Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 262 – To Inform
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 262 – To Inform

To Inform

It wasn’t as if there was no way to undo the contract with the Trial’s Eye. The last time, Thousand Meddling Hands had given Leylin the solution of the Nefarious Filthbird feathers which had destroyed one side of the contract.

What made Leylin more uneasy was that this liquid had come from the hands of Cabourn, this rank 2 Magus!

Though it was impossible to find another solution of the Nefarious Filthbird feathers, for Magi like them, they did have ways to achieve a similar effect.

After all, the people behind Thousand Meddling Hands was the Dark Magi Alliance, which had at least a rank 3 dark Magus in charge!

If Leylin actually believed in that contract, then he must be a fool!

Caesar in front of him was a very good example! He was a Magus of Four Seasons Garden that was highly regarded. The force of the contract on him must be even stricter, and yet he had been able to betray Four Seasons Garden without the slightest hesitation. He must have used some method to break away from the effect of the contract.

Hence, though they had stated in the contract that they would not attack each other, Leylin did not take this to heart.

Just as expected, the rank 2 Magus had outrageously attacked him after obtaining what he’d wanted, not caring about the effects of the contract. This meant that he had destroyed his side of the contract.

Fortunately, Leylin had been wary of this rank 2 Magus from the start and been able to improve his strength after modifying his heart. Only then was he able to take on the attack.

“How… How were you able to retaliate? How are you able to break away from the influence of the contract?”

Cabourn first disregarded his shock at Leylin’s strength, and first asked this question.

The contract with the Trial’s Eye was not something to be made light of, otherwise it would not be used so extensively.

Besides its mortal enemy the Nefarious Filthbird, there were few other ways to deal with this sort of contract.

Even he himself needed guidance and help from the rank 3 Magus in charge of the Dark Magi Alliance and paid a large price to eliminate the limitations of the contract on his end.

The meaning of ‘eliminating the limitations of the contract on his end’ was to remove the effect of the Trial’s Eye on him, while Leylin would still be bound by the contract.

In other words, he could attack Leylin, but Leylin would not be able to strike back. The moment he did, the Trial’s Eye would punish him!

It was because of this that he had been so fearless and brazen in wanting to eliminate this untrustworthy factor first!

However, the powerful effects of Trial’s Eye did not work on Leylin. How could this not surprise him?

“Could it be that Leylin also trained in some magic that is similar to “Three Souls in a Body”?” Cabourn was beginning to realise that he could not fathom this young Magus.

His son, Caesar, had used the special effects of Three Souls in a Body that allowed Caesar to violate the contract with Four Seasons Garden. He had died once, and after the effects of Trial’s Eye had completely disappeared, he had come back to life and thus evaded the power of the contract.

Cabourn did not think Leylin had any rank 3 Magus aiding him, and the only other way for this situation to happen was that he trained in some ancient techniques!


Cabourn glanced around coldly, and then coldly hummed. Due to the immense explosion, they had exposed themselves entirely to the light Magi. There were already a few wandering light Magi that wanted to investigate and find out what was happening.

Their surroundings had turned into barren land, and only the place sealing the core body of consciousness had a layer of black energy guarding it.

A few Magi wearing the uniform of the Lightning Corps had quickly made their way here. The leader was someone Leylin was extremely familiar with. It was the vice-leader that Desmund had left behind, who was a formidable peak rank 1 Magus.

“The Lightning Corps? What an eyesore!”

Cabourn let out a roar as if he had some animosity towards them, and he moved his arms forward, “Withering Breath!”

A ring of silver-gray stream was generated between his hands, and like a tornado violently revolved towards the Lightning Corps.

This stream seemed to have an immense corrosive effect and produced long, deep tracks on the ground. In an instant, it arrived before these Magi.

*Tss tss!*

The stream charged towards a Lightning Corps Magus. With a strange expression on his face, he suddenly began to wither.

In the blink of an eye, this powerful Magus had turned into a dried up corpse and collapsed to the ground.

“Keke!” Cabourn laughed in a way that sent shivers down one’s spine, and the silver-grey tornado killed the Magi one by one. It then pounced towards the face of the vice-leader, who was struck with hopelessness.

“The rank 2 Magus, Deathbringer Cabourn! Lighting’s Fury!”

The vice-leader of the Lightning Corps obviously recognised Cabourn and roared, raised his metal arm and struck towards the tornado!

With his movement, two large balls of lightning appeared in front of his fists.

The huge lightning fists brought with it thunder, flames, and inexhaustible fury, and hissed as it pounced towards the silver-gray tornado in the air.

Unexpectedly, the two lightning fists charged into the tornado and somehow completely disappeared without even having produced a sound.

“Pu!” The vice-leader paled and coughed out black-red blood that emitted some grey gas.

“Keke! Ever since I suffered a loss the previous time, did you think I wouldn’t research your lightning magic?”

Cabourn could not stop with his strange laughter, and the huge tornado continued to howl as it sucked this man in.

*Woo woo…*

The tornado constantly revolved where it was, and in a few seconds, dissipated, revealing the scene within.

*Pak!* A spotlessly white skeleton fell the moment the tornado disappeared, which cracked in many places before turning into powder.

What had been the vice team-leader had had his flesh and blood stripped from him. Even the life force in his bones had not been let off.

Cabourn was able to take care of the Lightning Corps in a single blow. Such fearsome power intimidated the light Magi nearby, and the Magi of Four Seasons Garden unhesitatingly turned to leave quickly.

Though they were loyal to Four Seasons Garden, they were no fools! A person able to kill a peak rank 1 Magus had to have reached the level of a rank 2 Magus! If they went up against this sort of Magus, then they were simply committing suicide!

Cabourn nodded in satisfaction and turned to look at Leylin.

“I’ve taken care of the hindrance. Now it’s time for us to start again…”

Leylin had been standing quietly while Cabourn had attacked and slaughtered the members of the Lightning Corps. Nobody had an idea of what he was thinking about.

“It’s time!” All of a sudden, Leylin exclaimed quietly.

“What time is it?” Cabourn suddenly felt cold, having a bad premonition.

*Weng Weng…*

The sound of something vibrating emerged, and the metal gate to the secret plane across the center of Four Seasons Garden began to buzz.

The Magi were no strangers to this situation. This had happened just once before, and this was when a rank 2 Magus had brought in a whole army of Magi through the gate of the secret plane!


Blue electric currents swept along the metallic gate. What had been a cloudless blue sky suddenly dimmed, and dark clouds appeared.

A pair of large hands formed out of lightning charged in through the gate and swept through the dark Magi around.

In an instant, the dark Magi who had been brazenly plundering and looting turned into ash with shock still apparent on their faces.

What followed the large hands was a blonde, burly man with a lightning symbol on his forehead that gave off eye-catching rays.

“Desmund!” Cabourn gritted his teeth as he forced out this name.

Next, he gave Leylin a withering look, “Did you do this?”

Within the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, the only person who was so clear about their plan and was able to communicate with the external world was Leylin!

What Cabourn just could not understand was how this would benefit Leylin.

What he had done was enough for the Light Magi Alliance to kill him hundreds of times. Even if he disclosed this information, he would still not be let off lightly.

In addition, Leylin had offended both the dark and light Magi, so there was no way he would be in a good situation.

However, Cabourn did not have any time to think about this. Desmund looked at the scene around them, shocked, and blue rays of light floated from the bodies of what had been the Lightning Corps, launching into the mark at Desmund’s forehead.

This burly man was immediately overcome by fury.

“Cabourn, you despicable maggot! A cowardly fool that only knows to run! I’ll definitely twist off your head and trample it for ten thousand years at my parliament hall!”

Desmund roared and covered himself in blue lightning.


A tremendous lightning bolt split open the heavens and, in a straight line, landed on Desmund’s hand, turning it into a weapon that looked like a pike.

*Xiu!* Desmund’s figure streaked across the sky and appeared before Cabourn.


Cabourn’s eyelids blinked rapidly, and two lines of silver-gray tornados shot out from his hands.

Large tornados thundered and combined into a larger tornado that wrapped him within.

Like a lightning god, Desmund charged into the midst of the tornado, and one could vaguely see two figures wandering within.

The violent tornado floundered around at will, and any Magus which came into contact with it instantly turned into a withered corpse or was burnt to ashes by stray lightning bolts.

“They’re finally gone!”

Leylin glanced at the two rank 2 Magi that were fighting and revealed a smile of relief.

Though he had already modified his heart and was indefinitely closer to the world of a rank 2 Magus and could be said to be the strongest rank 1 Magus in history, he was still a rank 1 Magus! There was still a huge divide behind him and a rank 2 Magus.

Though he had been able to take on an attack from Cabourn, but if they were to continue battling, he was only confident in his abilities to escape.

This was something that was simply unacceptable!


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