The Mind God
98 Bargain - Limit - Exchange System - Chapter 98
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The Mind God
Author :Krizantem
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98 Bargain - Limit - Exchange System - Chapter 98

This is the difference between pure power vs pure power + knowledge.

Brion had pure power of mind power to some degree it was only when he used his "pure-power" mind power for the fuel of "dimension" powers he did create this kind of thing.

Brion did not have the ability for creating "Triangle-Space Miniature Star System Energy Module" but he used his imagination, knowledge came from the system itself and he imbued all the passive abilities he earned from the new brain into the one thing.

This is how you use pure power. Brion thought inside in his mind.


Filan was at his place and was thinking about the demons.

Tarkos and Givan already came back from Lord Brion and they gave him to report what he said.

Filan started to think.

"He said that he will help me with one thing or save me from some kind of danger"

Filan furrowed his brows then looked at the Givan then he talked.

"Givan, tell me honestly what you think about the power of Brion"

Given bow down a little bit then talked without needing the think.

"Lord Filan, I am not sure and it may sound fantastic, I believe that the mage named Brion that we talked, is at least had the level of "Order 10" The Island Level"

Filan did not offend because of what Givan said. He thought the same too.

He was not sure before the events with the demons appeared on the Global Market, but right now after he saw the message from the Global Market Card and seeing that Brion could just don't give a shit about any kind of power on the planet they were on.

He did believe that Brion is a being at the level of "Order 10 (Island Level" if he did not have that kind of power, this means that he did not have any chance for the threaten all of the planet forces and forces them to buy his ticket for hunting the demons.


Brion, though inside his mind and kept looking at the eye on the sky. Its height is 1 meter and width is 40 cm, it was pure black and had only one white dot on the middle of the eye shape.

After ten to twenty seconds later, it started to talk.

"Hi, Lord Brion we are the Global Market Card, and finding us means that your power and perception entered a level that we have a respect for you.

We want to say sorry because of watching you but, the using the card means that you accepting our terms"

Brion nodded and thought they were right to some degree then he asked.

"Do you know what I did create ?"

The Global Market Eye answered.

"We did saw the image of it, but before Lord Brion himself uploads it we have no chance to know it fully"

Brion, then put a protective measure for the Triangle Space Miniature Star System (TSM-1, from now on) using his mind power.

He did not want to sell these things and give him a being that he did not know anything about, at least the truth.

After he finished putting a fail-safe and protective measure for it to activate, he used the card the scan it, so that Global Market Card will going to know what it is it.


"Triangle-Space Miniature Star System Energy Module"

"Description" "

"An energy module created by using the laws of Dimension, Heat, Gravity, is a miniature form of an active small regular star system.

Because there is a star system in the object itself it is generating an immense amount of energy that could be used for "Starships" Civilizations" "Weapons" "Direct Weapon (Bomb)" and much of the other things.

If these things put into a weaponized robot the robot itself pretty much will be going to have "Star Level Power" which is enough to destroy other star systems"

"Global Market Card Reviewed"


"Night Silver = ??? (Could not be bought by Night Silver) (Money for beings who live in travels on the planet (planets))

"Ferrite Silver = ??? (Could not be bought by Ferrite Silver)" Money for beings who live in and travels star systems)

��Void Stone" = "250 Void Stone" (Money for beings who live in and travels a galaxy


Global Market Card


"If Lord Brion wants we could buy it after Lord Brion unsolve the protection personal energy on it"


Brion thought about a little bit then started to talk to his system.

"System, I want to ask a question"

After, Brion said these words he asked his question.

"Is it possible for me to exchange something with you for the AT and AB points"

After, one second later the "System" answered Brion.

"It is possible, but the system only accepts to give ab points not take, so the user could not buy items with using his AT and AB points, but if the user gives some kind of items with enough value it is possible for to user exchange "AT" and "Ab" points"

Brion smiled then nodded, after that he asked another question to the system.

"System, do you know about the "Void Stone", Galaxy-Level Money"

System answered.

"Systems knows, the exchange rate for "100.000 Void Stone" is = 1 AT + 1 AB Points"

After, Brion heard what the system said he was almost going to choke up.

The price for AT and AB Points were high even he did not expect it.

But Brion used a different kind of technique"

"Hey, system what you prefer for exchange, do you have any items in your mind ?"

The system spoke after one second.

"Systems accepts every kind of valuable item, but the computers, spaceships, and law-items are more valuable and they can be exchanged for more AT and AB points"

Brion smiled, then he started to talk with the Global Market Eye

"Hey, Global Market Eye, do you have some kind of law-items, spaceships, and computers at the value of my item ?"

Global Market Eye stopped for a second then started showing five different items.

At that time, Brion talked with his system so, the system will be going to put an exchange rate on the items directly without Brion himself needed to ask it.

Notice -

"Brion could only create TSM-1 for every "ten years" (Law -4-5-2-55-55")


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