Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
5 Chapter 5 - ABSORB !
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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5 Chapter 5 - ABSORB !

Ryk started writing something on papers and gave them out, one to Joshua, one to Mike, one to Mark and one to Kevin.

He then asked Chris to follow him.

After walking for some minutes, they entered what seemed to be a huge library, Ryk went to speak with the librarian and received an old and rusty book. He then handed it to Chris.

"This is the book of someone who held a rather similar Personal Skill, you should learn it very quickly, it was quite hard getting... "

Chris with a weird face took the book out of Ryk's hand and thought, 'That's what you call Hard? You just spoke to him and got the book'

He then opened the book just to see a lot of dust, after blowing the dust away, he started reading,

After that, everything in the book was too old and was also unreadable.

Chris started quickly memorizing the content of the book and handed it back to Ryk.

"So you finally finished memorizing?" Ryk said,

Chris just nodded, thought for a bit and asked with a hesitant expression,

"Do uh-, Tutor Ryk, know where is the graveyard?"

Ryk didn't seem to care about what Chris said and just walked, Chris quickly followed then found himself in front of a graveyard filled with numerous ethereal people walking around.

Chris was about to say something until Ryk said,

"You can"


"I said, 'You Can', are you stupid? Just do it!"

Chris quickly started going near a Spirit but quickly found a problem, 'how the hell do I absorb it!?', Chris stretched out his hand but it just passed through the spirit, he then thought, 'Absorb'...

Nothing happened, 'Maybe if I said it?',


Nothing happened except that Ryk lowered his esteem of Chris.

Chris finally thought, 'Maybe I should just think of the Personal Skill?', with his stretched hand, he thought [Universe-Sized Spirit Eater].

It finally worked, the Spirit didn't seem to care and slowly dissipated.

With a smile, Chris started going to absorb every spirit but he got nothing except that he had lost all of his energy.

He then went back to the room on his own because Ryk just abandoned him while he was going on a Spirit Rampage, after getting back to the room, he saw everyone.

They all seemed to have gotten their Personal Skill and started showing it off.

After entering the room, Chris started admiring the Personal Skill of the others.

Mark seemed to have an Elastic body, Mike had some thunder floating around him and he was also way faster than before, Joshua seemed to have grown bigger? As for Kevin and Benjamin, they just watched the others playing.

"You guys all unlocked your Personal Skill!?" Chris Exclaimed

"Yeah we all did, you were quite slow what were you doing. Also, look at how fast I'm going" Mike said looking as excited like he ever was.

Ryk said with a cold face, "Calm Down! You are all going to say the effects of your Personal Skill"

Benjamin started screaming the effects of his personal skill, "My Personal Skill is Called [Herculean Strength], Every point I put in Strength is equal to 2!"

"My second Personal Skill, [Gigantification], allows me to increase the size of a specific part of my body or my whole body, as the size increase, the Constitution and Strength increase but the agility decrease. The maximum size I reach for now is 5 Meters." Joshua said

"Mine is [Strongest Electric Body], the speed of my body increase and every one of my attacks now contains Electricity" Mike Quickly said

"[Rubber Body] makes my Body extremely elastic but it's now extremely vulnerable to sharp items and fire but it's immune to Electricity and make me nearly immune Physical Attack."

"Right! Now, I would need you all to make 2 teams I also need the teams to be even if in 3 minutes you aren't done, I shall do the team myself."

After Ryk said that, Chris quickly rushed to Joshua's side and asked him if they wanted to team up but reluctantly accepted after thinking that he might've accidentally killed Chris if he didn't have a strong enough spirit.

The 2 of them then invited Benjamin to join them.

Ryk seeing that the teams were done, exclaimed, "Right! Now I'll give you 1 Hour to Plan for the Upcoming team fight! During that time, you'll also need to Choose your weapons!"

Joshua, Chris, and Benjamin directly started choosing their weapons, Chris took a sword, Benjamin with his [Herculean Strength] took an Axe and Joshua decided not to take any weapon due to his gigantification.

As for the other 3, Mark took a bow, Mike took a dagger and Kevin took a spear.

Joshua, Chris, and Benjamin quickly came into an agreement, Chris with his superior Agility would take care of Mike, Benjamin would take care of Mark and Joshua would take care of Kevin.


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