The Apocalyptic Survival
22 Chapter 21
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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22 Chapter 21

Gillian, Alex and Frank reach the top of the stairs, they find themselves in a big, golden coloured hallway with multiple doors. A very luxurious look for a hallway.

"The question now is what room do we go in first?..." Gillian words to both Frank and Alex.

"Well, we are gonna have look through all the rooms so we might as well begin somewhere at the top... somewhere it will make sense to start..." Frank replies.

"Hey, what about that room there?" Alex asks, pointing to the door which is at the dead-end of the hallway.

They all examine the door with their eyes, and with a simple nod, they all begin heading to the door which Alex suggested.

"Let's hope it is not locked like the rest of the town..." Gillian says and Alex sighs at her remark.

"I hope so too..." Alex adds.

They reach the door and Frank is the one who puts his hand on the doorknob. He takes a deep breath before opening the door. Besides the door being locked or not, they have no clue what could be on the other side of the door.

Right as Frank is about to open the door, Alex's voice stops him.

"Hey... have you noticed how all the doors here - upstairs - are closed?...".

"And?" Gillian questions.

"Well downstairs, most of the doors were open... we went through all the doors that were open..." Alex adds.

"Wait... what are you trying to say?" Frank asks.

"... So this 'spy' has to lead us here, to this mansion... His leads stop here?..." Gillian asks.

"It could easily be a she..." Frank adds, chuckling.

"Ahh, shut it..." Gillian jokes back.

"This is no time for joking..." Alex adds.

"Right... yes..." Gillian replies.

"Okay, what is here..." Alex says, placing her hand on the knob before twisting it, they could all hear a click.

"Is it unlocked?..." Gillian queries.

"Let's see...". Alex pushed the door, opening it up.

They all feel relived but their tension flows back as they are now facing the depths of a dark room. The only light source is from behind them, but it is not enough.

"Does anyone have a torch handy?" Alex questions, taking a step back towards Gillian and Frank.

"Yes," Frank answers back, pulling out the torch from his pocket.

"Okay... follow me..." he adds before turning on the torch and taking his first step into the darkened room.

Both Gillian and Frank head further into the darkroom, they can see clothes everywhere. That was before they heard a click and suddenly, the whole room lit back to life. The big chandelier above the lights up.
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They both turn back to Alex who is standing beside a switch.

"I think this will make everything much easier..." she says before heading to Gillian and Frank.

"Okay, I'd conclude that this is the bedroom..." Frank says, walking around to the other side of the huge bed that is situated in the middle of the room.

"I mean, it looks like it..." Gillian agrees.

Alex, she, on the other hand, looks around the room in confusion.

"This room looks really messy, clothes on the floor, bed, everywhere...".

"What are you trying to say, Alex?" Gillian asks her.

"What I mean is that... something has got to be here, someone has been rooting for something here recently..." she answers Gillian.

"What... what if it was not recently?..." Frank suggests.

"Look... we... we can't guess or conclude anything yet, we don't have the adequate evidence or any leads..." Gillian says, lowering their hopes once again.

"Well, we do have some evidence... right?" Alex says, pointing at the bag. "But of course we need more..." she adds.

Gillian gives her a quick nod.

"This place is full of clothes, I doubt we will find anything other than clothes..." Gillian says.

"But what if something is here, what if it is dug under that pile of clothes?" Alex asks Gillian.

"Also we are under time pressure..." Gillian adds.

Both Frank and Alex look at her.

"What? You were not told?... Tomorrow is our last day before we are sent to safety or some bullshit..." Gillian says.

"Will I be coming with you too?" Alex asks.

"I am sure that they will have more spaces for the survivors so yes, I'd say so..." Gillian replies.

Alex gives her a confused look but brushes it off after a second.

"Well, in that case, we need to get going..." Frank suggests, heading out of the room.

"Let's go into this one..." Frank says, leading the small group to the door beside the bedroom.

"But be prepared, we have no clue what could be behind this door," he adds, placing his hand on the knob of the door before turning it and opening the door without any difficulty. Once he opened the door, a brightly lit room is exposed, they could see a tub, sink, toilet. They are in a bathroom.

"Bingo..." Gillian mutters heading into the room.

"Looks clean..." Alex says under her breath.

"And?" Frank questions her.

"Nothing... I am just observing..." she replies, entering the bathroom before Frank enters behind her.

Gillian heads to where the sink is and where the cabinet over the sink is. She opens it up. Looks normal... but she knows that nothing could be normal, especially with a zombie apocalypse currently hitting them with full force.

She examines all the products, tube by tube, perfume by perfume and cologne bey cologne. Nothing.

"Guys?..." Alex calls out.

"What, did you find anything?" Frank asks, walking over to her, Gillian is second.

"Looks like another message..." Alex says, handing the card over to Gillian. "That shit is now freaking the hell out of me..." she adds, maintaining her eyes off the card that is in Gillian's hands.

Gillian looks at the card.

"I am going to keep this simple, look and think outside of the box. You are getting close.".

"Close to what?" Frank asks her.

"I have no clue, but there is only one way to find out..." Gillian replies.

She looks around her, up and down, left and right... nothing...

"Think outside and look outside the box..." she repeats quietly to herself.

"A box... a box somewhere here... a box that is in a mansion... a box... box... box..." Gillian continues whispering to herself before stopping abruptly.

"A box in a mansion... a box... a room!".

"A room?" Alex asks her.

"Yeah, a room... but what room?".

Frank looks around... he looks at the walls of the bathroom. They look familiar.

"Pearl white..." he mutters out. "The bathroom is pearl white...".

He looks over to Gillian who is looking at him.

"Find the pearl to your gold..." Frank mutters out.

Suddenly, they all diverge their eyes up to the ceiling.

"Think and look outside the box... literally..." Alex says.

"Those tiles... they are movable?" Gillian asks.

"Looks like it..." Frank replies. "Why?"

"I am going to need help..." Gillian says, looking at them both.

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    《The Apocalyptic Survival》