Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
1 Chapter 1 - Prologue
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Transmigrated Due To Misfortune
Author :TheDummy
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1 Chapter 1 - Prologue

XXXX, November 12,

10 Years ago, a new disease appeared called "Enigma", it was named due to how mysterious it was, it appeared for no reasons and no one knew how it was caught, the symptoms were simple, a long and painful death, although there were no cures yet and it was still unknown how to prevent getting it, scientists still found a way to allow one to have bigger lifespan.

The reason I think of that? Very simple, both of my parents contracted this disease exactly 1 Year ago and I decided to go visit them in the hospital.

Right before I could enter the Hospital, white fog appeared around me before quickly dissipating,

I find myself in a strange white room,

A strange silhouette appears in front of me,

A beautiful woman with long white hair and blue eyes showing incredible wisdom appears but I start wondering, who is she and why is she here?

[Hero, please help us vanquish the Demons and the Demon King] She said while showing a helpless smile.

"Who are you and why would I want to do that?"

Hearing what I said the woman just smiled before showing an image, it was an image of my parents in their hospital's bed

[My name is Vyridia, I'm a goddess, as for why you should accept to help us, the reason is simple, I can save your parents but if you don't, I guess you know what will happen] She proceeded to destroy the image before showing a cunning smile,

"You can't even save yourself, how could you save my parents?" I said rather angry after what happened but this sentence seemed to have angered.

[I guess this will make you believe me] On one of her hand a flame appeared and on the other one what seemed to be a bubble of water appeared, she then threw it to the ground right below her.


The Ground directly exploded when it came in contact with the bubble and the flame, while the smoke was dissipating, the woman spoke again

[Tomorrow at 09:42, sit on the bus near XXXX Coffee, if you want to bring someone with you make them sit next to you. I hope to see you soon . . ]

After saying that, white fog surrounded me again and I was back to being in front of the Hospital, I didn't move for some minutes due to how confused I was, after processing everything, I decided to do what this self-proclaimed Goddess said, either it was fake and nothing happened or it was true and my parents could truly be saved . . .


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