The Apocalyptic Survival
23 Chapter 22
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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23 Chapter 22

"Help me, I am going to need a rigid surface," Gillian says as she climbs into the bathtub.

Alex runs out and finds a table that looks big enough to the left of the bathroom, there is a vase sitting on the top of the table with Alex just throws by the side.

She runs back into the bathroom with the table, placing it below Gillian's left leg as her right leg is providing her stability while standing on the tub.

"Okay..." Gillian grunts as she reaches up and pushed one of the movable ceiling squares, she pushes it up and onto one side.

"Frank, can I get your torch?".

Without a word, Frank immediately gives her his torch.

She turns it on and lights it around her as she rises above the gap in the ceiling.

After a short while, she manages to see something but it is not within her reach.

"We need to move the table towards... that direction," she points towards the door as she gets off the table.

They all move the glamorous wooden table and stop where Gillian thinks the object is.

"Okay, I'll try here...".

Frank aids her as she stands up onto the table, it becomes slightly un-sturdy and Gillian tries her best to keep the table from shaking, it was not until Frank got a grip of the table that Gillian could continue. She does the same as she did with the previous block, lift and push aside. Bingo, she is within an arms-length on the object and with a grunt and a push, she manages to get a hold of whatever that object was in front of her.

Pulling it towards her, she proceeds on hopping off the table as she unboxes the contents that are in a white envelope.

A letter and a key.

Alex takes the letter from Gillian as scans through it.

"What does the letter say," Gillian asks her.

"Something about the treatment, the cure, when it happened... basically all the info we know...".

"What is that at the back?" Frank asks, pointing at the back of the letter.

"You are not that smart, nor are you stupid, you have left something behind, you are missing something. I'll give you a clue, use the key..." Frank reads out loud.

"So this fucker is playing games with us?..." Alex asks.

"Pretty much..." Gillian replies.

"And what do we do now?" Alex asks.

"Well, we just have to play along and see where this is going to lead us to..." Frank replies. "Now come on, we have to look around some more, we have missed a place.".
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Alex stops as she looks at the ground.


"Yes?" both Gillian and Frank answer, turning back to Alex.

"I think I know what the message means... we have to go back into the bedroom," she says. Alex walks in front of them both as she heads towards the bedroom.

"Because think about it..." she says as she stops in front of the door of the bedroom. "The rest of the rooms we have been in were clean, untouched, except the bedroom. The bedroom is a complete mess...".

They all enter the bedroom as they find themselves upon the room filled with clothes everywhere.

"But where do we look?..." Alex asks.

"Clothes... Clothes..." Gillian mutters under her breath. She looks around the room when her eyes suddenly stop upon something directly opposite to them.

"Clothes... Wardrobe..." Gillian mutters under her breath as she cautiously begins her way towards the wardrobe.

Finally, once they reach the two huge doors of the storage for clothes, they first look at it.

"Here is what could happen... a zombie could jump out of here... bats may fly into our faces... some weird-ass black hole might suck us in and we will not be able to come back..." Alex says before she got interrupted by Gillian.

"Or simply there are more clothes in here..." Gillian says opening the two doors as more clothes spill out in the form of a clothes avalanche.

As soon as the clothes settle, they begin to ravage through the big pile of clothes.

They all move around, digging around the clothes.

"Did you guys find anything?" Gillian asks.

"Nope..." Alex answers.

"Frank, you?".

"Nothing... yet...".

They keep on digging around until...

"Guys!?" Frank calls out.

"What?" Alex asks, going to him, Gillian followed behind.

"Another safe..." Frank says, look at the metal box.

"Just like the one..." Alex begins.

"At my house..." Gillian finishes the sentence.

Gillian moves closer towards the safe as she is looking at the buttons where you unlock the safe.

"Try the year again...".

"I can't...?" Gillian replies

"How come?" Alex asks, coming closer towards Gillian.

"These are letters now...".

"Oh, great! How will we find the code for this shit now?" Frank gets pissed.

"Wait... Give me the note that we received a moment ago..." Gillian says and Alex hands her over the note.

"I know that something was off with the writing...".

Gillian types in four letters, unlocked.

"Okay, how the fuck did you do that?" Alex asks her.

"Look, the caps, I knew that something looked strange with the note.".

They open the safe and they find a key and another note.

"What does this one say..." Alex comes closer to Frank who is holding the note.

"Somewhere outside, somewhere down below, somewhere nearby, somewhere so close."

"So... Outside... But where?" Gillian questions.

"Well, there is only one way to find out..." Alex says before standing up and walking towards the door. Gillian and Frank follow behind her.

They quickly heard down the stairs and outside, going into the back yard.

"Okay... We cannot miss a single thing. Whatever looks suspicious, pick up and we will examine what we have collected, okay?" Frank asks.

In reply, Gillian and Alex nod.

They spend an hour looking around the big back yard. They come back into a group.

"Have you guys found anything?" Frank asks.

"No, nothing yet..." Gillian replies.

"I did see a shed in the background, there..." Alex says, pointing into the distance.

"Let's go there..." Gillian says as they all begin running towards the Shed.

They arrive by the shed but they are very soon stopped by the huge lock on the shed door.

"Fuck this..." Frank mutters before booting the door, making a hole in the door.

"Wait, wait, wait... look..." Alex says. "There is something there...". She points to the odd patch of grass and quickly they all head to it and begin digging.


The found something, a wooden box.

They see it has a padlock.

"Can I have the key that we found..." Alex asks and Gillian gives her the small key, it fits. The twists the key and unlocks the lock.

They open the box and find an old book with a key saying 'A1'.

Frank looks back at the shed he stands up and rubs what seems to be some dirt off the door, he freezes.


Gillian and Alex walked over to him.

"Looks like we found the padlock of 'A1'," Frank says, as Gillian hands him the key.

He unlocks the lock and opens the door.

Instantly they were greeted by a dark staircase as a wave of coldness engulfs their bodies.

"Let's go..." Alex mutters as she gets a torch and begins heading down the staircase, Gillian is next while Frank is behind them.


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