The Apocalyptic Survival
19 Chapter 18
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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19 Chapter 18

(In case if you have not recived a notification, I have *technically* updated my holiday notice into a new chapter :D )

"Frank! Frank!?" Gillian roars into the Walkie Talkie.

"St- r-t the-re, we a-re co-ing".


"Frank!?!" she calls out again.

Looking at the walkie talkie, she throws it onto the bed, "stupid shit!".

She gets onto her feet and opens the door, just a bit. The zombies are still there... waiting...

One of them looks up at her before opening its mouth and pointing to her and begins mumbling something, then another zombie looks at me, then another one and another one. That is when they began charging for the door.

"ARRRGGH" They all roar as the smash into the door.

"FUCK!?" Gillian shouts as she looks for something to block the door. Drawer.

She grabs the drawer and with all her force, she drags it to the door.

When she is done, she walks back, watching if there is any chance of them breaking into the room. She is safe, but not for long, she has to hide somewhere. There is nowhere to hide in this room.

Attic... she has to find a way to the attic.

She looks around her, she sees the one and the only window in the room.

"This is the only way I will survive..." she mutter before beginning to walk towards the window.


The zombies began to break the door by making a hole in it, causing Gillian to begin to worry again.

She makes her way to the window before opening it up. She pushed the handle sideways before pushing the window itself open, opening it as wide as it can go.

After she has done that, she clears the table that is right below the window so that she can stand up on it.

She cautiously, leg by leg, go on the cleared table.


The zombies managed to make a hole through the door, one of the zombies reaches its hand out into the room but fails to catch anything.

"Shit!" Gillian mutters as she slowly gets out through the window.

She puts out her legs, one by one on the grey windowpane outside. Now she carefully, but as quickly as she could, try to get her body out without falling down onto the uncut grass below her.

The zombies make the hole in the door bigger as Gillian manages to stand still on the windowpane, above her is a gutter, she needs to get to the roof.

This is her one and only chance to do this right, if she fails, she is dead meat.

A growl caught her attention as she looks into the bedroom, a zombie is crawling through the hole that they made.


She must do this quickly.

She looks up at the gutter before reaching her hands up. she can touch the gutter, but she cannot grab it properly.

Gillian hopped up and managed to get a hand of the gutter, she begins to pull herself up, aided by the stone wall so that her legs had something to lift her up.

She began to hear some sort of cracking. Not long passes before she realizes that the cracking is coming from the gutter.


She reached her right hand out farther from the gutter to try and touch for a more sturdy thing to grab on to. She does manage to find something.

Slowly, she begins to pull herself up, she makes progress and when she reaches a certain height, she places her foot on the ledge, above the window.

She raises her right knee onto the roof before pulling herself farther up so that she can bring up her left knee.

Finally, she is on the roof.

Cautiously standing up, she makes her way towards the window of her attic. She remembers from when she was younger, that the window is somewhere near the front side of the house and she finds it.

She finds it, and since her father used to always keep it slightly open, she manages to open the window up.

She feels a wave of relief when she makes it into the attic.

Grabbing a touch from right beside her landing area, she slowly begins to search around the attic for a good place to stay and wait from Frank to come back.


"Okay, turn right here..." Alex tells him and he does it.

"Where now?"

"Just keep on driving forwards, you should exit onto the main road very soon".

"Okay" Frank answers before concentrating on the road and trying not to damage the car.

After a few minutes, Frank can see the road that Alex is talking about.

Before he could ask the question, she gave him the answer.

"Turn left on that road...".

"Okay..." Frank muttered.

They reached the main road and Frank here turned left. He begins to drive faster as they are on an asphalted road.

Frank sees a huge building to his left, it had a long chimney pointing up at the sky.

"That is the chemical laboratory, where the treatment and all the other shit was made, " Alex explains to Frank as they drive by the lab.

"So you say that this 'accident' was actually intentional, what makes you think that?" Frank asks her, curious to find out her answer.

"All I can do is assume why. I don't have a factual answer...".

"What are your assumptions then?" Frank asks.

Alex clears her throat before answering.

"I am going to guess... overpopulation... I mean, it does make sense if they want to kill people.".

Frank just nods his head.

For the rest of the car drive back to Gillian's house, not a word was exchanged, except when Alex had to give Frank directions.

Thay arrive within a few minutes, but just to see that the house has been broken into.

Frank feels numb.

"Pray to God that she is still in there..." Alex says as she gets out of the car.

Frank gets out of the car and begins to walk towards the house alongside Alex. With each step he can feel the pressure increasing as his heart being beating faster.

They enter the house and immidiatly they see blood everywhere, on the floor, walls...

That was when Frank felt is heart sink to his feet, but he realises that something about the blood on the walls is off... it looks rather darker.

"It is zombie blood..." Alex says behind him.

"Lets examine upstairs..." Alex adds, beginning to walk up the stairs. Frank follows behind her.

They reach the top of the steps.

"Look..." Alex points at the big hole in the door.

Frank freezes as he looks at the door.

"That is the room where I left Gillian...." he mutters, looking at the hole in horror.

That is when they hear walking above them.

"Is someone in the attic?..." Alex asks.

"My answer would be yes..." Frank replies.

Very soon they hear dragging and more walking.

"Hello?" Frank calls out.

"Is anyone up there?" Alex adds.
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"One second!" They could hear a familiar voice call out.

Very soon, the door for the attic opens up, revealing Gillian.

"Alex!?" Gillian says, surprised.

"Yup, that is me..." Alex answers after a few seconds, Gillian smiles before turing around and lowering ladders to help Frank and Alex to climb up.

"Hurry up, there could be some zombies still down there..." Gillian warns the as Alex is first is the first one to climb up the ladder, followed by Frank.

Once they have both reached the top, Frank helps Gillian get the ladder up before closing and locking the door of the attic.

The attic is dimly lit by the weak lights on the ceiling of the attic.

They make themselves comfortable before Gillian gives Alex a big hug.

"Alex! What are you doing here?".

"Same reason as you... I guess, I want to find out who did this to our town..."

Gillian shakes her hear, looking down at the floor, "yeah, it is horrible...".

Gillian looks at Frank, who seems to be pulled back, sitting by himself.

"Frank?..." Gillian calls out, that same secomd, he looks up at her, giving her a smile.

"What did you find in the mansion?" she asks him.

He remains quiet for a minute. "Nothing..." he answers.

She looks at him confused, "howcome?".

"We ran out of the mansion when we heard you were in trouble." Alex says.

"We are going to go back to the mansion tomorrow..." Gillian says.

"Altogether... Frank..." Alex says, slightly grinning at him.

He nods, "altogether...". He smiles at Gillian before taking his gaze off her.

"Anyways, lets rest, we then have a long day ahead." Gillian says before going to fetch some pillows and blankets, before handing them to Alex, Frank and keeping one for herself.

They all lay down before relaxing.

Gillian lays somewhere near Frank as Ales takes a place a bit further from them.

Just as Gillian closes her eyes, she felt a touch on her shoulder, before hearing his soft whisper, "Gillian... I am sorry...".

She could feel him slowly unwrap his hand from her body, but Gillian stops him.

"Keep it there... Make me feel safer now..." she tells him, moving back, into his body.

With a soft chuckle, he wrapped his hand back around her.

"Good night," he softly whispers into her ear.

"Good night..." she whispers back.

And just like that, they both fall asleep...

*To be continued*


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