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The Enchantress: Rebirth of the Malicious Poison Empress
Author :EXP_Monster
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2 Temporary Hiatus

I gave you my love, but you gave it away.

I gave you my heart, but you cast it astray.

You were my everything, I thought I was yours too.

Now I know I was just a fool, a fool for you.

This time I won't fall for tricks, this time I want revenge.

This time I won't fall in love and make the same mistake again.

Slowly Lin Meifei felt warmth, like a gushing flame. She didn't know where she was or if she was dead or alive. She just reached out for that desperate flame, that desperate flame of desire. With that she finished her poem.

So give me a new chance, a chance to begin.

"Oh please wake up forth young miss!" A voice sounded.

With a bolt Lin Meifei's eyes shot open wide. She looked around.

"I'm not dead? Was everything a dream?"

Lin Meifei observed that she seemed to be in an ancient Chinese palace. There were maids running around with lots of heavy, awfully done makeup on. They were also wearing QiPao's (an ancient Chinese form of clothing).

Lin Meifei glanced at the girl who had woken her up. She had big eyes, a small face, pink lips, everything that classified an ancient Chinese beauty. Her name seemed to be... Tian Yuanyuan?

With that a rush a memories came flooding in along with a horrible headache. Lin Meifei fainted once again.

Meanwhile in another room of the palace.

"Mother! I thought you said you poisoned that b*tch so she would die horribly just like her vixen of a mother!" A young girl whined. The girl would also be classified as a beauty. A pure one to be exact. She looked as if she had no makeup on and had no interest in worldly desires.

Of course if she was transported into the modern world she would be a joke, as she was just using the simplest of Korean makeup techniques to make herself look fresh and pure. This girl was the second young miss, Lin Zhengwei

"The sl*t got lucky this time!"

A woman replied back. This women was wearing a very elegant outfit and looked like royalty. If anyone heard such vile words coming out of her mouth, they would be stunned. She was the head concubine of the Lin family master. She was named Song Danqing and came from a small merchant family.

"Although she may have survived, the poison will have caused her to lose her ability to bear children! After a doctor confirms it, there is no way the Ice Prince would marry her!" The head concubine laughed.

Lin Zhengwei replied worryingly,

"There's no way your poison could have been cured right?"

The head concubine scoffed and stated,

"I personally bought this poison from the Jade Water Temple head himself, there is no way that sl*t would have the ability to cure herself."

At the mention of the Jade Temple, Lin Zhengwei became unhappy. Although the b*tch may have been taken care of, everyone knew the third prince liked the Pure Jade Maiden of the Jade Water Temple.

Angery, Lin Zhengwei decided she would take out the anger on her newly woken sister.


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