Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
16 Chapter 16 - Barry“s Death
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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16 Chapter 16 - Barry“s Death

Seeing the fire that had appeared, Barry was stunned but quickly drew his weapon, A Sword and a Shield, he then took out a stone and crushed it. The liquid inside the stone slowly changed to become an armor that appeared directly on Barry.

At first, Barry was still being pressured by the fire but he could now resist the flames and it wouldn't affect him much.

"Which bastard dares to attack me!?" Barry screamed, extremely furious.

Chris didn't answer and remained hidden, waiting for Barry to lower his guard but he couldn't help but be surprised at the emblem on Barry's armor, it was the emblem of [Dragon]. As [Dragon] was the enemy of [Viper], every member of [Viper] had to learn the effect of every technique from [Dragon] and [Dragon] member had to do the same with [Viper] technique.

Chris gritted his teeth, he only had one choice, the reason is that [Dragon] member preferred technique that would allow one to empower themselves and launch heavy attack whereas [Viper] preferred Sneak Attack. Due to the fact [Viper] liked to use Sneak Attack, [Dragon] higher-ups developed a technique allowing one to have a thermal vision, similarly, [Viper] higher-ups developed a technique to change one's body temperature at will.

And as Chris expected, Barry used [Dragon's Eye] to scan the entire den, Chris stood still and started changing his body's temperature, due to the burden it would cause if one changed one's body temperature for too long, he had to quickly seize a chance.

After Barry had scanned his area and started to look at other places, Chris slowly sneaked up to him using [Crouching Viper], he then slowly drew a dagger and readied himself to use [Viper's Laceration].


A deep wound was inflicted on Barry but not only he didn't die, he remained very calm because Chris hasn't seen him use any empowerment skill, he legitimately thought that Barry had an extremely high Health or owned a Personal Skill reinforcing his Health.

That's where he was wrong, due to the many assassination attempts Barry received, he would now always use [Dragon's Skin] to empower himself when he could.

After getting wounded, Barry didn't move and used [Dragon's Reverse Scale], it was a move allowing one to attack enemies that were behind without having to turn, this move was also way stronger and faster than a regular attack.

Chris used one of the dodging technique he had learned, [Slithering Viper], he successfully dodged the attack but was then hit by Barry's shield.

This sudden bash caught him off-guard making him lose his balance, Barry took this opportunity to charge one of the strongest [Dragon] Technique, [Hidden Dragon].

Chris, before falling to the ground, succeeded in getting his footing back and jumped backward but was too slow and Barry had already finished charging [Hidden Dragon]!

Barry directly thrusted toward Chris who was in the air, totally unable to dodge but due to his increased agility, Chris could now do things such as being able to move his body in the air but he would still be hit so what Chris did was to bend his body backward to avoid his foot being thrust before kicking Barry's arm away.

Although this was totally unable to kick Barry's arm away, it was still able to move the trajectory of Barry's arm allowing Chris to dodge the attack and avoid getting hit.

Chris who was still in the air then used [Raging Fire] once again, this time he didn't use much mana, only 1 but he aimed toward the open Neck of Barry.

Barry became extremely scared after seeing the Fire appearing directly on his body and directly used his Personal Ability, he then entered the [Boundless Butcherer] form.

Barry lost his Sword and Shield which became a huge Machete and his eyes became red from bloodlust.

Barry started madly slashing toward Chris who had already fallen on the ground.

Chris could only use [Banished Viper] to dodge all of those attacks, although Chris was confident in dodging most of the attacks, he still felt that being hit by even 1 of them would be extremely dangerous.

Chris then started circling around Barry, in his new state, Barry was totally unable to think and would only think of killing so Chris easily dodged the swift attacks Barry launched.

Although Barry was driven by bloodlust and totally unable to think, he seemed to have unlimited stamina making Chris unable to find an opening to attack so he could only try to maintain his distance and dodge Barry's attack.

But soon enough something unexpected happened, blood started flowing out of Barry's nose, eyes, ears, and mouth.

As time went by, more and more blood flowed before Barry fell to the ground and remained motionless.

His machete becoming a sword and a shield.

To be completely sure, Chris directly cut off Barry's head.

Sure enough, an ethereal version of Barry appeared and said.

"Sure enough... You're a real bastard."

Chris didn't answer and started resting while Barry continued speaking, Chris didn't show any reaction until Barry said,

"I shouldn't have underestimated you, after all, you're the one that killed most of the victims of the "Days of Massacre" "

"What do you mean!" Chris shot a cold look to Barry.

"So you're going to act like you don't know?" Barry sneered.

Seeing Barry that wasn't going to answer, Chris grew furious and directly absorbed Barry's spirit.


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