Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
2 Chapter 2 - Transmigration
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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2 Chapter 2 - Transmigration

XXXX, November 13,

Near a Bus Spot, an average-looking young man with blond hair and blue eyes waited anxiously while thinking, 'I really hope that what she said isn't a joke', very soon, the bus appeared at the same hour the self-proclaimed Goddess said.

The Young Man quickly rushed inside and sat, he then heard something in his head

[Prepare to Transmigrate. .]

[10 . . ]

[9 . . ]

[8 . . ]

[7 . . ]

When he heard "7", he also started hearing the sound of the doors closing and it seemed that there was no one willing to sit next to him, he was quite pleased because he didn't want to bring anyone with him considering that it would be quite dangerous but this joy wasn't lasting long considering that right before the door entirely closed, he heard someone screaming

"WAIT !!"

After hearing the scream, the bus driver stopped closing the doors and let the person enter the Bus, it was a handsome young man with messy black hair and brown eyes, his face was red and he was sweating, he seemed to have ran to get on the bus, after seeing a free bus seat, he showed a smile before going to sit.

Although the blond-haired young man wanted to stop the other young man from sitting, he seemed to have been too late because the moment the black-haired young man sat, the message already said

[Please Prepare For The Transmigration!]

Blue light then started surrounding both young men before their bodies disappeared.

I heard the sound of my clock, I wanted to sleep a bit more but I still opened some of my eyes to look at the time, [9:35], 'Oh Fuck, I'm going to be Late', I thought, I quickly grabbed my clothes, I had no time to take a breakfast nor did I had any to brush my teeth.

After running for some minutes, I saw that the bus was about to leave, I screamed


Lucky me, the bus driver actually let me enter the bus, I'm so tired with all this running, luckily there seems to be an empty seat, when I went to the seat, the young man sitting right next to it looked rather surprised and looked like he wanted to say me something but I had already sat on the seat.

[Please Prepare For The Transmigration!]

Did I take some drugs accidentally? What the hell is this? After hearing this, a blue light started surrounding me and the other guy, I then felt as if my body was traveling at extremely high speed and ended up on the floor of what seemed to be a Prison? I was also surrounded by other peoples, I'd say around 7 but only 1 other person was surprised...


"WHERE ARE WE!?" A beautiful woman looking around 23, screamed, with a scared voice.

An average-looking man with glasses proceeded to answer, "Didn't you get the Invitation from Vyridia too?", the black-haired young man and the beautiful woman looked even more confused.

The same man said with what seemed to be an angry tone, "Don't tell me you guys were accidentally summoned due to the carelessness of someone!?", hearing this, the Black-Haired Young Man seemed to have understood, with his finger, he pointed the Blond-Haired Young Man and said "That's why you seemed to want to say something to me when I went to sit next to you!".

Everybody's faces turned toward the Blond-Haired Young Man who then helplessly nodded, "I'm sorry to have dragged you here due to my carelessness".

The beautiful woman also seemed to have been enlightened and looked toward a fat man with obvious hostility, "You Bastard! You knew it and still dragged me here right!?", she then slowly walked toward him then slapped him.

The fat man didn't seem to care and only smiled at what the woman was doing.

This seemed to have angered the woman even more who started to hit the Fat man with even more force, that was until a strong man, stopped the woman.

The Black-Haired Young Man, in the meantime, tried to open the door, no matter what he did, the door just wouldn't budge and gave up.

After a few minutes, the woman seemed to have calmed down, the strong man then said,

"We should introduce ourselves, we might be stuck here in a while after all, I'll start, I'm 32, My name is Benjamin Poulos and I'm a worker in construction sites"

Then everyone started introducing themselves

The Blond-Haired Young Man is 17, his name is Joshua Manhat, he is a high school student, he also asked the others to call him Josh, he seemed to prefer being called this way.

The Black-Haired Young Man is 16, his name is Chris Balk, he is a high school student.

The Beautiful Woman is 26, she had beautiful black hair and black eyes, her name is Rachel Pars, she is the secretary of a fairly known CEO.

The Fat Man is 29, he had glasses, was quite small, black hair and black hair, his name is Barry Baton, he is currently unemployed, from what he said, he was kicked out of where he worked because of Rachel.

The Man with glasses is 36, was fairly average, had brown hair and brown eyes, his name is Kevin Viar, he is a doctor in a hospital.

The last 2 were twins, one is called Mike and the one one is Mark, they are both 21 and are college students, the best way to recognize them is due to their hairs, Mike had Platinum-Blond Hair and Mark had Blue Hair and both had yellow eyes.

After they all introduced themselves, the door opened.


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