The Apocalyptic Survival
20 Chapter 19
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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20 Chapter 19

Gillian was awoken to the sound of rattling and low whispers.

It took her a moment to hear what the whispers were saying.

"Something is not right...". A familiar voice said she recognized the voice within seconds, Alex.

"Why is this list even here, this should be in the lab, not here..." Frank says as he looks through more pages.

Gillian sits up and stays sitting for a minute before getting up onto her feet. She walks over to them, looking at all the pages, scattered on the floor.

"Sorry guy..." she begins.

"Why?" Alex asks.

"You are doing all the hard work without me..." Gillian replies.

"Don't be rediculous Gillian, you were sleeping," Frank says.

Gillian still feels guilty.

"Did you guys find anything?" she asks them.

"Nope... We just found more questions. Something here just makes no sense... like why would this list be here?" Alex states as she lifts the list of different bacterias and viruses named on the sheet.

"Didn't we find that at the police station, Frank?" Gillian asks him.

He answers with a nod.

"Anyways, why would this be in the police station. It should be in the lab..." Alex adds.

"What is with all of those other pages?" Gillian asks, pointing behind Frank.

"They are all taxes..." Frank briefly answers.

"And other boring stuff," Alex adds.

"Can we check them for any clues?" Gillian asks.

"We can't," Frank says.

"We need more information to compare both sheets. The usage and expense," Alex explains.

"Which are those?" Gillian asks.

"Expense..." Frank answers as he continues scanning through the rest of the pages on the floor.

Gillian walks over to an empty gap which her eyes landed upon in the circle where Frank and Alex.

"Where did all of these pages come from?" Gillian asks.

"Quite a few questions you have to ask this morning..." Frank says, smirking at her.

"I am just curious...".

"Yeah, I managed to get them, I know it is not much though..." Alex says as she looks at the pile on the ground.

"Not much?" Gillian asks.

"I'd say it is a bit much..." Frank replies.

"I still think that we are missing something and we most likely are. We need to go back into that mansion..." Alex says as she looks at the pile of paper around her.

"Yeah," Frank agrees.

"But before we do anything..." Gillian begins but turns back around to the door of the attic.

"Would you say that the zombies are gone now?" She asks.

"Maybe..." Alex says as she is looking at Gillian with a confused face.

"Why are you asking?".

"In order to survive these few horrible days that we have here, we need not be hungry... Are you guys hungry?". Gillian looks at them for an answer.

"Nope..." Alex says.

Frank just shakes his head.

But a loud stomach growl proves them both otherwise.

"Okay... maybe just a bit..." Alex corrects herself.

"My dad has his food tablets somewhere along with the water tablets. We need to find them, but I think I may have an idea where they are..." Gillian says as she thinks of all the possible places where the tables might be.

"Your dad could have put them anywhere, they could even be here..." Alex says, not thinking what she is going on about.

Gillian freezes. "They could actually be here!?".

"I mean, an attic is a place where you leave all the stuff you don't need in your surrounding..." Alex adds.

"How about you guys look at the pages while I attempt trying to find these pills...".

Gillian stands back up, grabbing the touch that is beside her and walks around the attic, looking closer at every shelf, this time not to miss a single corner of the attic corner. But she finds nothing.

She takes another look around, she lifts off and blankets that are covering something, she lifts any rugs, laid out curtains, any cloth covering anything. Still nothing.

Suddenly, she notices something at the very back of the attic. There is something she missed.

She walks over to the where the big, creme blanket is laying, covering something.

She grabs the blanket, and janks it to one side uncovering a big, cardboard box, sealed with tape. Something is inside.

She peels the tape off and opens the box up. She points the light of the torch into the box. She did not expect to find this...

"Shit..." she mutters, walking back, but into a big shelf, causing something to fall and break.

"Gillian?" Alex calls out.

"Are alright back there?" she hears Frank's voice add after a brief moment of silence.

"I am fine, but... I found something..." she begins, "I think you might want to see this" Gillian adds as she continues looking at the open box with all the tubes inside.

Gillian could hear the footsteps approach her, becoming louder.

"What did you find?" Frank asks, cautiously walking over to Gillian, Alex follows behind Frank.

"I found the treatment..." Gillian says as she looks at the box, pointing the light into the box packed with tubes that are filled with a blue liquid, the treatment.

"Something tells me we should not be near that..." Alex says as she is cautiously backing away from the box.

"Yeah..." Gillian mutters as she walks back towards Frank.

"At least we now know where the treatment is...".

Both Alex and I give Frank a weird look, he looks back at us.

"In case if we were to ever need the treatment, for likes in self-defence, we would know where the treatment could be found." Frank elaborates.

"And you said Gillian was unprofessional? Oh lord..." Alex mutters under her breath.

"We cant use this as a weapon, Frank. It could be very dangerous, maybe even life-threatening," Gillian replies, walking away from both Alex and Frank.

"Gillian, where are you going?" Frank asks, walking after her.

"We are going to that mansion, right?" I ask him.


"Well, I also need to find the tablets. Alex, we need to get ready, we are leaving soon, come on. I'll be downstairs..." Gillian adds as she is going to get the ladder.

Frank helps her extend the ladder and he opens the attic door so that the ladder could be adjusted for them to go down.

"Be careful down there, here, take this..." Frank says to Gillian, giving her a pistol.

"I will... Thanks" Gillian replies.

"Please hurry up..." Gillian adds as she begins heading down the ladder.

Once she reached the bottom of the ladder, she gives Frank a wave before heading off, down the stairs.

"You like her, don't you?" Alex asks him.

"Who? Gillian?".

"No, the ghost. Yes, Gillian, who else?".

"Oh... well..." Frank begins.

"Well, what?".

"Well... I am not sure, I guess the time will decide... Come on, let's go down, she is probably waiting for us..." Frank adds as he begins heading down the ladder.

Alex rolls her eyes before following him down the ladder too.

"I know you like her..." she mutters under her breath.

Gillian looks around the kitchen, then she sees Frank and Alex coming down the stairs.

"Did you find anything?" Frank asks her.

She shakes her head, "nothing... yet.".

"I guess it will be a good idea if you two would help me out as well, huh?" Gillian adds, giving both Alex and Frank an annoying smile.

And with a shake of their heads, they aid Gillian in the search for the pills.

"Okay, where would the most obvious place be for a mad scientist to leave his pills?" Alex asks herself.

Gillian turns to Alex.

"You do know it is my dad you are talking about, right?".

"I know...." Alex replies.

"I used to always call him a mad scientist when we were younger... remember?" Alex adds.

"I do..." Gillian replies after a brief second of silence.

She recalls all the memories from back when they were younger, from when the times were better, easier. Times when her family was whole, times where she didn't have to care about anything... The good old days...

"Guys..." Frank calls out.

"Yes?" Alex answers, heading to where Frank is. Gillian follows behind her.

They find him in the laundry room, on the floor.

"What did you find?" Gillian asks him.

"I think you should look for yourself..." he says, making someplace for them to come over to see.

They both walk over and kneel beside him.

"A safe..." Gillian mutters under her breath.

"Would you possibly know a combination for the lock?" Alex asks me.

Gillian thinks for a minute, she thinks of what could be a reasonable combination for a lock.

"His year of birth?" Frank suggests.

"Maybe..." Gillian replies, entering the combination. Nothing.

"...Try your date of birth?..." Alex suggests.

Gillian enters her year. Nothing.

"What could it be..." Frank mutters under his breath.

"The year your parents got married?" He says.

Gillian enters that combination too, but nothing...

"Think of something more practical... Something workwise..." Alex says.

Suddenly, Gillian's eyes shoot open. She tries the combination that popped into her head. Bingo!

"What did you put in?" Alex asks her.

"... The year my dad began the development of the treatment...".

Gillian opens the safe and finds six tablets with a card by the side with some writing on it.

"Let's first see what the card has to say..." Alex suggests, taking the card.

"Take these, or die. It's your call..." Alex reads out.

"Is that all?" Gillian asks.

"Yup..." Alex replies.

"Wait... give me that page or whatever it is," Frank says, reaching out for the page.

Alex hands it over.

Frank gives the page a close look.

"That could not be the whole message... I feel it is not the whole message..." he adds while examining the card.

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"Sound too bleak..." Gillian mutters.

"Gillian?" Frank asks.

"Yes, did you find something?".

"Would you possibly have a pencil handy?" he asks her.

Looking around her, she notices a small pencil on the washing machine.

"Here..." she hands him the pencil.

Frank begins to gently shade the page with cars, revealing another message.

"The mansion still has some secrets, just waiting to be uncovered..." he reads out.

Alex laughs nervously.

"Is someone spying on us?" she asks them sarcastically, but her face straightens as she sees that both Gillian's and Frank's face slightly frown.

"Wait... Is someone spying on us?" she asks.


*To be continued*


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