Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
7 Chapter 7 - The Winner Is?
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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7 Chapter 7 - The Winner Is?

When they heard the shriek, the Golem started attacking the bush where Chris was hid as for Kevin, he started readying his spear.

Due to how slow the Golem was, Chris was able to easily dodge his attack and directly attacked the fist of the Golem, although his sword successfully damaged the Golem, the sword was stuck in it.

Chris would be harmless if he were to lose his sword so he tried everything to unstuck it. When the fist of the Golem started raising, Chris held tightly on the sword's handle and started being raised too.

The Golem soon noticed Chris on the sword handle and tried to throw it away, Chris continued holding tightly and finally the Golem started getting annoyed and tried to crush Chris and rammed his hand through whatever he could find. Due to how cracked the Golem's body was, climbing it was possible so while the Golem was trying to crush Chris.

Chris was climbing on his body and soon reached the Golem's Head

While the Golem kept trying to catch the parasite climbing on his body. Chris prepared for his free fall. What he wanted to do was successfully landing on Kevin, stun him, take his spear, pierce him and WIN.

The hardest part would probably successfully jumping.

3... 2... 1 JUMP.

Although Chris successfully jumped and was about to land on Kevin, Kevin just pointed his spear toward the falling Chris. There were only a few centimeters between the Spearhead and Chris but before Chris got hit by the Spearhead, he used his leg to kick it away, Kevin quickly stabilized and although he successfully hit Chris, it had only hit his shoulder and didn't kill him.

Bloodied, Chris fell to the ground, Kevin prepared his attack but Chris successfully dodged it by rolling around, he then quickly got up and ran away.

Kevin then started chasing him around, Chris using his superior agility was able to quickly made Kevin lose sight of him.

Although he successfully ran away, Chris couldn't stop due to the patch of blood he was leaving on the ground, the only thing he could do now was climbing on a tree and hopping between trees. After many unsuccessful tries, he finally found the hang of it, and would now be able to hop between trees with a chance of at least 80%.

While hopping between trees, he found another patch of blood, what he immediately thought of was 'Mike', and he was right, very close was an arm, and after searching for a while, he found a dagger. This was the only thing he could use to win, Kevin had probably thought of this and already took the other weapons.

After taking the dagger, Chris went back to hiding in the trees, he then started resting, he unexpectedly ended up sleeping, when he woke up, it was night, a perfect time for someone to silently die.

After searching around, he finally found a tall Golem, it seemed to be looking around, when Chris got close enough, he finally saw Kevin resting near a tree with a spear, a bow, arrows, and an axe.

While Chris was slowly walking toward Kevin, he noticed that the Golem's gaze was toward him, Chris took a step back and saw that the Golem stopped gazing at him, after taking a step forward, the Golem started gazing at him again.

Chris started taking steps backward and prepared himself, in his mind, he counted to 3,





Chris ran toward Kevin's position and although he was able to successfully slit Kevin's throat, he was still punched by the Golem in the end. The strength of the punch knocked him unconscious.

He woke up, surrounded by Joshua, Kevin, Benjamin, Mike, Mark, and Ryk.

The moment he had woken up, Ryk directly put something in his mouth,

"Swallow!", Ryk yelled.

Without question, Chris directly swallowed the thing Ryk put in his mouth.

After having swallowed, Chris asked, "What was that thing?",

Before Ryk could say anything, Kevin explained,

"This was a painkiller, although in the illusion we couldn't feel pain, after going back in the real world, we would feel the pain"

Ryk glared at Kevin and Chris nodded after hearing the explanation but still had some doubts,

"How come in the Illusion I only thought of killing and had no problem whatsoever with it?"

This time, it was Ryk that explained,

"In the Smoke, there was a drug that made your Bloodlust increase, that's why you were all fine with killing each other"


Before Chris could ask any more questions, Ryk glared at him and Chris immediately shut up.

Ryk Clapped and took out 3 Gems,

"Well, I guess the winner is the Team led by Joshua, as a reward, you can take 1 each"

Each of these gems had a different color, one was green, one was red and one was brown.

Chris directly said, "I call dibs on Red!",

Joshua visibly annoyed said, "Fine... I'll take the green one..."

Benjamin looked extremely pleased and said, "Great, I'll take the brown one!"

After taking a gem each, they were then confused,

"Uh... What do we do with that now?" Chris wondered

"Maybe we'll need to eat it?" Benjamin said

Joshua just shook his head and said to Ryk,

"Tutor Ryk, what do we do with those gems?"

"Just crush it..."

Chris, Benjamin, and Joshua all crushed their Gems and clouds of dust immediately appeared, the Specks of dust reached all of their respective Jewel.

A new line appeared to every of their Interface.

[Name : ??? Race : Human Class : None

Level : 0

Max Health : 1000 Max Mana : 50

Strength : 9 Agility : 12 Constitution : 10

Intelligence : 1 Magic Power : 1

Skills :


Personal Skill :

Universe-Sized Spirit Eater Lv.0 (5%)

Elements :

Fire [Awakened] (Perfect-Grade Compatibility) Lv. 0]

After seeing the Specks of dust entering the Jewels, Ryk said,

"Those Gems are called [Elemental Awakening Gems], only after awakening an Element can you use those elements, every time you awaken an Element, your Intelligence and Magic Power increases by 1. Also, the Compatibility displayed in the interface has 5 different values :

-Perfect Grade

-Top Grade

-High Grade

-Middle Grade

-Low Grade

The Compatibility increase the leveling speed and power of the skills of those elements."

Ryk then called 2 people, those 2 people then went to a rather big building while the other 6 were following them.

One of the people gave a key to Joshua, Chris, and Benjamin, the other gave a key to Mike, Mark, and Kevin.

On each of those keys, was a number written on it, they then tried searching for their rooms, while Joshua's, Chris's and Benjamin's rooms were on the 2nd floor, the rooms of Mike, Mark, and Kevin were on the first floor.

Not only did the floor differ, the luxury between the 2 floors was also different, the rooms of Joshua, Chris, and Benjamin were very luxurious to the level of a 5-Star Hotel on Earth, as for Mike's, Mark's and Kevin's room, their rooms were still luxurious but very low compared to the other's.

On each Room was a Board, on this board seemed to be a schedule.


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