Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
10 Chapter 10 - What He Said
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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10 Chapter 10 - What He Said

What Chris remembered was that Ryk said that the IQ tests everyone was forced to take was used to get to know our spirit level, the only way they could get the results and force everyone around the world to do the test was by having planted their people into every government...

Another thought scared Chris even more, it was that the whole government was controlled by them.

Chris quickly came back to his senses and stepped on a strange device, this device directly teleported him and the rough-looking man to what seemed to be a sewer. The stench smell made Chris instinctively cover his nose

"Wait, I don't get to have any weapon?" Chris directly exclaimed

"Your power doesn't seem to be good for melee attacks so why would you need that?"

"A Bow isn't used for melee attacks..."

"I don't have a bow so you're just going to stay weaponless!"

Looking rather annoyed, Chris thought,

'Oh come on, I got the worst instructor'

he then slowly followed the rough-looking man who while watching his device started walking.

After walking around for some minutes, the device suddenly started beeping and the rough-looking man looked annoyed,

"Ah Shit, I forgot to remove the Alarm, you better get ready, a lot of Big Mouse will probably get alerted"

'He's totally the worst instructor I could've gotten' Chris thought exasperatedly.

*Squeak Squeak*

A Big Mouse suddenly appeared from the obscurity.

When the Mouse saw Chris and the rough-looking man, he seemed to be drooling and started squeaking to show his joy.

*Squeak Squeak Squeak...*

While the Big Mouse continued squeaking, the rough-looking man just had to slowly walk toward it and directly behead him. Although he had already lost his head, the head of the Big Mouse could still move for a while and directly released a long squeak.

"Also... I forgot to mention but the Big Mouse lives in group and this was only a scout so it was rather stupid but its squeak will attract a lot of Big Mouse" The rough-looking man then used his weapon to break one of the Big Mouse's tooth and threw it to Chris.

"Didn't you want a weapon? Take this, it's pretty sharp"

Although Chris was unwilling to use this tooth as weapon, he still took it because he didn't want to be too reliant on [Raging Fire].

Without enough time to prepare himself, waves of Big Mouse started appearing.

Most of them seemed to be going for the rough-looking man.

Only what seemed to be the weakest Big Mouse went to attack Chris.

This was a perfect setting for Chris considering he wanted to fight and not be a Punching Bag.

While a Big Mouse while slowly approaching Chris. The Rough-Looking man was already killing dozens of them.

The moment the Big Mouse was close enough, Chris directly jumped and attacked toward the Big Mouse's skull.

But it seemed that he had over-estimated the range of his weapon because before he could reach the Big Mouse, it had already jumped and tackled Chris.

Although Chris wasn't hurt, he staggered but still successfully hurt the Big Mouse, blood started flowing from its wound, Chris learned from his mistake and directly thrust his weapon toward the Big Mouse.

This time, the attack successfully hit the Big Mouse who was deeply wounded and soon died due to the loss of blood.

[You've Killed a Monster.

You received 2 (-80% Due To Different World) EXP.]

'Huh... That Also Works!?' Chris honestly didn't expect much from killing the Big Mouse so even though he had received only 20% of the EXP he was supposed to normally receive, it was still good.

Without having the time to express his joy, another Big Mouse suddenly jumped at him, this time he only had to thrust his weapon toward the Neck of the Falling Mouse who quickly died.

[You've Killed a Monster.

You received 2 (-80% Due To Different World) EXP.]

Chris continued his rampage and killed every of the Big Mouse coming to attack him. Well... Rampage shouldn't be a good way to say it considering that Chris only killed 10 in total. While fighting the Big Mouse, Chris received many injuries and was completely exhausted but he was smiling.

[You Received 1 Point In Constitution]

It seemed that one could also get Stats point through efforts. This time, Chris didn't know if it was because of all the damage he took or it was due to the fact that he exhausted all of his stamina until reaching the limit.

Although Chris was overjoyed, after taking a small look toward the rough-looking man's direction, he was completely stunned seeing the hundreds of corpses, the rough-looking man didn't even seem to be exhausted, while sitting on a corpse, he just lit a cigarette.

"Huh... Kid, you're finally finished?" The Rough-Looking man smiled.

Chris only nodded but didn't say anything.

"Rest for a bit because after I finished this cigarette we will go in the nest to kill the King." The rough-looking man said.

3 Minutes later.

The Cigarette was finished, the rough-looking man stood up and exclaimed,

"Well then! It's time to kill some King!"

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    《Transmigrated Due To Misfortune》