Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 292 – Potter Town
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 292 – Potter Town

Potter Town

The high-grade meditation technique Leylin trained in was what he had inherited from the Great Magus Serholm: Kemoyin’s Pupil.

This high-grade meditation technique had very stringent requirements, as only warlocks with the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent could train in it. In addition, there were only three levels for now.

Though the Great Magus Serholm had hinted that there was another part of the central continent, Leylin didn’t even know where this central continent was. He wasn’t going to have any high expectations.

To give himself a way out, Leylin set up a mission for the A.I. Chip a long time ago—to simulate the second half of Kemoyin’s Pupil.

It was a pity that he lacked a database of information regarding high-grade meditation techniques that he could refer to. The A.I. Chip’s research was going very slowly, almost akin to running on the spot.

Though Leylin had found the high-grade meditation technique Sacred Flame, which he was quite interested in, it was even more incomplete than the others he had. There was even a whole bunch of residual effects from practicing that technique that caused Leylin to shrink back.

Now, there seemed to be a possibility for him to completely restore these two meditation techniques.

“Based on Aaron’s memories, he knows about at least a dozen schools of thought. Even if the high-grade meditation techniques they have aren’t complete, based on my abilities, I will still be possible to plunder a few…”

Leylin’s eyes shone.

The high-grade meditation techniques here were strictly restricted, so he most probably had to sign some contract in order to enter the school and become a core member in order to receive them. There might even be more strict requirements. However, Leylin was not planning on somehow sneaking in and secretly learning them. He was now a rank 2 warlock, and with the added bonus from his bloodline, his battle power far exceeded that of a regular rank 2 Magus, which was already rarely seen in Twilight Zone. If he used his brains and some methods, ordinary schools would be unable to obstruct him.

In addition, he was quite interested in some special information available here in the subterranean world.

Though the south coast, as well as the subterranean world, did research on the knowledge passed down through the inheritances of ancient Magi, the subterranean world had preserved more of the styles and academic knowledge from the ancient era. This was extremely tempting to Leylin.

He naturally did not think that anything from past times would be better than what was in the present. After all, after developing for so many years, the academic knowledge and foundations were more suitable for the current Magi’s progress and learning. However, this did not mean that knowledge from the ancient era was useless.

The might of the ancient Magi was deeply embedded in Leylin’s mind. He was desperate to find out the secret behind the ancient Magi’s power.

Based on Leylin’s speed, he naturally did not need to spend a day and a half to get to Potter Town, as Aaron had said.

With the use of a few spells that increased his speed, the town appeared in front of him after about half an hour.

Potter Town’s architecture was very different from what Leylin had seen on the south coast. It had an elegant yet formal style. Most of the buildings were rather tall, perhaps to properly utilise every single bit of land available.

At the heart of the little town was a tall minaret, which practically pierced into the skies. A bright little ball of light was at the peak, emitting light and warmth.

“So this is the most basic material that the people of the subterranean world rely on—sun stones! It really is similar to the sun!”

At this sight, Leylin suddenly felt a little moved. Though he specialised in dark elemental particles, he had been underground for such a long period, and suddenly seeing the bright sunlight got him quite excited.

Based on the memories he had gotten from Aaron, this light did not come from the shine of a real sun. It came from a high-energy mineral, the sun stone!

This mineral from the subterranean world was able to emit ultraviolet rays and warmth similar to that produced by the sun for a long period of time.

Every town here in the subterranean world had this type of lighthouse, which stored Sun Stones of different sizes. Every day, the people would depend on this method to have sunlight and provide energy to crops.

At the beginning, Leylin had already noticed that there were very little green plants growing here. This was because there was no sunlight, which meant that no photosynthesis could take place. Carbon dioxide and the like were absorbed by a grey moss, which could perform the conversion to oxygen.

Here, however, he finally saw a bit of green.

At the side of Potter Town, there was a large area of densely packed farmland. As the range of the light produced by the minaret was limited, every bit of space was important.

At the place closest to the town, a type of oat similar to that which grew on the south coast was grown here, though it did not seem to be growing that well.

At the area where the sunlight was directly shining, a type of large mushroom was being cultivated.

This mushroom was very large, even reaching Leylin’s calf. It was grey on the outside and looked extremely juicy.

This mushroom made up around 80% of the crops being cultivated in the outer regions of the town. This was a terrifying ratio and meant that this mushroom was probably the staple food of the residents here.

This was the truth. This type of mushroom was called the Grey Spotted Fungus, and it was a high yield fungus that did not require much sunlight. In Aaron’s memories, it had always been the staple food for people of the Twilight Zone.

In the Twilight Zone, nobility and Magi enjoyed oats, meat, and other precious ingredients, while peasants could only live off of the Grey Spotted Fungus.

Wherever there were people, there would be a certain hierarchy. In a Magus world where some people possessed extraordinary might, this was especially so, and Leylin had no desire to change anything.

Walking along the road, Leylin saw a wooden fence that was like an enclosure. There were also two guards in tattered clothes, holding lances that were rusted all over.

“Halt! What are you doing?” Upon noticing Leylin, the guards immediately gripped their lances, evidently on guard.

Leylin’s leather armour made them feel a little wary.

The guard who had spoken was speaking in the Twilight Language. This language had already been sent to his memories by the A.I. Chip while he was on the way here, and after practising for one or two days, normal conversation was a simple task.

“I am a tired wanderer hoping to enter the town to get some rest and supplies! Don’t worry, I will abide by the rules of the town.” Leylin gave a slight smile, answering fluently in the Twilight Language.

Hearing Leylin’s words, the two guards dropped their wariness. This also had to do with Leylin’s harmless smile and handsome face, which easily gained him a favourable impression.

“Of course! If you show your identification documents to prove you aren’t any of the fugitives, it’s fine!”

The slightly shorter guard curled his lips.

“Of course, I know the procedure!” Leylin grinned, producing a piece of parchment and dangling it in front of the two guards. “Is this it?”

His voice immediately became faintly discernable, and it seemed as if some red rays flashed from his eyes.

“Of course! No problem!” The two guards momentarily felt a little dizzy but quickly regained their senses. “Welcome to Potter Town! The person in charge here is Baron Joseph. His emblem is a longsword and a giant eagle. I wish you a pleasant…”

“Good! One more question…”

Leylin obtained more information he wanted from the guards and bade them farewell with a gentle smile. He then entered the town.

Based on the directions from the guards, Leylin came to a small inn. After paying a few gold pieces, the lady boss, who was pleasantly surprised, led him to the best room of the inn.

The dinner was simple, with oats and salted meat, but this was enough to gather the attention of the children, who stood in a circle and watched him.

Oats that emitted the aroma of fresh milk, as well as meat, were a luxury that only the upper class of the Twilight Zone could have. If there were fruits or vegetables, they were also something that was reserved for nobility and Magi.

Though this inn had already brought out the best it had for Leylin, he still found it a little hard to stomach.

After the meal, he gave the boss lady a bit of silver as a tip. He then instructed her not to let anyone disrupt him, and closed the door to his room.

Though only a coarse sackcloth was spread on the bed, it was still much better than the hard rocks outside. Leylin half-lay on the soft bed hands behind his head and went into a daze.

Next, he retrieved a green wooden goblet from his leather pouch. “The extract of the Wisdom Tree! It’s rumoured to provide enlightenment to Magi and increase spiritual force, as well as aiding in breaking through bottlenecks, which is something that goes against the heavens.”

Rays of gentle, green light shone on Leylin, illuminating his bewitched expression.

“A.I. Chip! How’s the analysis on this thing?” Leylin contemplated in his mind.

[Pure extract from the Wisdom Tree, possessing a powerful life force. Can increase vitality, and help a rank 2 Magus break through to a certain extent. Nature: Unknown!]
The A.I. Chip sent out some information.

“The essence from the Wisdom Tree, coupled with the goblet made from the body of the Wisdom Tree, definitely would not only have one effect when they’re combined together…” Leylin focused on the green wooden cup, eyes exhibiting regret.

“It’s a pity that this sort of thing will be wasted if I use it now. It can only increase my spiritual force by a bit. At most, it can only let me reach the level of a peak rank 2 Magus. As for advancing through the bottleneck to rank 3…”

Leylin had only recently advanced to be a rank 2 Warlock. He was still a long distance from the peak.

Hence, he gave a long sigh and kept these two items in his spatial leather pouch.

*Dang dang!* A melodious chime resounded from the top of the minaret at the heart of the town.

As if switching off a light, the sun stone stopped emitting light and the entire town sunk into a darkness like the external world.

“It must be the night. The sun stone is now being changed to be maintained and protected!”

Leylin was naturally aware of this.


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