The Apocalyptic Survival
25 Chapter 24
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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25 Chapter 24

*Gillian POV*

What the fuck do we do now?

There is a monster that is raging behind Frank, running like a train that is racing down the railway with no intentions of stopping.

I look at Alex as she looks back at me, giving me that 'deer in the headlights' look.

"Get out of the way!" Even though Frank is trying to protect us, his shouting is only building up to the tense atmosphere. But we listen to what Frank said and we move by the side of the door. Me on one side while Alex to the other.

Once Frank reaches us, he stops, turning around.

"What are you fucking doing?!" But all that Frank does is he gives me a quick reassuring looking before bending down, slightly, looking at the monster running towards him.

It screams as if calling out for help, it screams out in agony.

My eyes divert back to Frank as he begins moving. It wasn't before he took another step forward that I thought he has finally lost his mind.

Unexpectedly, Frank took one step backwards before legging it towards the monster.

He made two strides before jumping and diving as if he was about to dive into a pool of water.

Skidding on the floor, he passes between the legs of the monster.

*Third person POV*

Sliding in between the big legs of the mutated monster, Frank twists around, watching the running piece of decomposing muscle and flesh as it crashes and breaks through the door.

It fell with a mighty scream before laying still on the polished floor.

Next, Frank began walking towards where the iron door once stood, both Alex and Gillian follow him. Entering the room, they are met with a dozen pipes above them, ranging from colours of; red, green, blue, purple, black, maroon and yellow. Each used for a different function.

Gillian grips the torch that is in her hand as if it was about to run away from. She then steps forward, each step becoming a tad bit quicker than the previous. It is also that with every step she took, the surrounding became darker... and darker.

With a touch in her hand, she turns it on, illuminating the far wall, right across the 'temperature room', appearing like a dim circle. The light becomes stronger and the circle smaller as she gets closer to the wall.

Slowly pointing the touch around the room, she looks closely for any vault or any lever or anything that would help them in some way.

Suddenly, she stops upon something with a tattered shine, a circle, something like a steering wheel. Behind it was a red coloured pipe, stretching both upwards and down into the ground

"Guys, I found something..." she calls out.

With both Frank and Alex behind her, she walks over to the pipe before inspecting the wheel. Some of the paint was peeled off as shown by the colourless patches. Above it was a sign.

"Looks like we found it..." Gillian begins. "The hot air vault.".

Placing her hands on the wheel, she grips it tightly before forcing the vault to turn to the right. She tries a few pushed, but each ending with no movement.

"Want me to help?" Frank asks but steps back when Gillian gives him a look.

"I am not that weak, am I?".

"I am not saying you are, I am simply offering you a hand.".

"No thank you, I'm fine" Gillian replies.

Alex takes a small step back, "and I'll be here if you need me...".

Turning back around, Gillian takes a deep breath before placing her hands back on the wheel. With all of her mighty strength, she gives the vault one final push.

At first, cracking is heard before the wheel moved, very slightly.

Gillian gives the vault one last look but this time, she notices a layer of ice, built up where the wheel connects to the pipe.

Getting the back of the torch, she uses just enough force to crack the ice even further with her hits, weakening it.

When finished, she places her hands back on the vault before forcing a right turn, with a couple of budges, she manages to free the wheel before turning it fully to the right.

Moments pass before a red light beside them goes off, below the light 'Low Gas' sign is illuminated.

"Now where will we get gas from?" Alex inquires.

"There..." Frank says, pointing his torch at a large gas tank close to where they are standing.

Frank quickly walks over to the tank, immediately finding the black, rubber vault wheel.

He quickly cracks the inner side of the wheel to weaken the ice before placing his hands on the wheel and forcing it right. He gives the wheel a few tries and with his fourth try, he manages to free and twist the vault twisting it a few times. Shushing sounds followed, meaning that the gas began flowing and is ready to be used. Following that, the red light goes off, marking a sufficient amount of gas.

"Let's go back into the control room and see what we can do now..." Frank voices, resulting in both Gillian and Alex nod before they begin following Frank.

But they didn't even make it to the broken-down door when heard the monster awakening. It begins growling and moving.
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With that, Gillian, Frank and Alex rush out of the dark room, heading back towards the lit hallway.

"We have to hurry up if we want to get out of here alive... somebody is going to be on the watch while I try and see what I can do with the panel," Frank, at this point, commands.

"Aye, aye, captain..." Alex lets out a sarcastic comment.

"Nice to see that someone is being optimistic about our survival..." Frank replies.

"Wow, sarcasm can save lives. First time I ever heard that..." Alex voices to Frank.

"Why the sarcasm tho?" he asks her back.

"Okay, truth be told, I don't like when people bossy me around or tell me what to do. I am sorry... I guess?".

"Well, I will now ask you very nicely..." before Frank finished his sentence, we reach the control room. "Will you, please, be on the lookout and tell us if that mutated piece of shit is heading our way. Please?".

Alex lets out a gentle sigh.

"Only because you asked me nicely..." Alex replies before taking her place by the door.

Arriving by the panel, both Gillian and Frank were greeted by fragments of glass scattered everywhere along with a large hole in the lab glass in front of them.

"It did this?".

Frank nods as a reply.

Cautiously looking around her, Gillian takes a step back, giving Frank some space.

"Okay, what are we doing?" Gillian asks.

He turns around and looks at her.

"We are trying to find who did this and why they did it...".

"No... I mean, other than that, what are we trying to do with the panel?".

"Oh..." Frank begins but does not continue talking.

"Wait... do you know what you are doing?" Gillian asks him.

No reply.

"I'll take that as a no...". she adds a few seconds later.

"I mean, look, I don't have to be a genius to find my way through this panel. Here is the de-ice... let's see what it does, even though if it's self-explanatory." Frank says in defence, pressing the button.

Gillian scans down the panel, she stumbles upon a yellow note. 'Do not turn on the Centrifuge, repair needed'.

She looks out at the lab and her eyes are caught by a huge fan-like structure built into the ceiling.

A sudden roar interrupts them.

Now, Alex turns around, facing them.

"Okay, the monster seems mad... and it is standing up... and..." Alex pauses, closely observing what the monster will do next.

"RUNNN!!" She screams, running towards Frank and Gillian. A few seconds later, followed by an enraged scream from the monster and pounding of its feet could be heard and felt.

"ITS GOING TO FUCKING KILL US!!" Alex cries, holding Gillian by her shoulder.

"If we don't go now we will die! Let's go!!" Gillian cries a reply.

"Grab my hand..." Frank shouts out, halfway out the broken window. Alex is the first one to do so, pulling Alex up and out the window, she stands on a ledge that traces around the whole lab. Next, Frank pulls out his hand towards Gillian.

"Gillian, grab my hand...".

Just as she was about to take a hold of his hand. The monster enters the room, roaring at Gillian.

She turns around, just to see the mutated creature heading towards her.

She looks around, before her eyes stumble upon something metal, looks like a spear. Giving the monster one last glimpse, she runs towards the spear, by the four lockers.

Instantly the monster follows her. Behind it, Frank is frozen in place, looking at the monster as it closes up on Gillian.

"Is everything okay..." Alex asks Frank before looking into the control room. "Oh, shit..." she mutters out.

"You guys go, I'll try and catch up to you..." Gillian shouts out, backing up. She becomes unsettled as she reached a wall, she cannot back any further. Now, she has to do something.

"Okay, Gillian. This will be a perfect opportunity to put everything you have learned and been thought up for a test," she tells herself.

She takes a deep breath, getting a greater grip of the spear.

"You fucker!!" She shouts before hitting the monster and running. It replies with a roar. Gillian did not make it far before she was caught by the monster. It turns her around so that she is now facing the deformed face of the creature.

As if it was an instinct, she raises the spear and with all her force, she digs the spear into its face. The creature screams as she forces the spear deeper into the monsters face.

Falling out of the grip of the monster, she grabs he spear once again, pulling it out. With each pull, blood spews out of the large, newly formed wound. With each pull, the creature screams in agony.

With the final pull, she obtained back the bloodied spear. Now more blood gushed out of the monster as it bent down, covering the hole with its ligaments.

Taking this to her advantage, she turns around, running towards Frank, who has his hand out, waiting for Gillian to grab it.

When she did, he pulls her out and against the wall as she stands on the ledge, causing her to drop her bloodied weapon. It fell and punctured a hole in a pipe, shushing could be heard. Gas.

"Where did you get that spear from?" Frank asks her.

"It was in the room..." Gillian replies, trying to catch her breath.

"Well, I'd rather get out of here now, since your spear just punctured the gas pipe!" Alex replies.

"Where could we go to get down, safely... we are a good ten feet from the ground..." Gillian says.

"You mean the lab base..." Alex corrects her.

"You know what I mean...".

Frank looks around before noticing a metal bar, a meter or two higher. Feeling his belt with different equipment, he grabs a metal hook, begin spinning it, extending the hook longer and longer. With one last spin, he forced the hook out, towards the bar before pulling it and clipping it onto the bar.

"Okay, grab onto me..." he says.

"What!?" both Gillian and Alex react at the same time.

"Just do it...".

A sudden roar from the monster causes them both instantly to clip themselves onto Frank. With one push, they all swing off the ledge, heading downwards. They swing in circles, descending closer and closer to the base of the lab.

"Legs up!!" Frank roars against the air that is rushing into their faces. Like that, they land onto the base of the lab.

Immediately, Frank unclips the small box that had the rope.

"You could have just cut it off, you know?" Alex says.

"I couldn't the rope is too strong," he replies.

Looking around the room, they try to look for a way out.

"There, the door!" Alex exclaims, pointing towards the other side of the room.

"Let's get moving then!".

They all begin running but stop when loud, ominous buzzing shakes the lab.

They all look up.

The huge fan begins spinning. The centrifuge turned on.

Looking in the direction of the control room, they see the wounded creature, standing on whereabouts the control panel should be.

"When will that fucker die!?" Alex exclaims.

"We have to keep moving! We have to go-" Frank was suddenly interrupted by the screams of the monster.

Next, it jumped before landing in front of the three humans.

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    《The Apocalyptic Survival》