Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 240 – Holy Angel
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 240 – Holy Angel

Holy Angel


When facing this large rodent-like dark Magus, Leylin only nodded slightly.

“You’re just in time. There are some areas that require your natural talent. Stay beside me!”

“Yes, my lord!” A glint of glee appeared in the large rodent’s eyes, and it quickly stood at a short distance behind Leylin.

It was very clear that in this large-scale war, even for official Magi, the probability of death was not low.

In order to protect itself, besides trying its hardest to raise its strength, the rodent Magus also had to have strong backers to protect itself. This was a method of survival!

“Who is that?”

The opposing Four Seasons Garden Magi asked in suspicion as they naturally could not recognise Leylin as he was right now.

“It’s Blood Rogue from Thousand Meddling Hands! It’s said that his crimes are insane, and in just the short span of a year, he’s already committed nine major crimes and has been labelled as a notorious criminal on the wanted list!”

Another old light Magi stared hard at Leylin, eyes revealing an unspeakable fear.

Leylin merely laughed gently and approached them, while the two dark Magi respectfully backed off.

“I’m only going to say this once! Move!” He spoke brazenly to the light Magi.

“Are you crazy?”

Seeing Leylin actually dared to threaten a whole group of light Magi, even a few Magi from the Thousand Meddling Hands thought Leylin to be crazy.

However, the large rodent and the rest who knew Leylin better could feel their scalps numb as they retreated a few steps.

“Once Lord Reynold returns, the whole lot of you insane dark Magi will… ugh…”

A light Magus stood out and spoke righteously.

However shortly after, a translucent, black, giant serpent seemed to travel through space and appeared in front of him. Extending its mouth, which was full of sharp teeth, it bit down upon his neck.

*Ka-cha!* A piercing sound was produced, and this light Magus’ innate defence formation was destroyed to pieces in less than a second under the snake’s bite.

After that, the python directly bit the Magus’ unprotected nape! The spinal cord was ripped to shreds, and flesh and blood flew everywhere.

“Honestly… are all of you deaf?”

The light Magus’ corpse fell to the ground with a loud thud, and Leylin’s blood-red robes seemed to produce crimson rays of light. He faced the light Magi in front of him and spoke peacefully.

“Just- Just what level of… This power far exceeds that of the semi-converted Magus that he had been.”

Upon having seen Leylin kill an official Magus in one blow, the large black rodent behind him couldn’t help but be shocked. From what he knew, in Thousand Meddling Hands, there were only a few peak rank 1 Magi, such as Giant, who could do this. However, another person had joined their ranks — Blood Rogue!

It even went so far as to guess that Blood Rogue right now might have surpassed Giant and the other elders. At this thought, with a gleeful, and an even more intense gaze that could be seen on its slender and hollowed face, it stared at Leylin’s figure.

“Togo! He actually killed Togo!”

A female Four Seasons Garden Magus looked at Togo’s corpse, evidently in disbelief, and went insane.

“I’ll kill you!”

With a crazed look upon her face, she was then wrapped up in a bundle of milky white light!


Under the shroud of light, her clothes split and revealed the curvy body of a young woman.

At the same time, layers of clean white feathers sprouted out from her back, eventually forming a pair of large white wings.

“The holy form! Looks like she’s going to go all out!”

The surrounding Magi were surprised, and all of them had varying reactions.

Some chose to retreat, others rushed in from the sidelines, and even more light Magi came in and surrounded Leylin.

“Holy Judgement!”

As if an angel had descended upon the earth, the female Magus’ face shone with a holy light. Her eyes turned pure gold as she pointed straight at Leylin.

Light! Pure, clear holy light formed a knight’s lance, accompanied by a holy chorus in the background. Along with a huge spurt of energy, it charged towards Leylin!

“Kill him! Let’s kill him!”

Immediately after, the surrounding light Magi produced their best spells, and colourful magic rays rushed towards Leylin like a wave.

In the face of such an attack, the black rodent immediately retreated, while other dark Magi had long since hidden themselves away.

Leylin wasn’t their superior and lacked the authority to command them.

In addition, as a dark Magi who had commited crime after crime, even if there was a leader who ordered them to go forth, they would disobey.

“At critical times, they’re a bunch of unreliable fellows! It’s good that I wasn’t counting on any assistance from them.”

Leylin raised both arms and loudly chanted a few syllables.

*Hualala!* A bright crimson colour stained his hands; the red was so concentrated that it looked like fresh blood on the verge of dripping down.

“It’s appeared! The magic that gave Blood Rogue his name — Crimson Palm!”

A few dark Magi who were concealed a distance away yelled in awe.

“Die!” With a cold glint in his eyes, his two hands mercilessly scratched forward!


Two blood-red phantom claws emerged and charged towards the holy lance and the wave of magic.

*Rumble!* On the surface of the crimson claws, large amounts of blood-red flames rose to the skies, virtually turning the sky crimson.


The flaming, sharp phantom claws slammed into the lance as well as the onslaught of spells, which produced a huge sound.

Black mushroom clouds formed and rose above the explosion; the aftershocks constantly spreading and shaving off a few layers of earth.

*Weng Weng!*

Countless amounts of black smoke and ash flew about, fully blocking the scene within the explosion.

*Ku! Ku!*

All of a sudden, two phantom claws that seemed slightly damaged charged through the layer of smoke and out of the explosion area.

Huge crimson claws grabbed at the angel in the sky!

Light! Large amounts of clean holy light transformed into crystal-like armour, automatically equipping itself to the female Magus.

She now had on crystal armour and a pair of large white wings, looking as if an ancient goddess of war had descended upon the earth.

In contrast, the large crimson claws seemed like the hands of a demonic god from the depths of hell, mercilessly grabbing towards the war goddess!


Large crimson claws crashed into the armour, emitting the sounds of something cracking.

Under the disbelieving gazes of the many Magi present, the solid crystal armour that seemed to be a product from the heavens was torn into shreds by the crimson claws. They fluttered like butterflies before they turned into little spots of light that disappeared into the air.

After which, the crimson claws ruthlessly caught hold of the female Magus.

The wings behind her back were forcefully ripped off, where pieces of pure white feathers drifted to the ground as if it was snowing.

The huge crimson claws immediately gripped her fiercely.

*Pa!* Like a watermelon that had been gripped so tightly that it exploded, the female Magus burst into pieces, blood flowing unceasingly. The liquid was absorbed by the huge claws, which caused its appearance to become more terrifying and evil.

[Beep! Power of Crimson Palm has reached the limits a second time. Layering effect achieved. 1. Crimson Flames: the crimson flames from Crimson Palm can be used as an area of effect attack. 2. Bloodleech: Every time Crimson Palm is used to kill an opponent, the power that is consumed will automatically be replenished after absorbing the opponent’s blood.]
The A.I. Chip’s voice sounded in Leylin’s ear.

“Oh! Does that mean that every time I kill someone, Crimson Palm has the ability to automatically replenish its power and that the Magus doesn’t have to do it himself?”

Leylin was astonished. This spell was something he had obtained from the great Magus Serholm’s Book of Giant Serpent.

It looked like the great Magus Serholm truly was deserving of his rank as a Morning Star Magus. Just a random rank 1 spell had such frightening effects.

After having absorbed the female Magus’ blood, the phantom crimson claws that had begun to turn dull and start to dissipate seemed to have received some powerful nourishment, and suddenly burst with crimson light!

The flames that had already died down began to burn furiously upon the claws.


The crimson claw pressed down!

A huge palm imprint appeared on the ground, with flames burning around it.

The giant claw slapped a few Magi from Four Seasons Garden, and due to the crimson flames, they turned to ashes.

One strike! With just one strike, Leylin had killed countless official Magi!

If such battle achievements were to be spread, his name would be known throughout the south coast and even go down in history!

“Blood… Blood Rogue is actually so strong! Has he advanced to a rank 2 Magus already?!”

The dark Magi of Thousand Meddling Hands were startled by Leylin’s ferocious strike and were also stunned into silence for a long while.

*Shua shua shua!*

Upon seeing Leylin’s attack, innumerable light Magi completely lost their confidence. Using various types of spells, they transformed into wind or giant birds, amongst other animals, and rapidly left the area.

Leylin merely stood where he was, not bothering to give chase.

For him, killing light Magi was useless. What was more important was to steal resources!


Yet another large claw was sent out and uncovered a passageway from the rubble.

Leylin went on a wild rampage, like the fiercest animal in ancient times, and based on the memory of the route that Pierre had taken, he destroyed all the traps and spell formations along the way.

In just a moment, he came before the huge resource warehouse from before.

Under his fierce flames, the huge metal door was melted into a liquid that flowed freely on the ground. With his hands clasped behind his back, he brazenly walked into the large resource warehouse.

“My Lord! After you!”

The dark Magi who had followed Leylin here did not dare to be indolent even in the face of such a huge room of treasure. Rather, they respectfully allowed him to have the first browse through these spoils of war.


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