The demon of the seven sins
5 ch 5 : Maid
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The demon of the seven sins
Author :jasoneclipse
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5 ch 5 : Maid

The old man continued stare at the boy's back. And thought to himself,'did he hit his head somewhere.


Inside the room I was thinking what I should do in this new world.I thought that I cold act as a complete shit or I could use my power to become its king.So,,I scanned this entire world to make a system map and then statted searching for anyone more powerfull than me.

But when the search was finished I was stairing with my mouth open.

As the strongest in this world was just in 'saint' class SS level!!!

I was thinking in my mind 'SO WEAK' with a crazy smile on my face.

A little girl came in moment later.She was my personal maid who did anything I wanted but she used to run ayay when I wanted to have sex with her .

Today I have mede up my mind to fuck her.

"Master ,your Grandfaher is calling you.,she said.

I was laughing in my mind and said,"first prepare a bath with me"

"Ahh, yes master ",she said.

She prepaired my bath and walked to me to open my clothes.

I was watching her,she was clealy nervous.

I went beside her ears and said,"Lily lets do it today."

She clearly grew frighteded and wanted to run but did I let her.

off course not I held her neck and statd kissing her and then picked up her and went inside the bathtub.

"Master ,please stop not now tonight I promise please first meet with grandpa",said lily.

I never had any thought of leaving her alone so my hands went inside her clothes and fondled her breasts and another went inside her panties.

After making her cum I got up and went outside the bathroom .

Lily was still in the bathroom weak from cumming the first time.

She got out slowly and looked at me and blushed as this was her first time it was an unbelieveable experience for her ..

"M..Ma..Master please go to your grandfather"

she held me dress in a suit that made me look like a gentheman but I knew that it was just like the wolf in sheep's clothing.


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