Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
17 Chapter 17 - Second One
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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17 Chapter 17 - Second One

After Barry died, the armor disappeared and the stone re-appeared. Although Chris wasn't a member of the [Dragon], he could still sell off this stone to get Contribution points which would allow him to buy numerous items.

Having picked up the stone, Chris started searching in Barry's pocket if he had something else, while doing that he checked the notification sent by the Interface.

[You've Killed A Human Traveler (Level 5).

You received 600 (-80% Due to Different World) EXP.]

Chris was rather surprised, it was the first time that the Level was shown in the Interface.

He then took out his phone and searched for one of the nearest Teleporter, although the one he used was really near, it was only a sender-type of Teleporter making it impossible to go back to the Base-01. Whilst running to the nearest Teleporter, Chris continued to think about what Barry meant, he was rather troubled, he never remembered having killed someone before having Transmigrated.

Reaching the teleporter, he quickly activated it and rushed to Evan's house, using the key that Evan gave him, he opened the door and called,


A rather annoyed Evan came down the stairs of the house and yelled,

"Why the fuck are you yelling, I'm still fucking sleeping!"

"Explain to me right now why did someone say that I killed most of the person during the [Days of Massacre]!" Chris angrily said,

Evan stood there while sweat started appearing on his forehead,

"Shit! You found out."

Chris's face grew cold and took out his weapon,

"Chris, Wait. I'm going to tell you everything just sit down." Evan said after pondering for a while,

"So basically, you have 2 Personalities, the first one is the current you, the other one is a crazed killer who is extremely hard to control, the second one only appears around every 5 years and it seems to be extremely strong, around 3 times stronger than the current you. The first outburst ended up in you killing our parents, the second and third one was stopped by [Viper] and the third one ended up causing the [Days of Massacre], in which you killed thousands." Evan calmly explained even though he still seemed to be quite fearful

"Then why didn't you tell me about it earlier and how come I ended up having 4 outbursts when I've only lived for 16 years!?" Hearing Evan's explanation, Chris grew even more furious.

"Well... The first time I tried to tell you about the second personality, it ended up in you having an outburst and it didn't seem to reset the 5 years between each outburst, this caused the members of [Viper] to forbid others to tell you about the other personality for fear of causing a new outburst which seems to grow stronger every time. But as seen as you not having an outburst yet, it doesn't seem to be the cause of your early Outburst." After saying that, Evan started to ponder while Chris was digesting the information he had just received.

Chris left the house, went back to his room and lied down on his bed.

After a while, the door opened,

"Sup dude, so you killed Barry?" Jack excitedly said to Chris

During the 10 months of training, Chris and Jack ended up being friends so although Jack didn't know about the reason as to why Chris wanted to kill Barry, he didn't care and just supported Chris.

"Yeah..." Chris calmly said to Jack.

"Oh cool! You're gonna have to tell me about that later, I'm coming back later, I forgot my weapon and I'm running late!" Jack then quickly took off after finding his weapon.

Chris was rather tired so he unknowingly fell asleep.

While he was asleep, the bracelet on his arm started glowing and became bright again.

When Chris woke up, it was already night, Jack came back and was asleep on his bed, Chris seeing the bright bracelet on his arm was surprised and pondered for a while if he wanted to go back there, although he wouldn't have thought of this before, during the 10 months of learning, he had learned that Reviving someone was possible although it was really hard.

To revive someone, one needed to reach an incredibly high level of power and be extremely proficient in the art of [Healing] or [Necromancing] or [Alchemy] but it seemed that none of these arts were available in the world, so the only way to get them would be going to the other world.

Thinking for a while, he finally decided to activate the bracelet and go to the other world.

Blue light surrounded him,

Waking up to the extremely bright light, Jack asked 'Chris',

"Chris, did you see that blue light?"

"Nope, you must be extremely tired making you hallucinate stuff" 'Chris' shook his head. The 2 of them then went back to sleep.

Although 'Chris' answered, the real one had already been transported to the other world.

When Chris opened his eyes, he found himself to be in some sort of Tube, he knocked on the window of the Tube and very soon, the Tube opened. It was as if Chris hadn't used his eyes for a long time making his vision extremely blurry.

A Blond-haired young man seemed rather surprised and said,

"So... You finally came back it seems."

Behind him, multiple figures also appeared within Chris's vision.


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