Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 277 – First Glimmer of Dawn
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 277 – First Glimmer of Dawn

First Glimmer of Dawn

*Ding ling ling!*

Accompanied by ringing sounds, an old Magus suddenly appeared on the high platform.

His golden attire looked extremely formal. Beside him were two female servants, who were more attractive than him, holding silver plates. They displayed something that looked like a root and showed it to the Magi below. Surrounding them were multiple projections of enlarged images.

“The Devil’s Antenna is an object retrieved from the body of a beast that had the strength of an official Magus. It has been well preserved within a liquid, and its worth is from two hundred to five hundred thousand magic crystals. It’s a pity that it’s of no use to me anymore…”

Leylin merely scanned the item that appeared on the platform, and immediately lost interest.

“Before the trade meeting begins, is there a need for this auction? How pointless…”

Though Leylin found it boring, the item on the platform seemed to be extremely attractive to the rank 1 Magi below. The shouts of people haggling could be heard, and the auction was extremely lively.

The items on auction by Iron Crown could be said to be of good quality and quite inexpensive, making them highly sought after by the rank 1 Magi.

Magic artifacts, high-level slaves, precious materials, knowledge, and even potions that could increase one’s spiritual force were displayed one after the next, allowing the Magi below to compete with them and choose.

These were obviously not attractive to the rank 2 Magi. Neither Leylin nor the other rank 2 Magi in the VIP rooms shouted out a price.

Leylin simply closed his eyes and rested, using the A.I. Chip to simulate the spell models of rank 2 spells.

Though the spell models of the three rank 2 spells in the Book of Giant Serpents were already in his head, he had realised the other uses of the simulation methods of the A.I. Chip while mending the teleportation spell formation.

Through the A.I. Chip’s simulations, he could actually accelerate his own understanding of the activation and firing of these spells, allowing the once robotic movements to be more agile.

This was a function that the A.I. Chip did not have before and was something that had been created after his advancement.

With this function, Leylin’s understanding and manipulation of rank 2 spells could almost surpass that of rank 2 Magi who had been accumulating knowledge over many years.

“However, the number of rank 2 spell models that I have is just too small…”

Leylin practised Scorching Touch once more and furrowed his eyebrows.

A rank 2 Magus would usually be backed by a powerful organisation that would have no lack of spell models as they would have been accumulated over time.

However, Leylin was different since he was now going solo. Tthe difficulty of this path was exacerbated by the strict regulations for rank 1 Magi in the south coast which were even worse for rank 2 Magi.

Even when he was in Four Seasons Garden, Leylin didn’t even have the qualifications to come into contact with rank 2 spell models.

From killing Cabourn and Desmund, he had gained some experience and realisations regarding the use of rank 2 spells. However, what he lacked was the most important thing— spell models! Leylin only had these experiences as a reference.

“It’s not quite possible to buy this sort of thing using magic crystals. Perhaps if I lie low for a period of time, I can try to use other methods…”

As the auction went on, some items that could attract rank 2 Magi began to appear, and some prices were shouted from several VIP rooms.

At this moment, the announcer’s voice from below attracted Leylin’s attention, “Middle-grade magic artifact— Sabre of the Dawn! This is a sabre found in an ancient ruin, and it is said that its previous owner was a mighty Branded Swordsman. Starting price: five million crystals, or any precious materials of the same value!”

Leylin opened his eyes, and through the transparent glass screen, focused on the platform below.

At this moment, there was a dull-gold metal long sword put on display by the servants behind the announcer.

This long sword was around 1.5 m long and two fingers wide. For Branded Swordsmen, such as Number 2 and Number 3 who used swords that were the size of regular humans, this was merely pocket-sized.

However, a hint of glee appeared on Leylin’s face. On the surface of the long sword of the Rays of Dawn, there were some strange runes which were quite similar to the runes he had branded onto the bodies of Number 2 and Number 3.

“Looks like it’s the real deal!”

He nodded, and a slither of spiritual force quoted a price through the communication device, “Five million magic crystals!”

A middle-grade magic artifact naturally was not so valuable, but this long sword was evidently worthy enough to do research on, which garnered the interest of the rank 2 Magi.

Quickly enough, a price was quoted from a VIP room not far from Leylin, “5.5 million!’
Leylin’s face darkened and he looked towards that VIP room. It was a pity that he could see naught but a blurry shadow.

The glass in the VIP rooms had naturally been processed. Guests could see outside through the glass, but people on the outside could not see anything inside the room.

“Six million!” Leylin immediately increased the price. Other than the magic crystals he possessed, he also had materials he had obtained from the secret plane and the wealth of two rank 2 Magi. This would obviously cause rank 2 Magi to be jealous, and it was natural that he could be so generous.

As if able to sense Leylin’s resolution and immense wealth, the rank 2 Magi nearby stopped raising the price and this long sword became Leylin’s.

“The guest at VIP room 7, please take note! Our staff is bringing your auction item to do the exchange. Please prepare magic crystals or items that are of similar value…”

News travelled through the communication device, and after just five minutes, an expressionless man brought the servant who had been holding the silver plate to Leylin’s room.

“May I know where this long sword was created?” After the delivery, Leylin’s eyes flashed as he questioned them.

“My apologies! This belongs to the client and it is our duty to keep this a secret for him!”

Though they were speaking to a rank 2 Magus, the staff still rejected Leylin’s demands. This exhibited their manners and professionalism.

“Very well!” Leylin nodded and waved for these two people to take their leave.

Next, he picked up the long sword on the table, and gold rays shined in Leylin’s hand.
A regular middle-grade magic artifact could no longer satisfy the needs of a rank 2 Magus. What was more useful was a high-grade magic artifact or even a magic device!

However, Leylin had no desire to use it. He was merely interested in the runes on this long sword.

“A.I. Chip! Scan and record the runes, and then compare it with the runes of the Branded Swordsmen!” Leylin thought in his mind.

[Beep! Recorded runes, now comparing with the runes of the Branded Swordsmen…]
The A.I. Chip loyally intoned. Right after, Leylin received the results, [Similarity to fire elemental Branded Swordsmen runes recorded by Host body is 67.1%. Similarity to foundation metallic runes: 34.2%. Similarity to basic sharpness: 13.9%. Estimated to be the runes of the weapons of the Branded Swordsmen! Estimated time required to perfect and alter: 294 hours!]

“Like I thought!”

Glee appeared on Leylin’s face. The information he had on the Branded Swordsmen was extremely limited. Even with the A.I. Chip perfecting and supplementing information, he was still only able to gain the fire elemental runic spell formation suitable for males.

As for the runes for other elements and the weapons suitable for Branded Swordsmen, he had no clue at all.

Now, with the appearance of this long sword of the Rays of Dawn, Leylin could finally see some hope.

He also had another thought. The Fallen Star Pendant, which was a magic artifact that had accompanied him all these years, was beginning to be unable to meet his needs. He had hence sent it back to his family.

He now lacked an offensive-type magic artifact.

Perhaps, he could carve these branded runes on a magic artifact by imitating those on the long sword and create a weapon that was meant for him!

Leylin touched his chin and pondered over the feasibility of this plan.

While Leylin scanned and analysed the sword in his hands, a few Magi were quietly discussing in the VIP room that had been competing with him for this magic artifact.

“Torp, why aren’t you quoting another price? It’s just six million magic crystals. That’s nothing to you, right?”

A female in purple-gold Magus robes spoke to a red-bearded old man, a bewitching aura surrounding her.

“The magic crystals aren’t much, and I don’t actually want that magic artifact that much. I just want to analyse the runes on it, and I’m sure this kind of special magic artifact has very strict requirements for users. I’ve even come to suspect that those who aren’t Branded Swordsmen will be unable to use this long sword… The ancient Branded Swordsmen have already vanished from the south coast for thousands of years. It’s not worth it to spoil our plans for this item.”

The red-bearded Torp touched his beard.

“En! You are truly a Master Blacksmith! To be able to glean this much information from just a look…” The woman seemed to be in awe and then continued on worriedly, “I keep having this feeling that the plan is much too hurried. Will he really come…”

“Don’t worry! He’ll definitely be here!”

The red-bearded Torp spoke with conviction, “We’ve put out bait this time that is definitely irresistible to him. In order to use that item more effectively, he’ll definitely come!”

“That’s great!” The woman patted her chest, and then glanced at Leylin’s room with some conjectures in mind.

“Say, do you think he’s inside? Should I sound him out?”

“Don’t do it!” Torp immediately stopped her. “Don’t act rashly. If it really is him, would he dare be so bold as to compete with us? Besides, offending an unfamiliar rank 2 Magus would probably be unfavourable to us…”

“Hehe, I’m just joking. You actually took it seriously…”

The woman giggled coquettishly, and her figure disappeared into the darkness, leaving behind the old man who looked to be in a difficult position.

On the platform, the last item on the public auction was sent out. The announcer went on, “The auction has ended, and we will now enter the segment of the exchange meeting. Those who wish to leave may exit through the passages at both sides.”

*Rumble!* Along with his words, the large doors at two ends of the hall opened loudly.


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