The Apocalyptic Survival
15 Chapter 15
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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15 Chapter 15

Gillian gave Frank a worrying look, she looked into his eyes and he looked into her. But suddenly, she lowered her head, looking at the ground as her face changed to a frowned face. She slightly tilts her head upwards as she slightly opens her mouth and takes in a breath.

"So..." she begins, as her voice slightly breaks.

"I have been lied to... lied by my father...?" she finished off the sentence as she looks around the room before looking back at Frank.

"That I don't know" Frank began talking, he lowered his voice, it became softer and more convincing. Gillian was thankful to him for this.

"I don't want to assume anything until we have something solid... something that can back up the new evidence that we just found," he adds as he stepped a bit closer to Gillian.

"But... I... I am scared..." Gillian says to Frank, who clearly seems distressed.

"Scared of what?" Frank asks her as he slightly lowers his head to hear what Gillian has to say. "Tell me," he says, softly, after a few moments of silence passed by.

"I am scared of this, I am scared of what we might find..." she tells him as her eyes begin to water.

Frank opens his mouth as if he is about to say something but suddenly stops. He breaths out before placing his right hand lightly on her left, and with the index finger of his left hand on her chin. He slowly rose her head upwards, until their eyes met.

"Look..." Frank began, "I... I am not gonna lie, I am scared too" he adds as he breaths in heavily. "It feels uneasy... I know" he adds after a few moments later.

"But you look all... buff and stuff... you are strong... stronger than me," Gillian says, as she begins to feel numb.

"Me?... Strong?... Pfff..." Frank says, making fun of himself, making Gillian slightly smile.

"You look like you can carry the weight of the world..." Gillian comments.

"Isn't that a bit too heavy?..." Frank asks as giggles sexily.

"We are going off topic..." Gillian says.

"But what I was trying to say was that I switch that feeling, feeling fear... and uneasiness into motivation. I motivate myself by thinking and knowing that these innocent people who died want to know who did this, they want someone to find out how this all happened." Frank explains to Gillian.

"I mean, you even said that these innocent people did not deserve to die... right?" Frank asks her.

"I... I guess you are right..." Gillian answers she clenches her fists and takes in a deep breath.

"Let's find out who did this for our sake and for the sake of the innocent who had to dies this horrible way," Frank tells Gillian as he looks her in the eyes.

Suddenly, a buzzing sound could be heard, becoming louder and louder.

"What..." Frank mutters as he quickly goes to the door of the station, Gillian follows him, they both walk out and look up at the sky. The buzzing is constantly becoming louder and louder.

"Where is it coming from?" Gillian asks.

"I have no clue," Frank answers.

Without warning, a chopper rushes right over Gillian and Frank.

"Holy... shit..." Frank mutters as they move a step back.

When the chopper passed then, the buzzing sound began to again go down.

"Did you hear that?..." Gillian asked Frank.

"The chopper? Yes..." Frank answered.

"No, not the chopper..." Gillian speaks but is interrupted by a loud and intimidating roar.

"That is what I hear..." Gillian says to Frank as she begins to feel nervous.

"Do you still have that pistol that I gave you?" Frank asks her.

She nods as she reached into her pocket to take the pistol that Frank gave her.

"Remember... no mercy, no regret, just shoot, okay?" Frank tells her.

"Okay," Gillian answers.

Both Gillian and Frank walk down the steps and onto the road.

"You have the file, right?" Gillian asks him.

"Yeah, it's right..." Frank begins answering, but he suddenly stops as he taps around his torso for the page.

"Do you have it?" she asks him again.

"I had it..." Frank says but is interrupted by the loud roar of the monster as it rushes onto the road.

Frank and Gillian both see the monster as it halted looking around.

"You go, quick, I will be right there with you..." Frank says to Gillian quickly as he begins to walk up the steps.

"Frank!" she yells out. Frank looks at her and without a warning, the monster roars as it sees both Frank and Gillian.

"The bridge," she yells, "meet me there" she adds, pointing behind her as she turns back and begins to run to the bridge.

She looks back, to see where the monster is.

"Oh shit!" she yells as she could see that the monster is chasing after her.

She would turn back for a second and shot the monster a few times, it would cause the monster to stop for a second before it made a loud roar and began to chase after her again.

With every shot, the monster would grow angrier, it would extend its arms and try to catch Gillian as the monster began to catch up to her.

She turned and aimed the pistol at the monster head and began to shoot the pistol, each bullet went into the head of the monster, finally, after the sixth shot, the head of the monster exploded, spraying guts everywhere, causing it to collapse to the floor.

Green slime began to ooze from the headless creature.

Gillian could feel her stomach turn as she could not get her eyes off the gruesome scene.

Suddenly, the hands of the monster began to enlarge, its fingers began to elongate. The monster stood back up, as two bumps began to form on its shoulders, the two bumps continued on swelling.

Green slime continues oozing through the neck, spilling onto the ground.

Gillian began to walk back as it saw the monster walking towards her.

The monster suddenly stops and begins to scream in agony as the two bumps continue swelling.

Suddenly, two tentacles extend from where the head used to stand, both tentacles began swinging around before shoving themselves into the bumps, causing them to explode, revealing two meads, one on each shoulder.

"Oh, shit..." Gillian mutters as she continues backing up.

The creature yells again before charging towards Gillian.

She pointed up her pistol towards the creature, places her index finger on the trigger, pulling back after a few second... *click*

The pistol is empty.

"What the fuck!?" she says as she places the pistol back into her pocket and begins to run.

She does not make it far before the creature catches up to her and wraps its tentacles around her legs, tripping her up and pulling her towards itself.

The creature makes a strange noise as if it is purring.

Gillian tries to wiggle her legs, but the grip of the creature is too great, she could feel the grip becoming tighter, as she could feel small fang poking her skin.

She stops for a second and looks around her for some type of weapon.

She suddenly shouts in pain, as the fangs on the tentacles pierce through her skin, she begins to wiggle her legs again, but this just causes the fangs to dig deeper into her flesh.

"Help!?" she shouts, hoping for someone to come and save her, she hopes that Frank will come and save her.

Out of the blue, she hears metal drop beside her.

She quickly turns to see what it is.

"Grenade!" she tells herself.

She pulls the safety pin and she sits quickly up, shoving the grenade into the mouth of the monster causing it to yell, she immediately pulls out her hand and begins to wiggle her both feet, she screams in agony.

Suddenly, the creature rises up her body with its tentacle and tosses her outwards.

Moments, after she is airborne *BBBOOOMMM* The grenade, explodes.

Her body manages to fly over the collapsed bridge and land on the other side.

As she lands back onto the ground, her body bounces slightly, rolling a couple of times before coming to a complete stop.

She lies on her back, with her eyes wide open, staring at the sky cloudy as her nose begins to bleed. Her vision slowly blurs out before everything turns black.

*To be continued*
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    《The Apocalyptic Survival》