Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth
1 Chapter 1: Mysterious Man
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Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth
Author :DragonGodZenSlayer
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1 Chapter 1: Mysterious Man

"Kaneki watch out!!!

I turn to see why they are saying I must watch out, but by the time i turn around, it's too late as a beam of some sort stabs right through my chest. At that moment all i can think about is what is going on and why is there a beam in my chest ?..

I turn around and see Touka crying as she runs towards me..

At that moment I ask myself, Who would cause her to cry, unknowingly I realized it's me that's causing her to cry tears of sadness, desper and shock..

"KEN!! Don't die please don't leave me and Ichika, Hold on please!!"

All i can do at the moment of my death is smile and say


I say as my blood flows of my body slowly and I *cough* out blood.

"Kaneki, you'll be fine, I've yet to taste your sweet tasty flavor over a glass of wine (blood), so just hang on a bit longer the doc will be here soon.


That was the last thing i could remember saying before passing out, and my body laying life-lis on the floor.

- Some where at a unknown place and time -

"Where am i.?"

All i see around me is darkness. More suspicious is the fact I'm alive I'm sure i died, when that beam of some sort pierced my chest. I could feel it going through my chest, directly to my heart and i know at that moment I'm going to die. Don't get me wrong I Know I'm a ghoul but don't forget I'm a half ghoul so either way if some thing pierced my heart. it's game over for me. But it's ironic to say *sigh* i died by a beam piercing my heart. This must be Reiz's doing some how, where every she is..

Now to get to the main problem..


All i want is to get back to Touka and our daughter Ichika..

I guess I'll wonder around and see if there's someone around here..

-2 Hours Later..-


"So what do you say, little one?"


-1 Hour Back..-

Dammit it's been over a hour i think. Since i noticed there's no time flow or time at all.

"Little one come over here quickly."

I hear what sounds like a old man's voice nearby crying out to me i think.?

"Are you speaking to me or are you calling out to someone else?"

I ask knowing it's probably a stupid question since I'm probably the only one here or was the the only one here until the voice called out..

"Who else do you think I'm calling if not you little one?.."

I can hear a faint sarcastic remark from his voice. But what the hell is up with the °little one° title. Where am i little. I'm a grown man, and I'm sure my °little brother° would agree..

"I don't know just making sure since i can't see anything. Sorry to ask but where am I ?"

" you truly not know where you are right now, little one?."

His laughter sent chill's down my spine, but his words made me confused..

"Sorry but i truly don't know where i am, I thought once i die I'll be sent to °King Yama° and be judged wether i go to °Heaven or Hell°, but at the end i ended up in this strange place.?"

"Hmm..Strange...Strange indeed, for a soul to be sent here is impossible unless they have done great acts of °Good and Evil° that defies the natural order of things.."

He looks at me like I'm some type of freak or monster..

"Huh.. wait you mean I was sent here because i did some great acts of °Good and Evil° thing.."

"Hmmm..yes, normally you only get sent here if you have reached the pinnacle of your world, where no one dares to challenge you or your authority.."

He says as he is remembering about his past..

"But I'm confused what great acts of °Good and Evil° did i comment ?.."

I ask him as i wonder/walk towards his voice..

"That is some thing which you don't have to know about. But if you wish to know what it is, you'll need to become more powerful, then you currently are by leaps and bounds.."

At that moment i can feel a heavy pressure leaning on to me, I felt like i was going to be squished any second from now, but luckily it only lasted for a second or I'd been meat-past, oh wait im a soul so i guess I'll have been annulled to a scattered soul...*sweat drops*..just the thought is scary..

"Okay...but my main question has yet to be answered. Where are we ?.."

"We are currently in a place where the celestials give you a chance at life again but with a price.."

His answer startled me for a second.. A new chance at life but....What about Touka and our daughter...I Miss them right now but at least it's a probability to live again, and if I'm lucky I'll see them again...But more importantly he said ^you have a chance at life again but at a price^ just what did he mean

"What do you mean i have a second chance of life and what's the price for the second chance of life.."

I ask him but i can see/sense the moment asked my question he had a evil smirk on his face.

"Nothing to much, just you must reach the pinnacle of your world in 30 years counting from the day your reborn. If you have yet to reach the pinnacle of your world by then, you will be erased from existence so will any children you have, and the memories of the people you interacted with will have no memories of you or your children"

At that moment i wasn't sure what to say or to agree to the terms of getting reborn, the fact is getting reborn would allow me to keep my memories but if i don't reach the pinnacle of the world, i risk at losing everything and if i don't agree I'll most likely be stuck here like this, °Mysterious Man°


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