Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
3 Chapter 3 - Say What!?
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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3 Chapter 3 - Say What!?

An Armored person entered the room and with a deep voice said,

"Follow me... "

Everyone stood up and followed him until they entered an immense room where a lot of people seemed to be kneeling in front of a throne where a handsome man with small horns sat.

Within the people kneeling, there was a small place, the armored person told everyone to kneel in front of the 'King' in this small place.

While kneeling, Chris started inspecting everyone in the room, it seemed that every row depended on the color of the skin or due to a special characteristic? this was because, in the room where he previously was, there seemed to be only people with white skin. At their right seemed to be around 20 Asians and at their left were around 15 Black People.

After they had all kneeled, the "king" clapped his hands and said,

"I guess you are wondering where is the 'Goddess', right?"

At this question, some people silently nodded, the handsome man laughed at this,

"Well for starter, there is no 'Goddess' and I'm also against this person, using her words, I should be the 'Demon King' but don't worry, I should actually be the good guy, you see our world was alike yours before mutation happened and more humanoid races appeared but I won't go in-depth. Basically, the 'Goddess' is nothing more than a Human having reached an incredibly high-level, she single handly founded a Kingdom of human believing that every other race should be destroyed and I want your help to defend my kingdom. Well, for now just go find your tutor."

After saying that, 'The King' stood up and directly teleported out of the immense room after he disappeared, the pressure seemed to have quickly disappeared and everyone relaxed, 3 People then appeared, they seemed to be the tutor the 'King' spoke of

"Human With Slanted Eyes, May You Follow Me ." A Humanoid Lizard screamed, every of the Asians then stood up before following him. When Chris heard that, he thought, 'I guess I was right, they don't seem to know the difference between people, they just look at physical characteristic'.

"Human With Black Skin, Follow me !" A Humanoid Bull screamed across the room.

"Human With White Skin, Stand up and follow" the last tutor who was a Humanoid Bird said.

The Group of 10 then stood up and followed him in a large but smaller room.

The Humanoid Bird then said, "My name is Ryk, I'm from the Semi-Beast Race like the other 2, I'll allow one question per person, ask them now!"

Rachel directly asked, "Can we go back!?"

Ryk smiled then took out a box before handing bracelets to everyone in the room, "This Bracelet allows you to travel between the 2 Worlds, but be careful, Time flow differently here, but don't worry, your physical body didn't get transported too, we only transported your spirit but left a small part in your body so that it doesn't become a mindless body. This bracelet has another use, the moment your HP reaches 0, it'll destroy itself and automatically send you back to your world"

Rachel after getting the bracelet directly used it but strangely, a hole seemed to have appeared in her body and her ring broke.

"You probably wouldn't have come back anyway so you don't need it" Ryk said with an expressionless face.

But she was the only one to do that, Josh, with an anxious expression asked,

"Will you truly save my parents from the Enigma Disease?

Ryk with a helpless expression shook his head then said

"Sorry, that was probably what Vyridia promised but we can't do much neither could she because she doesn't care about anyone, she just wanted weapons"

"Why did you use her image if she was your enemy?" Kevin asked,

"You see, this was truly her asking you to help them but we succeeded in taking you from the Teleportation Channel she used, so technically, we just stole her 'weapons' and we are going to use them against her. But just so you know, about 7.000 people got transported but we only got about 50 of them. Also, this is without counting the people that have been sent with someone else. But this is extremely risky because so that they don't waste energy, they made it so that only people with the same spirit level or had a higher one as the invited one could be sent with them. And if they don't pass . . . Their spirits get stuck in the Teleportation Channel and become fuel" Mike's and Chris' face paled when they heard that

"Why did you choose us among the thousands of people?" Benjamin asked

"Because you are the best within the invited"

"How did you and Vyridia knew we were the best?" Mark asked

"This is due to what you call the IQ test, through research, it was found out that the same test could be used to find out about the spirit level, due to having some spy sent in your world, we had successfully made everyone take an IQ test"

"What does the Spirit Level represent?" Barry asked after thinking for a while

"It allows us to know the strength of your personal skill, a spirit level of 100 means you have one and each increment of 100 makes you have a stronger personal skill"

"How to know our Personal Skill?" Mike asked while looking extremely excited

"Either it has already been awakened or we need to awaken it but that'll be for after"

"Why did you choose to teleport people from Earth and not from anywhere else?" Chris asked

"That's because you come from a World extremely close to ours, why would we waste energy to get people from far away world?"

"Well, the last question has been asked, it's now time for Personal Skill Awakening!"

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    《Transmigrated Due To Misfortune》