The Apocalyptic Survival
26 Chapter 25
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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26 Chapter 25

*Third person POV*

The monster jumped, landing in front of the three humans. It screamed and shouted before it began closing upon them.

"Y'all, if we don't make it out of here, it was great knowing you... and I am sorry for our bumpy first encounter, Frank..." Alex said.

"Don't be ridiculous, Alex. We will make it out of here, one way or another..." Frank replies.

Frank stares at the monster intensely, looking at its viciousness as its white, pointy fangs slowly began extending from the gums of its mouth.

As the monster waddled, it left a trail of blood behind it, its low grunts were just about audible. It tried to not give in to the pain, but soon it will have no choice.

Frank kept his eyes on the monster right before them.
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"Split up..." he finally spat out.

"What?" Gillian asked, worryingly while Alex raised her eyebrow at him.

"That way, the monster won't know which one of us it should pursuit after." Frank elaborates.

"Ohhh..." Alex says, understanding what Frank means.

"Right..." Gillian adds seconds later.

"Okay... Get ready, when I say 'go', that is when we run separate ways. Don't stop running until you feel like you are a safe distance from the monster.

"Can't we just... run out that open door and just... save ourselves," Alex says.

"And I thought you were saying how we won't survive this!" Gillian replies.

"Guys?..." Frank says.

"Well, now that we have a solid plan, I take back all that shit I said about us dying. The only one who won't be getting out of here alive is that shit head right in front of us...".

The monster suddenly stopped, before roaring back, as if it understood what Alex just said.

"Don't say that maybe it understood you!" Gillian whispers to Alex.

"Guys?..." he repeats.

"Not like that will make me take the fact back anyways..." she replies.

Frank rolls his eyes. "GO!!!" He yells.

"Oh fuck!" Alex exclaims.

Immediately, Jillian and Alex took off, going by the left side of the monster while Frank went by its right side.

Passing the monster, they all rejoin in one group, running as fast as they could.

Gillian keeps on running but tilts her head upwards ever so slightly as they run under the centrifuge. The blades gradually accelerated, spinning faster and faster.

Suddenly she slipped, causing her to take her eyes off the fan above them and look forward. Slowing down, she manages to remain on her feet. She speeds back up, catching up to Frank and Alex.

All three of them stop as they get close to the exit of the lab.

Frank turns around, looking at the monster that is slowly but surely approaching them.

Gillian turns around moments later to see Frank looking at the gruesome creature.

"What are you doing now?" she asks him.

"Saying my goodbye to this fucker..." he replies, pulling out a box of matches.

"Are you fucking insane!? You are going to kill us too..." Gillian answers back.

"No, not if both you and Alex run as fast as you fucking legs can carry you and enclose yourself in a room. Make sure to cover yourselves with something to make to blast less painful...".

Gillian cannot believe what Frank just said.

"E-excuse me? Are you saying you are going to die? That you are going to kill both yourself and this monster!?".

"Yes, that is exactly what I said. Also, if you can do one more thing for me. If they ask, outside, tell them that I died a savage death, not that I died by a matchstick...".

"No." She replies sternly.

Frank replies by raising his eyebrow.

"No, because you are not going to die today. You will someday, but not today..." she adds.

Frank keeps his eyes on Gillian, his facial features slowly soften.

"Yeah, you are fucking right, let's get out of here!" Frank quickly replies, leaving Gillian slightly confused by his sudden change, but nevertheless happy that he made the right choice.

But before they could make any movement, the lab began shaking and trembling. Another earthquake hit and it only increased in intensity.

Panicking, the three humans looked around them, looking for a possible place to hide, but only seconds pass before they are all toppled over, including the monster, by the sheer magnitude of the earthquake.

"Remain on the ground!" Frank yells out.

The earthquake only grew in intensity. Cracks began appearing around them, stretching from the floor, via the walls and all the way up to the ceiling.

Any glass around them at this point cracks, shatters and rains down to the floor of the lab.

Trying to remain stable on the ground, they protect themselves from any ricocheting glass particles and pellets that head their way. The lights begin blinking vigorously.

Frank looks around, trying to see where the monster is. It only took him moments of looking before he notices the monster as it waddled towards them, trying to keep upright, on its feet.

"We must get going now! Put whatever you have over your head, we must go," Frank declares to both Gillian and Alex.

At this point, the tremors begin to slowly die out. Even though the tremors have weakened, more and more cracks continue forming along the walls of the lab.

All three of them begin running for safety but are suddenly stopped when a loud buzzing sound as it became audible. It came from above them.

Turning around, Gillian is the first one to know where the sound is coming from.

"Its the centrifuge, something is happening to the centrifuge. We need to get the fuck out of here before-" she was cut off when a loud bang suddenly echoed the whole lab. A loud scream followed by the monster. One of the blades from the fan above them gave way, flying and stabbing the monster.

Now thumps could also be heard before another bang is heard. Another blade broke off, flying somewhere else.

"We need to go now!!" Gillian roared over the sound of the broken fan.

They all began heading towards the exit with the monster chasing after them. It releases another mightly roar.

"It's right behind us!" Alex exclaims.

"Just keep running!" Gillian replies.

Two bangs rocked the lab, one after another, ending with a loud, agonising scream.

Gillian looks back, she sees the monster collapsing onto its knees, with a big blade jammed in its throat. Blood began gushing out of its neck. Then it completely fell to the ground, causing the blade to fully travel through its neck, decapitating the monster. More blood gushed out of the headless body, as the head slowly rolled away from the lifeless body of the monster.

Turning back around, she takes in a deep breath before catching up to Alex and Frank.

"I promise I will find who is behind all of this..." She tells herself before they all enter the darkened hallway. Immediately the lights powered up, lighting up the hallway.

Behind them, they could hear the noises - coming from the fan - getting louder and louder, indicating that the fan is speeding up. The centrifuge is trying to go back up to its programmed speed of rotation. But this just causes friction to build-up from the ridges of the broken blades. Soon, a few sparks begin to fly. A few of the sparks fly towards the ruptured gas pipe but fail to ignite.

"Run!!" Frank screams.

He notices a broken window in front of them.

"The window, we have to jump through that window!" He adds.

Both Gillian and Alex nod.

Back in the lab, the fan releases another group of sparks, they make their way towards the ruptured pipe. Most of the sparks die out, but only a few manage to make it out the farthest. Out of that group, only one spark flies into the plume of gas. All of a sudden, that small spark ignites a huge ball of fire that is rapidly expanding outwards, engulfing anything in its path, this then results in a huge explosion.

"Shit!" Gillian reacts.

Alex is the first one to jump through the broken window, Gillian is the second person that jumps through the broken window. Frank is getting ready to jump through the window but looks back at the lab for a quick second. His eyes widen at what he sees. A huge wall of fire is heading their way.

"Oh... Crap...".


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