Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
8 Chapter 8 - Wailing Little Girl
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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8 Chapter 8 - Wailing Little Girl

Every day, they needed to wake up at 8 and go to room "A001", for "General Knowledge Teaching", this would only last for an hour, as for what to do after, it was mostly Training, Fighting, on some boards, was a special hour "Magic Learning".

At the bottom of the schedule, there was a Group name written.

The Group Chris was in was called "Group Vanhir".

Before Chris went to sleep, he heard a knocking, after opening the door, he saw Mike, Mark, Joshua, Kevin, and Benjamin waiting.

"Uh... Why are you guys here?" Chris asked,

"We decided to come here for a chat, you know with what happened today, there must be some things we need to say" Mike quickly explained.

After Mike said that, he quickly entered Chris's room, following that, everyone entered Chris's room before he could even protest.

"Your rooms are so good compared to ours, that ain't fair!" Mike complained.

"Stop saying useless stuff" Mark said with an annoyed voice

After everyone sat, Kevin started speaking,

"You must probably be wondering where did the monster come from"

"Well no, actually, we already guessed that your Personal Skill had the ability to store living things inside it." Joshua said, this caused Chris and Benjamin to nod, showing that they also understood that.

"Most importantly, what's your group name? I'm in Group Amad" Mark asked.

"I'm in Group Vahnir" Chris said.

"+1!" Mike exclaimed.

"I'm also in Group Vahnir" Kevin calmly said.

"Me too" Joshua said.

"I'm in Group Sald" Benjamin complained.

"So uh... What's your Compatibility to the element? I got perfect-grade compatibility with Fire" Chris asked.

"I only got Middle-Grade compatibility with the Wood Element" Joshua shook his head.

"I got Perfect-Grade Compatibility with Earth Element!" Benjamin excitedly said.

Mike looked to be extremely envious of the 3 of them, as for Mark, he seemed to be only disappointed, only Kevin didn't seem to care about that.

"Anyway, what's the General Knowledge Teaching thing?" Benjamin wondered.

"I think they'll just teach us about the geography of this world, the races, a bit of history and all that" Chris said.

"Urgh... It's just like School then, Shit..." Mike complained with an exaggerated expression.

"Why did you guys stay in this world?" Chris asked.

Immediately, the mood changed.

"I hope that I could learn something that could Heal my parents from Enigma" Joshua said with a sad expression.

Following that, a blank of some minutes, Chris asked with a shocked expression,

"Wait... You're all staying here because one of your relatives got Enigma?"

They all nodded, Chris showed an empathic expression.

"I think we should go now." Benjamin said.

Everyone nodded before leaving Chris's room.

Even after they had left, Chris just stayed on the ground and wondered 'Why do I stay here? I could just leave this place...', after thinking of that, Chris looked at the bracelet on his wrist and tried using it.

Very soon, Blue Light surrounded his body and he was sent back to Earth.

When he woke up, he found himself in his room, he then remembered something, Ryk said that the flow of time was different between both worlds so he quickly went up to look at the calendar when he first got transported, it was November 13th, but now, it was July 20, after using his computer, it seemed that about 250 days passed, but he only passed 12 hours in the other world, it meant that 1 Day in the Other World Was Equal To 500 Days on Earth.

After checking his body, it seemed that the Jewel was still embedded in his arm.

And he could still see his Interface.

But the first thing he did was to try and go back to the other world to tell Joshua, Mike, Mark, Kevin and, Benjamin.

Or else they would be stuck in the false hope of finding a way to heal their relatives while they were probably already dead.

But Nothing Happened,

The normally Bright Bracelet was totally colorless, it seemed that there was no energy to supply it so he could only wait.

Due to the fact that he still had the jewel, he might also be able to use his Personal Skill, so he decided to search around to see if he could also find spirits possessing Personal Skill.

While walking around the streets, he heard screams and a lot of fire trucks going to somewhere.

Although he was uninterested in knowing what happened, his intuition told him to follow the fire trucks.

After running for 5 minutes, he finally saw an immense building that was burning.

While looking at the raging fire, Chris felt something strange, he only stared intensely at the fire.

It was as if the Fire was calling him,

"You! What are you doing don't get close!" Someone tried to stop him but Chris heard nothing.

He started walking toward the Fire but nothing could stop him, finally, he reached out his hand to the flames.

The Flames didn't hurt, it only felt warm, he instinctively said, "Absorb...", only a small part of the flame started disappearing, and on his interface, something changed.

[Fire [Awakened] (Perfect-Grade Compatibility) Lv. 0 (0.01%)]

(0.01%) appeared next to the Level of his Fire Element.

Without being able to control his body, Chris entered the building, while he was walking around, he heard someone wailing, Chris continued Absorbing the Flames while walking toward the wailings.

Finally, after entering a room, he found a little girl surrounded by flames, the flames didn't seem to harm her and her body was ethereal, Chris could only think of one thing 'Spirit possessing Personal Skill!'

Only after absorbing all of the flames around the Girl did she notices Chris.

She immediately stopped crying and seemed to fear him, Chris slowly walked toward her and calmly said,

"Why are you crying?"

With hesitance, the little girl replied,

"Because I'm a monster, wherever I go, People die and if you stay here, you'll also die"

After saying that, the little girl went back to crying,

Chris started thinking about what to do, after some seconds, he had finally found,

"You're not a monster, and I won't die, look, fire can't hurt me"

While saying that, he took a flame and directly absorbed it.

The Little girl only stared with widened eyes and said,

"Is that true? I'm not a monster right?"

Chris stayed silent and only nodded, the little girl went back to crying but it seemed that it was now tears of joy.

A bright light then started surrounding the Little girl who started floating in the air, Chris just watched, after the little girl disappeared, a miniature figure of her stayed behind, Chris unconsciously picked it up and Absorbed it.

A new line appeared in his Interface.

[Name : ??? Race : Human Class : None

Level : 0

Max Health : 1000 Max Mana : 50

Strength : 9 Agility : 12 Constitution : 10

Intelligence : 1 Magic Power : 1

Skills :


Personal Skill :

Universe-Sized Spirit Eater Lv.0 (10%)

Raging Fire Lv. 0 (0%)

Elements :

Fire [Awakened] (Perfect-Grade Compatibility) Lv. 0 (7%)]

[Raging Fire (Active Skill): Unleash an Incredibly Strong Wave of Fire, anyone touched by it will suffer high damage and will feel an intense pain]

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    《Transmigrated Due To Misfortune》