The Apocalyptic Survival
21 Chapter 20
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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21 Chapter 20

Frank parks the jeep with both Alex and Gillian in the back, sorting and packing the pages.

"Okay ladies, we are here..." Frank says, turning back to them. Gillian is the first one to make eye contact with him, giving him a warm smile, he smiles back.

"Okay... done..." Alex says, packing the last of the pages into the backpack. "By the way, don't forget the tablets..." she adds, giving them each a green and blue tablet.

"I am going to assume that the green one is for food, while the blue one is for hydration?" Frank says, examining the tablets.

"Yup... I'd say so..." Gillian replies, getting ready to consume the tablets.

"What if they don't work?" Alex asks.

"Well, there is only one way to find out really..." Gillian replies, placing first the green tablet into her mouth.

"Does it matter the order of consumption?" Frank asks.

Gillian shakes her head while putting the second tablet into her mouth.

Both Gillian and Frank swallow the two tablets, while Alex only manages to swallow one, she is getting ready to swallow the second one.

"This would be so much easier with water...".

"Come on babe, you almost have it..." Gillian cheers Alex on.

"Babe?" Frank questions.

"Here, we say 'babe' to our close friends, it is a friendship thing... does that answer your question?" Gillian says while gazing at Frank, after seeing him give her an understanding nod, she focuses her attention back on Alex.

"Here goes nothing..." Alex murmurs before throwing the pill into her mouth, she, with some difficulties, manages to swallow the pill.

"Well done, Alex," Frank cheers her, as Gillian embraces her in a small, but a friendly hug.

"Are we ready?" Frank asks.

Gillian looks at Alex and Alex looks back at Gillian.

"I... I think we are..." Gillian answers for both of them.

"Okay, let's go then...".

Frank is the first one out, followed by Gillian and finally Alex.

"Honestly speaking, I did not miss this place one bit..." Frank comments, Gillian giggles at his remark as they begin walking towards the entrance of the huge mansion.

"Hey, I think we are close to going home though..." Gillian adds.

"Yeah... I wish..." Alex adds.

The wind is slowly beginning to pick up as the blue sky is slowly transforming into grey swirls and cotton balls of clouds.

"Looks like a storm might be on its way..." Gillian predicts, looking up at the sky.

"Ah, don't curse it, as if we didn't have enough rain before this crap happened," Alex replies.

Gillian gives the sky one last view. She could see that the more built-up clouds are heading their way, while the small and fluffy ones are moving away from them.

"Honestly, it looks like something is brewing up in the sky..." Gillian utters to herself before catching up to both Alex and Frank who are walking up the cobbled steps, leading up to the entrance.

They all enter the mansion, both Alex and Frank are greeted by the familiar smell while Gillian was gladly welcomed by the calm atmosphere. They feel like they are where they are meant to be.

"Okay... we shall begin..." Alex says. "Who will go where?" She adds a few seconds later.

"I think we should stick close by, in case if anyone gets in trouble, you know..." Gillian says. To her, it is beginning to sink in that she is in a huge and possibly haunted mansion.

"I agree with Gillian, I think we should stick together, also there will be a lower chance of us missing something," Frank words out as he walks over to Gillian.

"I guess..." Alex murmurs, joining them.

They first walk into the living room. Stepping through open doors, they enter a cleanroom. Nothing out of the ordinary. Everything seems clean, nothing has been moved, everything looks normal.

"Finally, a good looking house with a clean living room!" Alex exclaims, Gillian looks at her.

"So my living room is not clean?" she asks, giggling.

"I... didn't say that..." Alex replies.

"Good save, friend... Good save...". Gillian laughs causing Alex to chuckle.

"Okay... let's begin looking..." Frank says, beginning to investigate the room, Gillian and Alex follow behind him.

"We have to look closely..." He adds.

They searched through the living room but found nothing.

"Still got... 11 rooms left..." Frank states as both Alex and Gillian roll their eyes.

"And if we begin now we can finish earlier..." Alex adds.

"Okay, let's go...".

They all head over to the next room, the kitchen. They find nothing and within two hours they investigate the whole ground floor. Their next investigation area, the first floor.

"Let's hope that we will find something upstairs..." Gillian says as they all begin heading up the stairs.

"Hope..." Alex mutters under her breath before sighing.

As they head upstairs, Gillian stumbles upon something on one of the steps, like a miniature trap door.

"Are you okay, Gillian?" Frank kneels beside her.

She nods.

"And what do we have here?" he adds curiously, moving down to where the trap door is.
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"It was not closed down properly..." Gillian begins.

"Thankfully, otherwise we would have missed it..." Alex adds, looking at Gillian.

"I could have died...".

"Don't be ridiculous... Plus, I would never let a friend of mine die in my watch,".

"Wow, I feel MUCH safer..." Gillian replies sarcastically.

"You should..." Alex replies, smiling at her.

"Look what we have here..." Frank says, examining the page he found in the small box that was sealed by the trap door.

"A pearl shines white, an object shimmers gold. Find the pearl to your gold." He reads out.

"What does that mean?" Alex inquires nervously.

"I don't know, but we have to find out..." Frank answers, before the three people, eager to find out what happened, walk deeper into the mansion.


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