Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
14 Chapter 14 - Shitty Assassination
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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14 Chapter 14 - Shitty Assassination

While Chris was feeling the pain from the wound, the [Viper]'s helicopter could already be seen through the windows, Chris slowly walked toward it and jumped on it.

"That was some really shitty assassination." Evan shook his head, "We shouldn't have made you start doing assassination mission, I'll have to personally tutor you."

Although Chris wanted to curse at his brother, he was unable to do that due to the pain and only let out a groan.

"You can't even handle that pain, that's truly disappointing" as he said that, Evan took out a syringe and directly used it on Chris.

Chris directly lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself tied to a chair within a room with only a board, a chair, and a desk.

After some minutes, the door of the room opened and Evan entered the room.

The moment he saw Evan, Chris wanted to complain before discovering that he seemed to be incapable of speaking.

"Give up, I already used a Poison that would render you mute, just stay here and remember what I'm going to teach you, I'll give you the antidote after I finish to teach you everything"

Chris was rather unwilling but he felt like being mute wasn't the worst thing he would receive if he wasn't willing to do what Evan wanted.

He nodded, Evan clapped his hand and started teaching.

Very soon, Chris was able to feel the effects of Evan's teaching, a new Skill had appeared in his interface, [Art of Viper (Basic)], as Evan spoke, EXP started being added to the skill.

When Evan finished his teaching, the skill had already reached 30% of the required EXP to level up!

"I finished for today, take this key and this is all your stuff, go find your room by yourself" Evan untied Chris from the chair, gave him a set of keys and a backpack.

Due to being unable to speak, Chris had trouble finding his room but luckily, after a whole 30 minutes of searching, he finally found it!

His room was located in an immense building right next to the Mission Center where one could take an Assassination mission.

After opening the door to the room, he entered and started looking a bit inside, 2 Beds, 2 desks and 2 chairs and another 2 doors, Chris didn't need an explanation to understand that he had to share his room with someone else and the 2 doors led to 2 different bathrooms.

While he was examining the room, he felt a faint sound coming from one of the bathroom, it seemed that his roommate had already arrived.

Not knowing what to do now, Chris decided to just sit in a chair to wait for his roommate to finish, considering he didn't know the rules in [Viper]. The only thing he had remembered was that everyone was required to take a Compulsory Assassination Mission when they entered [Viper].

As Chris thought of that, he took out the items in the backpack, a pen, a notebook, his phone, a charger, and some snacks. It was truly lacking. Chris took the pen and started writing a bit on the notebook, this was the notes of what he had learned today, although his interface could make his skills stronger, if he didn't know how to use the skills, it would truly be useless.

It took another 30 minutes for his roommate to finish and Chris could finally see what he looked like, a red-haired handsome boy, Chris wondered, 'How the hell is he an assassin with this flashy hair color'.

"You're my new roommate, right? I'm Jack, what about you?" Jack held out his hand.

Chris shook his head but didn't say anything, he only took his notebook and showed it to Jack.

"Oh! I know! You're the dude who had to Assassinate John Sam and actually succeeded!" Jack looked extremely surprised when saying that.

Chris was quite shocked at how he knew that and wrote, "How do you know about that?"

"Well... I mean you're the brother of "Massacre Evan" the one who caused most of the dead during the Days of Massacre, you're also one of the few that took the Hell Newbie Assassination Mission and actually succeeded!" Jack was extremely excited while saying that.

Chris, extremely puzzled, wrote, "Hell Newbie Assassination Mission? What is that?"

"Wait... You don't know about that? It's the hardest difficulty of the Newbie Mission, only 9 people succeeded and now you're the tenth." Jack became extremely confused when he read what Chris wrote.

As for Chris, he was fuming with anger, the Assassination mission he had received didn't have any extra information, he could've totally died in the Assassination Mission because he didn't even know about the difficulty! In the end, Chris could only blame himself for not knowing about that.

Although Chris wanted to continue asking Jack about how [Viper] worked, it seemed that Jack was extremely exhausted. He could only wait until tomorrow.

The Next Day,

When Chris woke up, he directly used his notebook to ask numerous questions to Jack who started answering without hesitation.

Chris could then know about where he was and everything he needed to know, he was in the Base 01, which represented the base of the Newbie who were still learning the [Art of Viper] and showed extreme talent, there was in total 5 Bases, the Base 00, which was the Base of many incredibly strong Assassins, Evan was also part of them. The Base 02, base of the Non-talented Newbie, Base 03, Base of Criminals who obtained a chance of redemption. As for Base 04, nobody knew what was inside it.

There were only 3 Rules in [Viper] :

1. Killing Other Members of [Viper] Isn't allowed!

2. Members of the [Dragon] Are Enemy To The [Viper] And should be killed on the spot!

3. Leaking [Viper]'s Skills isn't allowed!

Breaking any of these rules resulted in being marked by Treason and would be killed on the spot.

And the last thing he needed to know was the important locations in [Viper] Base-01.

The cafeteria, The Training Grounds, The Arena, and The Teaching Building.

Chris started creating his own schedule and decided to use the Training Grounds to the fullest until he could return to the Other World.

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    《Transmigrated Due To Misfortune》