Warlock of the Magus World
Chapter 140 – The Golden Giant
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Warlock of the Magus World
Author :Wen Chao Gong
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Chapter 140 – The Golden Giant

The Golden Giant

“A Golden Giant is in the process of moving towards us!”The Magus on night duty exclaimed hurriedly. “The Sentinel Slate used to alert the others have been completely eaten by it, too!”


After hearing these words ’Golden Giant’, Leylin quickly heard the startled oaths of nearby Magi.

The Golden Giant was a type of elemental species. Its power was close to that of a fully converted elemental Magus. On top of that, it has its own unique racial talents. Only a rank 2 Magus had the capabilities to thoroughly kill or banish it.

“Wasn’t it said that the Golden Giants from the Golden Desert are extinct? Furthermore, it appeared conveniently in our way. “

The old leader clenched his jaws in a state of madness. His eyes emitted a green radiance.

“Can we avoid it for the time being?”

Lancey suggested. “The Golden Desert is so huge, he might not be able to find us!”

“I am afraid not!” Leylin was the first to interject. “The Golden Giants have a natural instinct to chase species with high energy levels. The energy propagating from our bodies acts like a lamp in the darkness for the giant’s eyes. The more we move, the more likely the Golden Giant will assault us!”

“If that is the case what should we do?” A look of despair appeared on Lancey’s face. “Unless we have a rank 2 Magus within our party, we will all fail to escape the assault of the Golden Giant….”

There is a large gulf of difference in power level between the official Magi of different rankings

Leylin and his party of six were only slightly stronger than a rank 1 Magus. They would even have difficulties going head on with a semi converted elemental Magus. They had no chance of surviving an encounter with a fully converted elemental Golden Giant.

Semi elemental conversions refer to Magi whose elemental essence conversion has reached a level of 50% and above. At this stage, their increase in magical power due to the elemental essence conversion starts to become very obvious. When faced with budding Warlocks, they held a great advantage.

While Leylin was still an acolyte, he had an encounter with a semi converted storm elemental sprite while on the dirigible. If not for the fact that there was a large gathering of Magi from the different academies, the only outcome would have been death.

In the current predicament, Leylin had to face something far more powerful and dangerous than the semi converted storm elemental sprite.

“Perhaps, we should scatter and escape in different directions…”

The large bloke hesitated for a while before suggesting.

Upon hearing the suggestion, the Magi present entered a state of silence and eyes started flickering nonstop.

“Are you people mad?”

The old geezer interrupted the large bloke in a fit of anger. “If we fled in different directions, can you guarantee that you individuals are lucky enough to escape the assault of the Golden Giant? Furthermore, what will you do after you reach the Kary Vultures’ territory?”

The two sharp questions abruptly brought about a deeper silence.

After fleeing in different directions, they could once again head towards the intended destination. If they were lucky, there was even a chance of heading back to Broken Axe Pub.

However, this was only the last resort. The Magi will not accept their foul fate just like that.

“Quick! Another three of my babies are dead!” The night shift Magus said with a heavier breath than before.

“Maybe we could use the Sentinel Slate along with a rune which dissipates energy continuously to distract the Golden Giant. While it is distracted, we could do our best to restrain the energy emitted from our bodies and sneak away… If it fails, we could do as mentioned earlier and scatter in different directions…”

In the midst of silence. Leylin suddenly spoke up.

“Although this plan is unreliable, we obviously have no better options…”

The old geezer let out a sign of deep resignation and pointed at Leylin. “We will do as he says! I happen to have the material for a few Sentinel Slates…”

Following which, he handed out vials filled with grey powders to the night shift Magus.

Having looked at the materials handed out by the old geezer, the night shift Magus displayed a look of unwillingness. However, he still received the materials from the old geezer. “Alright, let’s try it! But I cannot guarantee that it will work!”

Soon after the chants from the nightshift Magus, a few pieces of Sentinel Slates that resembled the destroyed one rose up from the sands.

At this moment, the people in the camp could clearly see a golden glow appearing in the eastern direction.

This glow was like the sun dissipating the darkness and brought about a glimmer of warmth.

In front of the solar disk was the colossal shadow of a giant.

The giant’s body radiated a golden light. It was armoured very simply. A leather armour on this upper body with an iron hoop in the middle that joined the two shoulder pads.

On the shoulders rested the head of the giant with rigid face lines that looked like it was caused by the scrapes and slashes of weapons. The tangerine hair on top of its head looked like it was burning mightily.

[Beep! High energy species life form spotted, determined to be a Golden Giant, recommended to leave immediately!]
At the same instant, the A.I. chip displayed out of a red warning screen.

“Quick! Quick!” The old geezer’s voice was filled with urgency.

“I know a few energy concentration runes, hopefully, it is of use!” The other usually quiet Magus stood up and said. Following which he applied what looked like a mixture of circular and triangular runes on the Sentinel Slate.

After the rune was inscribed, it radiated brightly and suddenly a power energy surged out from the Sentinel Slate. This enormous energy fluctuated chaotically causing the Golden Giant to let out a roar and accelerate towards it.

“Nice! It grabbed the Golden Giant’s attention!” Lancey exclaimed happily.

“Let’s add this on top!” Leylin uncorked a red test tube and poured its content on the inscribed Sentinel Slate.

After the liquid from the red test tube assimilated fully into the Sentinel Slate, the Sentinels let out angry snarls and transformed to be bigger and with stronger limbs.

“Hopefully, this will help them hold out longer!”

Leylin tossed away the empty test tube. The energy propagating out of his body was reduced from that of an official Magus to a normal person.

This was done using the Transfiguration Spell. It diluted the level of energy propagating from his body.

After which, he went over to his Seated Lupin Wolf, placed a cover over the wolf’s mouth and gave it a pat on its head.

The Seated Lupin Wolf seemed to be aware of the presence of the incoming Golden Giant. It got low to the floor with limbs trembling and waited for Leylin’s command.

The other Magus followed Leylin’s action.

They also used the protection of the environment to conceal their whole body.

Finally, the Golden Giant was nearer to the camp. It was less than only 500 metres away!

At this sort of distance, Leylin was able to see clearly every single hair on the giant.

“It’s up to you now, babies, attack!”

“Attack! For our father!”

The burly and buffed up Sentinel Slates roared. Some of them rushed head on towards the Golden Giant while the others split up and ran in different directions.

Whether it was the brave Sentinels Slates who charged heads on towards the Golden Giant or the others who ran in different directions, their bodies carried a large source of energy which pulsated out of them. The energy was almost like that of a rank 1 Magus.

“kjfl” The Golden Giant let out an unknown type of shout as if swearing.

It stretched out its large palms in a posture like it was hiding the sky and covering the earth. It pushed against the ground and dredged up the earth.

A few of the Sentinels were picked up by the Golden Giant

“For glory! For protection!”

The Sentinel Slates roared as their little fists rained down upon the giant’s large arm.

“Creak Crunch!” The large Golden Giant placed the captured Sentinels directly into the mouth. It sounded as if he was chewing through biscuits.

After ingesting the Sentinel Slates, the Golden Giant let out a loud roar and chased after the fleeing Sentinel Slates with large strides.


The old geezer’s voice was soft. The six men covertly pulled the Seated Lupin Wolf and left the camp area.

Everyone was doing their utmost to contain the energy pulsating from their bodies. There was even a cover on the Seated Lupin Wolf’s body. Like moles, they stealthily left the area

The Golden Giant shouted at the fleeing Sentinel Slates and chased after them. It never gave the camp a second look.


Someone exclaimed softly after the golden glow disappeared. Without hesitation, everyone ran at the speed of light.


The wolf pack ran past, kicking up a dust of sand and stones. The dust glittered a faint glow of gold.

Leylin and the party had been on the run without a break ever since he was disturbed from his rest state at the camp. This, coupled with the Golden Giant incident had caused Leylin to have an unhealthy complexion.

From the pitch black darkness of the night to a fully risen sun, almost half a day had passed while on the run.

However, the thought of the Golden Giant spurred the party on and nobody grumbled about the lack of rest.

“We were lucky the Golden Giant does not seem to have high intelligence! It only knows how to mindlessly chase after high energy life forms. If not, the stealth attempt yesterday would have failed. It was a really suspenseful situation…”

Leylin felt a lingering fear in his heart.

Although he has advanced his magical powers and is considered to be someone of considerable power in the world of Magus, the Golden Giant was something that was entirely out of his league.

“However, the Golden Giant is an elemental species. It does not have a bloodline. If not, I would rather like to have a few drops of the Golden Giant’s blood for my experiments…”

Leylin’s eyes betrayed a glimpse of regret.

There were countless types of mythical species in the Magus world. The Golden Giant belonged to the elemental species. Its whole body is made up of various type of elements and minerals. There is not even a drip of blood in it, naturally there will be no blood line.

In ancient times, the paths to becoming a Magus were many. The Warlocks chose the path of the bloodline.

And obviously, the Golden Giant chose a different path.

There are different paths to reach the pinnacle. Leylin’s plan was to follow the path of the Warlock.

“Shall we rest? If we do not meditate and recuperate our spiritual force…” Lancey’s voice was heard from the front of the party. She travelled together with the old geezer on the Seated Lupin Wolf.

All Magi make use of the both their spiritual force and magic power to perform miraculous magic. Due to the Golden Giant incident yesterday and the constant travelling, the six Magi were unable to mediate to recuperate their spiritual energy. Looks of exhaustion were spread across their faces.

“No need for that, we are yet to be out of the danger zone, the Golden Giant might catch up to us anytime soon…”

The wind carried the old geezers reply though the party.

After hearing the old geezers reply, the party sank into a solemn silence and carried on with their hasty escape.

The Magi feared the Golden Giant more than any other dangers in the Golden Desert.


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