Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
6 Chapter 6 - The Battle!
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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6 Chapter 6 - The Battle!

After exactly 1 Hour,

Ryk came back with what seemed to be a Human but it had some small horns like the 'King'. Chris thought that they were probably Demons?

Out of the "Human's" Mouth, a strange smoke started leaking out and surrounded the 6 of them.

After opening his eyes, Chris found himself surrounded by trees, next to him were Joshua and Benjamin.

"Where are we?" Benjamin asked, hoping that one of them had an answer,

"Well ... a forest, I'd say it's pretty easy to guess. But, it should be more of the illusion of a forest and not a real one." Joshua answered.

Chris and Benjamin nodded at Joshua's explanation.

Joshua looked around before using his [Gigantification], to check the surrounding. After a few seconds, he grew back to his normal form.

"What'd you find?" Benjamin quickly asked, seeing that Joshua grew back to his normal form

"I think I found the other team, they are this way," Joshua said while pointing toward the north.

Chris directly started walking and said to the other 2, "Come on guys, we must catch them by surprise, if they can find us, with Mark and his bow, we might be the one losing"

After that, the 3 of them quickly rushed toward the north, until they saw a blue light, this could only mean one thing, Mike was approaching while relying on his electricity to get faster!

Chris separated himself from the group and started hiding in a bush while Joshua and Benjamin started searching for Kevin and Mark.

The moment Chris found that the light started getting closer, he readied his attacks and the moment he saw Mike, he suddenly jumped out of the Bush.

Mike caught off-guard tried to dodge the attack but was still injured, the sword directly cut one of his arms, with his other arm, he directly tried to slash through Chris' neck.

Chris was unable to dodge the attack so he used his left arm to block it, he then staggered due to the effect of the electric attack but was still able to kick Mike who staggered.

Although the lack of range of Mike's dagger was a weakness, due to his superior Agility and his electric attacks, he was actually the one superior if they were in a normal fight but due to the loss of one of his arm and although he felt no pain, he felt that he had lost a lot of energy, he was totally unable to continue the battle.

Chris directly slashed toward Mike and killed him but decided to sit down on the ground to rest.

After 5 seconds, he heard a sound and saw an arrow arriving right beside him, he directly went into hiding and hoped that Benjamin and Joshua would be able to win.

Joshua and Benjamin were currently hiding due to the danger of Mark and his bow, although he lacked accuracy, he was able to use his [Rubber Body] to give really strong propulsion to his arrow, if it were to touch one of their vital parts, Joshua and Benjamin would directly die.

Benjamin and Joshua decided on a plan, they started going on a separate way, luckily for them, Mark started to aim for Benjamin knowing that Joshua couldn't do much.

But that was a big mistake, while Mark was taking an arrow from his quiver, Joshua directly used [Gigantification] and directly took the bow out of Mark's hand.

He then grabbed Mark, squished it incredibly hard and threw it on the ground, although he was nearly immune to physical attacks, being squished by a Giant Joshua still caused damage and pain, Benjamin took the opportunity to finish him off.

Kevin who had no Fighting-Type Personal Skill seemed to be hopeless against Joshua and Benjamin but unexpectedly, he opened his [Dimensional Pocket] and took out a beast who looked like a lion but fiercer and with extremely sharp teeth.

The lion directly rushed toward Benjamin, who tried to defend himself and Joshua directly tried to attack Kevin who took out another monster, this time it was a massive stone golem who directly blocked Joshua's attack, Benjamin and Joshua were in a stalemate and seemed to be unable to defeat their opponent.

Due to his enormous lack of agility, Benjamin was really quickly put in a difficult position, the Lion ferociously jumped and tried to bit at Benjamin who unconsciously put his arm in front of him to protect himself, while the lion started madly biting at his arm, Benjamin readied an attack but right before he could land it on the lion, a Spear pierced through his heart. 'Ah Fuck, I forgot about Kevin', Benjamin lamented.

As for Joshua, seeing that he couldn't damage the Gigantic Stone Golem, he decided to stop his [Gigantification] and directly attack Kevin.

After going back to his normal form, he rushed at Kevin, what he wanted to do is to Gigantify fast to crush Kevin but when he was about to reach Kevin, a strange thing happened, the shadow of Kevin started changing to one of a beast who jumped out and directly killed Joshua.

That's right, Kevin had 3 Monsters in his arsenal.

Although Chris was still quite far from the battle, he was still able to feel the tremors of the Stone Golem Walking.

Unable to hold back his curiosity, he slowly walked toward the tremors and finally saw the Massive Stone Golem, he then saw a panther and finally Kevin.

He slowly approached them but the Panther seemed to have already detected him and rushed toward him, the moment the Panther was close enough, Chris directly pierced through him using his sword, before dying, the Panther released a shriek which caused Kevin and the Golem to be sure of his position.


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