned.

He already had some understanding that Sacred Flame was linked with the powers of destiny. The way to advance was also extremely bizarre. One had to absorb a mysterious item at the peak of where destinies clash before advancing.

As for fate, it revolved around the world.

It is no surprise then that in legends many heroes were always supported by one or two Magi who could read prophecies. It was all for mutual benefits.

Only by being with these ‘main characters’ who were destined for great things would the powerful strength of destinies converge.

Every time they were to make a huge decision, it was when the convergence of fate was at its peak. For Magi cultivating in this high-grade meditation technique, they first had to appreciate this great power and even be swept by it. To these ‘children of destinies’, the Magi had to attempt and adapt to change the outcome. During this progress, they often had to obtain mysterious, yet specific, items in order to advance and level-up their meditation technique.

”Fate and foretelling! What wondrous might!”

Leylin’s gaze swept past Baelin, Jenny, and James. It seemed like, amongst these three, there was someone who would be able to change the entire history of the Twilight Zone!

However, as Leylin had merely simulated Sacred Flame and did not actually train in this meditation technique, as well as it being incomplete, he could not tell who would be the person to change history.

Even so, Leylin knew for sure that the methods of the Botelli Family in using their ancestors’ spirits by force was a very malicious practice!

“Sacred Flame! What a wondrous meditation technique!” Leylin could tell that even in ancient times, high-grade meditation techniques that could foretell the future were very, very rare.

However, he had no intentions of changing his meditation technique!

Not taking into consideration the incompleteness of the meditation technique itself, Jenna’s strange demise was still vivid in his mind. He did not want to become the next Jenna. Besides, he did not trust this ability that could tell the future. In Leylin’s eyes, the future constantly changed and could not be fathomed. Even if he could occasionally catch hold of a few scenes, it did not necessarily mean that he could control the future.

This was a difference in philosophy, and one where Magi had the most varied opinions!

For this reason, even if Leylin changed his meditation technique to train in Sacred Flame, he would definitely not be enlightened and might even cause significant damage to his sea of consciousness due to the technique itself.

However, Leylin was still drooling at the mouth within his heart about this ability.

Even though the prophecies might be false, under many circumstances they were important references and supplementary information sources.

“Perhaps after completing the Sacred Flame technique and propagating it, I can strip off some of the power from the people who have cultivated in it and create some some item with magical properties.”

Leylin suddenly came up with an idea, and the moment it was formed, it took root deep in his mind.

“Exactly! If I do this, while training, I can still see the situation and obtain information firsthand and constantly perfect the technique. Even if I fail, I’ll only lose some spiritual force and a bunch of resources, but I won’t suffer much damage. If I succeed, I’ll be the envy of even rank 3 Magi.”

The carriage passed a hill with no troubles and then came to a field.

James and Baelin, who had been extremely nervous and on edge the entire time, heaved sighs of relief.

It was impossible for them to be ambushed on flat ground, which was why they could relax.

*Lu lu!*

Just as Leylin was pondering about his thoughts, the sounds of horses galloping from a far distance could be heard. A bright ray of light appeared on the horizon far away, and it quickly turned into a black cloud.

Many Knights wearing black leather armour on dark horses charged swiftly like a hurricane. They held onto the reins with their right hands and in their left hands they held onto blazing torches.

Very soon, many Knights surrounded the small horse carriage that Baelin’s party was in.

“Garrison troops from the Lilan castle? Madmen! Crazy! They actually deployed troops to surround us…”

There was incomparable fear on James’ face before it quickly turned into despair.

Magi were extremely powerful and could regard regular humans as ants. However, this scenario of surrounding regular people using troops was different.

To high level Magi, no matter how many regular humans there were, it was but one more death word for them. Just the radiation emitted from Magi’s bodies would leave the regular humans to die in anguish.

However, James, who was an acolyte, did not have such terrifying strength.

He had once thought of a scenario: if he were faced with a hundred or less troops, he could deploy guerilla warfare and kill them all. However, if there were more, he would not be able to do that.


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