Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
13 Chapter 13 - Bulle
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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13 Chapter 13 - Bulle

[Art of Viper]. That was the name of the book.

This was where was written the most basic Skill of the [Viper], although they were called "basic skills", they were already ranked within the top out of all the assassination art on Earth.

Owning this book showed being part of the [Viper].

Chris quickly opened the book and started reading while the helicopter started quickly flying away from Chris's previous position.

While they were approaching the secret base of the [Viper], Chris was reading the skills at an insane speed.

In the [Art of Viper], there were only 3 skills, one used for camouflage, one for escape and one for attack. They were respectively called, [Crouching Viper], [Banished Viper], [Viper's Laceration].

Although Chris had already understood the most important points of those skills, he was still unable to even bring out 10% of their might and after having skimmed through the entire book, they had already reached the secret base.

At this location, it was totally empty except for the portrait of someone.

While the group of people from [Viper] were slowly approaching this place, the one in the lead took out a key.

He directly came in front of the portrait and said,

"I hate R-Sies"


The portrait suddenly started changing and a keyhole appeared.

After inserting the key, stairs appeared, the group then went down the stairs.

They then entered a really small passage where the only light source came from the torches at the side of the passage.

The one in the lead suddenly stopped and asked one of the people by his side,

"George, give me the spray" the person said

"There it is, Fabrice" George took out the spray.

The person named Fabrice then started using the spray and revealed multiple red beam.

"Be careful not to touch any of those lasers, it's extremely powerful" Fabrice reminded the groups.

He then started to go through the passage without touching the lasers with incredible agility.

Soon, everyone passed through the passage except for Evan and Chris, before Evan went, he gave something to Chris.

"Take this, you can use it to go through the lasers" Evan said as he handed some sort of boots to Chris.

After Evan successfully went through the passage, only Chris remained, he put on the boots and as if he was possessed, he also went through the passage with the same agility as Evan.

The group, seeing that Chris who was the last one, finished the passage, started continuing through the dimly-lit passage.

After walking for a while, they found a gate, Fabrice only took out a badge and scanned it, the group then went through the gate and finally reached a room filled with pedestals.

Fabrice and the groups then went on the same pedestal, they were then teleported and found themselves in an enormous room.

After leaving the room, Chris was amazed to find out that the [Viper]'s secret base seemed to be a simple village and not a heavily fortified fortress.

Evan and Chris left the group of people and started heading toward a house, there, Evan started teaching Chris about the 3 basic skills of the [Art of Viper].

Very quickly, Chris learned the 3 basic skills and could now use them without problem.

As he had joined the [Viper], he now had to take the compulsory Assassination Mission, Chris decided to take it now so that he could test his skills.

Using the [Viper]'s helicopter, he was quickly able to reach the Target's location.

The target was a fat middle-aged man called John Sam, one of the richest person on the planet, if Chris were to successfully kill him, he would get about 10 Million Euros.

Although compared to the wealth of John, 10 Million was nothing, it was still enough for Chris who only wanted to be protected by the [Viper].

The main problem in this mission was: "How to reach John Sam?"

Luckily, [Viper] already got everything covered, Chris had a direct appointment with John, he also got a new ID and a mask that would change his face.

After finding out how to reach John, what Chris cared about was the fact that John would probably be extremely guarded so he had to find an opportunity to quickly kill John while being able to run away the moment John died.

As for that, Chris used the most important thing of the [Viper], Poison.

Chris entered the [Jo\u0026Co Building], owned by John Sam, after confirming his appointment, he used the elevator and reached the last floor.

"Nice to meet you, Christopher Anm" John reached out his hand.

"Nice to meet you, John Sam" Chris shook John's hand.

Chris smiled because the moment John shook his hand, he was already dead, the reason for that was because, in his palm, he had put a really small needle with poison coated in it.

The needle was small enough to pierce a hole so small that one wouldn't even feel it.

Chris didn't seem to care about what was going to happen during the appointment as he already knew that his mission was accomplished.

John who had already started showing signs of being affected suddenly became healthy again after drinking water.

Only then did Chris finally found out that he was discovered.

He quickly rushed toward John and cut his throat, although he was already discovered by John, John had no way to defend considering his lack of Agility and the fact that he was surprised that an assassin would directly rush toward him.

After John died, the elevator sound was heard, the bodyguards were arriving.

Chris used the [Raging Fire] inside the elevator which gate had already started opening and caused everyone inside to die miserably.

As Chris was using his communicator to call the [Viper]'s helicopter.

A Body started slowly approaching him and directly shot at him using his gun.

Although the bodyguard had successfully survived, he was still in pain so his shot was inaccurate but still hit Chris.

Chris groaned and directly used [Raging Fire] and started rushing toward the bodyguard, about 5 meters from the bodyguard, he threw his weapon.

The bodyguard died and Chris started to feel the pain from the Bullet's wound.

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    《Transmigrated Due To Misfortune》