Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
9 Chapter 9 - Better Run!
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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9 Chapter 9 - Better Run!

Only when Chris finish reading [Raging Fire]'s description did he realize that the fire disappeared and before someone could see him, he jumped through the window and started frantically running.

After running for a while, he decided to go back to his house, after opening the door, the first thing he did was taking a lighter.

Using the lighter, he tried to absorb it but the only thing that happened was him getting burned.

'Ah fuck!' Chris screamed inwardly, 'How come I could absorb the Fire in the building but not the one from the Lighter?'

Pondering for a while, he finally thought of something, 'The Fire seemed to have disappeared after I absorbed the small figurine of the girl and the Personal Skill of the Girl was Fire-Related, maybe it was some kind of Spiritual Fire? But how come this Fire interacted if it came from a Spirit?'.

Considering it was night, Chris decided to ponder about it tomorrow and directly went to sleep.

During the night, multiple memories started flooding Chris's mind, those were the memories of the 250 days.

In those 250 days, 2 Of Chris's friends mysteriously disappeared, in fact, a lot of people mysteriously disappeared on the 13th of November. Following those mysterious disappearance, strange things started appearing, people started pretending to own Special Power, strange animals also started appearing such as a 1-Meter mouse, an Eagle that could breathe fire...

Anyone claiming to have seen any strange occurrences also seemed to have disappeared, this caused a rather big conspiracy theory to appear.

Although Chris had no idea what caused those strange phenomenons to appear, he had a vague idea that they might be related to the Other World.

Waking up, Chris heard knocking at the door, after opening it, he saw 2 people dressed in black suit and wearing sunglasses, the first thought of Chris was 'Seriously, wearing Sunglasses indoors?'.

Staying expressionless, one of the 2 started speaking,

"Chris Balk, please follow us"

"And If I don't want to?"

"I believe you will..." This was an obvious threat but it seemed that they had the capacity to make him follow them so without making any story, Chris just followed them.

Leaving the building, they entered a black car, inside it, he sat on the back seat and his eyes were covered.

It took about 45 mins, for them to reach their destination after reaching it, Chris's eyes were uncovered.

Chris could then see the spacious place he was in, after taking a quick look, it seemed that this was underground.

But before he could admire the place, he was dragged to a room.

He was then left alone for a while until he heard a voice,

"Chris Balk, please state your power"

"I can use a fire attack" that was the answer Chris thought of after pondering for a while.

"Chris Balk, please show your power"

Chris then used his [Raging Fire] and unleashed a massive fire attack.

The incredible power of the attack seemed to have destroyed part of the room.

"Analysis Finished. Chris Balk, Power: S-Rank"

The door to the destroyed room then opened and revealed a rough-looking man, he seemed to be quite angry while looking at the damaged room,

"Kid, Did you know how much that cost us ?"

"Well, a lot, I guess you're rich enough to repair it then?" Chris blinked innocently

The man remained silent then dragged Chris to another room.

In this room were around 15 people were waiting, they were probably kidnapped too I guess.

After Chris was dragged into the room, the rough-looking man went up on the podium and started talking,

"I guess you want to know why you are here?", everyone nodded.

"Well, as you know, a lot of strange phenomenon started appearing and you'd be the one investigating them, you'll know all be part of the "Governmental Investigation Squad Against Supernatural Phenomenon" or the G.I.S.A.S.P"

Although everyone looked tense in the room, Chris started laughing due to the ridiculous name.

"Oh look, someone like to laugh? Well, to punish you, for your first 3 missions, you'll be alone!"

Although Chris found that a bit annoying, he still thought that it would be useful because if he were to get another Personal Skill, using [Universe-Sized Spirit Eater], he'd be able to hide one of his trump cards whilst not needing to restrain himself.

After a lot of blabbering about the goal of the G.I.S.A.S.P, the Rough-looking man finally started talking about the "interesting stuff", everyone followed him to another room where 3 instructors waited for them.

The instructors started calling people one by one.

In the end, only Chris wasn't called, the rough-looking man grinned,

"I'll be your Instructor..."

'Ah Shit' Chris thought.

Chris then followed him to another room, where he was briefed about what they were going to do next,

"This is an introductory mission so it's going to be rather easy, we'd be dealing with an F-Rank Big Mouse, it's way bigger than a regular mouse, it's fur is able to defend against Attacks but can still be easily pierced through using a sword. Their strongest points are their Destructive Power and their agility."

What Chris cared the most was, 'How come the Government already adapted that fast to the Supernatural Phenomenon?', that was until he remembered something Ryk had said...


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