Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
11 Chapter 11 - KingSlayer and QueenSlayer
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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11 Chapter 11 - KingSlayer and QueenSlayer

The Rough-looking man quickly rushed into the nest while Chris unwillingly followed him.

Inside the Nest, the only thing that could be seen were some holes, Chris quickly guessed that each hole represented one house. When entering, Chris had expected to see a lot of Big Mouses rushing to kill the 2 of them but it was empty.

The Rough-looking man explained, "The Big Mouse that went to attack us were the Adult Male, the Adult Female and, the children nearly always stay in their cave. We must slaughter all of them so don't chicken out"

After saying that, he directly entered one of the countless caves and only took some seconds before coming back.

"What are you waiting for, start entering the caves and kill them!" He looked rather annoyed after seeing Chris staying there with his mouth agape.

"No!" Although Chris had killed some Big Mouse before, those were trying to kill him but now, those were in their home and they didn't even try anything on him, why would he have to kill them!?

The Rough-looking man looked extremely angry due to Chris's refusal and directly punched him.

"Even if you don't want to, they'll still die!" He yelled

Chris didn't answer, he could feel that when the rough-looking man punched him, he aimed for the kill even though he seemed to have given up after seeing that his attack didn't kill Chris, he still tried to kill Chris!

Chris slowly took his distance, 'Fucking coward', the rough-looking man thought, he then went back.

Chris, after exiting the Nest, went to test his [Raging Fire], his goal was to master it... Or at least just understand how to use it before using it on the rough-looking man.

After about an hour of trying, Chris now knew 4 things,

1 - How to visualize the remaining amount of Mana he had!

2 - His Mana regenerated at a speed of 0.1 every 30 seconds!

3 - [Raging Fire] had no fixed amount of Mana but depending on the amount used, [Raging Fire] would grow stronger or weaker!

4 - [Raging Fire] had no cooldown but if he were to use it in succession, it would get weaker!

Chris took a look at his Mana before resting, he wanted to have all of his mana to unleash a big attack.

Time passed by and he finally had 50 mana.

He rushed inside the Nest and found the rough-looking man starting to go inside the Largest Cave.

Chris slowly followed him, he then saw the rough-looking man fighting against a Big Mouse even bigger than the other one, it seemed that this was the king, although the rough-looking man had the upper hand, he still receive some injuries.

Right before the rough-looking man could finish the Big Mouse, another one jumped in and attacked the rough-looking man.

Although he received a rather large wound, it wasn't deep enough to truly affect him so he first started by trying to finish off the first Big Mouse but it was useless, it seemed that the second one was even more ferocious than the first one.

After seeing that he started losing, the rough-looking man took out a bracelet and directly broke it, it seemed that after doing that, he became stronger and faster, this caused him to be able to easily beat the 2 Big Mouse

Before he could finish them, Chris quickly used [Raging Fire], although he had no enmity with the 2 Big Mouse, he would 2 birds with one stone if he could kill the 2 Big Mouse and the Rough-Looking Man. Although he had no enmity with the 2 Big Mouse, they may treat him as an enemy if he were to just kill the Rough-looking man and it seemed that their injuries would kill them anyway.

Chris quickly channeled his attack and used [Raging Fire]!

An Immense Wave of Fire appeared, the 2 Big Mouse squeaked extremely loudly before stopping, as for the rough-looking man, he seemed to have expected that and took out a crystal, after using it, a blue light surrounded him and he disappeared.

[You've Killed 1 Monster King and 1 Monster Queen.

You received 400 (-80% Due to Different World) EXP.]

[You've leveled up.

You received, Stat Gem Slot: +4]

[Due to Having Killed 1 King Monster.

You received, Title: "KingSlayer"]

[Due to Having Killed 1 Queen Monster.

You received, Title: "QueenSlayer"]

Although Chris was annoyed due to not being able to kill the rough-looking man, he was still happy looking at the notifications.

Chris already played games so he knew what a Title was but he still wanted to know how it worked with this interface. So he quickly focused on it to know the details.

[Title: A Title confer power to the one that holds it, One can only have one title equipped at the time, the non-equipped title will have their effectiveness reduced by 50%. Changing a Title takes 1 minute.]

Chris was even happier, normally in the game he played, a title would only show its effect when it was being equipped but now it could show its effect at any time although it would have diminished effect.

He then focused his mind to look at the effect of his new title.

[KingSlayer: You deal +1% damage against Kings]

[QueenSlayer: You deal +1% damage against Queens]

Although those effects were quite small, it seemed that they could grow stronger after seeing the "Lv. 0" next to their name.

As for the Stat Gem Slot thing, Chris didn't know what it could be used for, after focusing on it, nothing came out, he then tried to add point to Strength but there was no effect so he just decided to wait until he could come back to the other world.


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