Unknown path
14 Status and meeting blaine
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Unknown path
Author :rakshakk
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14 Status and meeting blaine

As I was excited for my gym battle tomorrow.

Raj: Rose show me my status.

[sure raj ]


main system level: 02 (0/2000)

name: Raj

age: 10 years 3 months.

level : 13+1(0/100)

Elemental cultivation: profound level 8

soul cultivation: golden immortal

Body cultivation : celestial beginner

cultivation technique: world creator; high elemental techniques; soul/body/blood techniques;

skills: basic life saving, adventuring skill's(hiking,riding,swimming,etc), mortal cooking, bio sciences,Arc of embodiment, knowledge gainer. Knowledge of seals. (Divine level sealed).

beast: kurama god beast (mortal)

Chakra control: A

eye techniques: world creator eye (1/????)

points: karmic point(9998898900), quest point(1500)

Item: cosmos chamber (primordial)

travelling vehicle(immortal).

Sacred gear (divine).

scanning device(mortal).

Fire dragon blood essence x4.

luck: 500(depends on soul), str: 1500, Ag: 1500, int: 5000, charm: 50 (suppressed ~) ,

sub system (pokemon world)

storage: 70 pk balls, 7 u ball, 700k pk dollar,

After seeing these stats there are some changes but what most caught my attention in kurama which became God beast of mortal grade. Then I asked what are the reason for it to turn into god beast.

[raj kurama is practicing a yin yang technique which is a high level technique now his battle power is already compared to ten tails. If you send him to fight ten tails now that will die in his hands. As for classification there are different types of god beast mortal, immortal, divine, etc., after kurama reach divine level I will tell you remaining stages behind these.]

Raj: it seems I need lot to learn. OK Rose I will go for my first gym batch. Hey silvya just send me co-ordinate of blaine.

[[sure master]].

Then she send it to the watch I'm wearing. I got the location and directly jump from the airship then I called out charizard which saw me falling down while I smile at him happily.

It gave me a smile with worry and came to take on it's back.

Raj: OK char today we will have our first gym batch. We are strong and can defeat any gym leader's but still we need to grow strong as we have to fight legendary pokemon in every region and make ourselves legendary. I looked toward's char for response.

Char: used it's flame thrower to show its acknowledgement.

I was happy about that by the time we reached the location which was a hotel. While entering he saw blaine standing there.

I went near him and looked toward him and he also gave the same response.

Raj: hello Mr. Blaine I would like to have a pokemon battle for your volcano badge three star.

Blaine: hello kid. I'm blaine but I can't give three star badge to anyone. I will only give it to the worthy one. If you want it you need to get it by a battle.

Raj: so let's battle and make sure you take me seriously.

Blaine seeing this he thought this kid is arrogant.

Blaine: OK come with me our battle is 3 vs 3. Those who win most of the matches is winner and trainer can change his pokemon. Are you ready for the battle.

By saying this blaine opened his gym doors. Where magma is flowing on all sides of battle field below.

Raj: perfect battle field for fire type pokemon. Hmm I am excited to do my first battle in this type of gym field.

We got into our respective battle field positions.

Then we released our pokemon.


Blaine: nine tails

Raj: blastoise let's finish this battle as soon as possible.

B: ninetails fire blast

R: blastoise dodge those fire blast and use hydro pump.

During This attack blastoise dodge the attack and released the hydro pump with its evolved water. When it released attack there was sudden temperature change in the battle field.

Blaine was shocked as he saw the hydropump which is very powerful than normal one and the water released from it is completely different. As he was thinking the hydropump hit ninetails. It directly slammed into the wall of the gym stadium. So it's blastoise win.

Blaine: raj your pokemon is one of it's kind it seems you are suitable to demand highest batch of my gym. Well then the next pokemon is rapidash.

Raj:Rapidash interesting fire/speed type.well then let's compare speed. I called blastoise back to pokeball. Then looked towards pikachu and said it's your turn.

As pikachu entered the field it released a huge pressure because raj has released all his limiters of gravity seal. This pressure is slightly reaching the elite level pokemon. Although blaine have elite level pokemon but that is only one pokemon. While in my hand pesudo elite is least level pokemon.

On the other side blaine was surprised to see pikachu release a pressure that is equal to his magmar. Then he thought about blastoise. He got a chill on his spine.

Blaine: it seem I still underestimate you. You trained a pikachu to the level of pseudo elite. Then if it evolves then it may reach champion level.

Raj: I'm not planning to evolve pikachu and I'm going make it atleast pseudo legendary pokemon. When I said that I unconsciously released aura of celestial.

This aura frightened blaine. But when I saw blaine face to become pale I became normal.

Blaine: rapidash use quick attack then fire blitz on pikachu.

Raj: pikachu use quick attack and dodge fire blitz and use your strongest iron tail and finish the match.

Rapidash quick attack was quite fast but when compared to pikachu quick attack it was on a completely different realm. When both reached near to each other rapidash raised its leg and started to use fire blitz but pikachu dodge them and used iron tail by using it's speed force and gravity force to increase it attack power greatly. As the attack reached rapidash and hit it. Then dust filled the battle field after the dust settled we found rapidash is fainted and winner is pikachu.

Raj: OK then blaine let's have the last battle with the strongest pokemon of yours. I said and called pikachu back and send charizard to the battle field.

When charizard reached the battle field it released the flame thrower towards the sky. Blaine seeing charizard he was amazed as this is the beautiful pokemon he has seen until now in charizard. Blaine had visited the charizard valley. He know how to determine which charizard is strong. After seeing the defence of this charizard which is around two centimetres thick and the flame thrower which it released just now casually is as strong as magmar flame thrower at it's full power.

Blaine: magmar take your stage.

As he said magma which Is beneath the field started to swell and a pokemon jumped on the field.

Blaine: magmar use flame thrower.

Raj: char use flame thrower to counter.

When two flame reached they cancel out each other.

Blaine : magmar go near to charizard and use thunder punch.

Raj: char use flame thrower of next level and finish the battle.

As magmar reached near charizard. Then charizard shown a smile and used its new move as the flame thrower came from the charizard mouth which is highly potent/dangerous. Which attack reached magmar and got hit by it and fainted. Charizard win the match.

Raj from pallet town won the volcano gym badge.

As the referee was saying but still blaine was standing there as he saw last move he rembered the move of moltres when he fought with it. He was shocked to see charizard improved it's fire grade to this level.

Blaine: raj it seems your pokemon are really very strong I don't think any gym leader can handle such strength of your pokemon. So he goes your three star gym batch. Three star gym batch only given to a trainer when the trainer has atleast pseudo elite level pokemon and defeated all pokemon of gym leader.

There is one more thing when a trainer receives a three star badge from the particular gym they can go directly participate in league and my gym is one of the nominated, viridian and fushian gym are nominated for this service.

Raj: thank you for explaining uses of the three star badge and I was hoping for a collaboration with you.

Blaine: ohh that's nice to hear from you. Let's hear it.

Raj: actually in future this island will cease to exist as the volcano will become active and only your gym exist that is future. But I tweaked some what to change the future. So I want you to safe guard it and after I become champion of kanto I will go and battle other region champion. After that I will remove all the dark organisations from the pokemon world and for that I need some partner in trust so I will choose some gym leader's from kanto and other regions to become guardian's of their region.

Blaine: although becoming champion is easy for you as more time is there for your pokemon to grow. But dark organisations it's tough to deal with them. If you can deal with them I will help you with everything I got.

Raj: so thank you for joing for the good cause as a gift I will give you pseudo immortality. Which means you cannot die due to old age, disease, but you can die if some of the vital organs are injured and I will give you regeneration skill. Now I'll brand my mark on your soul. The uses are you never betray me. Second if you are in trouble I can know everything. So our next stop is top of the volcanic mountain.

Blaine: did you give me pseudo immortality really and regeneration. You are joking right.

Raj: OK then let's test it I went near him and caught his finger and cut it until bone was visible after few seconds it healed at a good speed.

After seeing this he looked towards this kid growth in future.

(let's see what expression will he have after he see the cave.)


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