Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
4 Chapter 4 - Game Interface
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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4 Chapter 4 - Game Interface

Ryk walked out of the room and after some minutes came back with 1 Humanoid Chicken, the Humanoid chicken started muttering something.

After her muttering stopped, a strange white portal appeared, the humanoid chicken reached out with her feathered hand and took out multiple dishes.

"Take one dish each!" Ryk said.

We all hesitantly took one dish and started eating, after eating, Ryk thanked the Humanoid Chicken who left and then took out a Jewel and broke it in multiple pieces, he then gave a piece of jewel to everyone.

The moment any of them had contact with the jewel, a strange thing happened, the jewel parts directly entered their hand and located themselves within their arms. The entire process was painless but every one of them were shocked and tried to remove the jewel the moment it began to enter their body.

Mike screamed "Aaah! What th-" but he was quickly interrupted by Ryk.

"This Jewel will allow your spirit to fully become part of this world and so access something akin to a Game interface, the reason you had to eat those dishes was that this process needed a lot of nutrients. To access the interface, focus on the jewel." Ryk calmly explained.

After hearing Ryk, Chris directly tried focusing on the jewel.

[Name : ??? Race : Human Class : None

Level : 0

Max Health : 1000 Max Mana : 0

Strength : 9 Agility : 12 Constitution : 10

Intelligence : 0 Magic Power : 0

Skills :


Personal Skill :


Seeing the confused expression of everyone in the room, Ryk started explaining,

"The reason why your name is ??? is due to the fact that your identity in the other world doesn't matter anymore, as for the stats, Strength represents your physical strength, Agility represents the Speed and reflexes, Constitution represent the Defense, Stamina and Max Health, Intelligence represents the growth speed of your Skills and the Max mana, Magic Power represents the Strength of your skill. The Average Points of Strength, Agility, and Constitution is around 10 as for Intelligence and Magic power those are 0. Also, if your Personal Skill hasn't been unlocked, the requirement should have been written and if it's already unlocked, you'll see the name, to see the effect just focus on it."

"Uhh, just why is my Personal Skill just 3 Questions mark?" Chris asked,

Ryk showed a shocked expression, "This would mean that you are the first holder of this Personal Skill. You are able to name it as you want and every next holders of this Personal Skill will see the name you chose but be careful, the name of a Personal Skill can also change it's efficiency due to the compatibility %, if you choose a totally unrelated name, the efficiency will decrease or it might increase. A compatibility of 0 just means that the Personal Skill's effect is unchanged."

Chris after hearing this nodded and focused on the "???" to see the effect of this skill.

[Your Spirit is the strongest and the biggest.

Absorb the Spirits of the Dead Ascend And Become Stronger!]

Chris thought for a while before choosing the name [Universe-Sized Spirit Eater], it reached a compatibility a 100% which meant that the strength of the skill was doubled

Ryk waited for about 10 minutes before saying,

"I think you guys already saw everything you needed to see. I'll now need you guys to tell me the effects of your personal skill or the requirements to unlock it. Chris, you start"

Chris was caught off-guard and directly screamed the effects of his skill "Uh Okay! It said: Your Spirit is the strongest and the biggest. Absorb the Spirits of the Dead Ascend And Become Stronger!"

Ryk stayed silent for a while then pointed to Josh, the meaning was obvious.

"My Personal Skill is called [Hormonal Rush], it seems that depending on the numbers of Hormone in my body, my power increase, but for the moment only Adrenaline increases my strength. I also have a 2nd Personal Skill which requires me to bathe in the blood of a Titan"

What Josh said caused everyone to be Surprised, Ryk included, some also had Gaze of Envy.

After the surprise ended, Ryk pointed at Mark,

"To Unlock my Personal Skill, I need to eat at least 10 KG of Elastic Eagle"

"Mine is to survive while being attacked by a shock of 500 Milliamps for around 10 Minutes" Mike said after being pointed at

"My Strength must reach 50 or I must kill a beast 5 levels above me for my Personal skill to unlock" Benjamin Exclaimed

"My Personal Skill has already been unlocked, It allows me to create a portal to a storage, it seems" Kevin calmly said

"I need to kill 10 people" Barry said with an astounding calm but Ryk didn't seem to appreciate the requirement of Barry and directly attacked him, the ring broke and a blue light surrounded the body of Barry. The body of Barry then started cracking before dissipating.

Ryk just said, "Well, we should get back to awakening some personal skill, who want to start? Also, this is perfect, the number is now even... "

The incredibly calm face of Ryk while he was saying that sent chills to Chris who put Ryk in the "Do Not Annoy" case . . .


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