The Apocalyptic Survival
14 Chapter 14
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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14 Chapter 14

Frank goes up to the door and pushes it, "okay..." he says as he looks at the door slowly opening.

"Come on," Frank says as he enters the police station first, Gillian followed him, entering the police station a few seconds after him.

"The station is a mess" Frank comments as he looks around from the ground, around to the ceiling and back to the ground.

He begins to walk forwards, frequently looking at the ground to see where he is stepping and on what he is stepping.

"Watch out here" Frank warns Gillian, pointing at a rusty nail, beside him, that is pointing upwards on the ground.

They both reach the counter of the station.

"Hey, look at that..." Gillian says as she sees a mountain of pages, stacked beside the wall, to their left.

Frank looks at it, examining it from behind the counter, "There is something at the top of the pile" Frank says after noticing an A4 page. There is writing all over the page.

He jumps over the counter and lands on the other side onto his feet.

"Or you could have done this..." Gillian says as she raises the counter door that is located to her right side.

Frank looks at her giving her a funny look before turning back and walking over to the pile of paper.

When he reached the pile of paper, he bent down, reaching his right hand out and grabbing the page, which he very soon realizes that it is, in fact, a few pages.

He begins to read through the pages, while Gillian walks up to the pile of pages to look is there is anything else in the pile that will be of any use to them.

"Blank..." she thinks to herself as she begins to flick through all the pages, "looks like there is nothing here... these are all blank," she says to Frank ah she reached halfway through the pile of pages.

"Look at this..." Frank says as he continues to read through the first page.

Gillian stands up and walks over to Frank, "Yes? What did you find?" she asks him, standing beside him.

"Look..." he says pointing at a signature, "does this signature look familiar to you?" he asks her.

"Yes... yes it does," she tells him, "it is my fathers signature." She adds, looking at him with a confused look.

"What about this one..." he asks her, pointing to another signature located beside her father's signature.

"Harris Goldstone..." she repeats the name, muttering his name.

She keeps on looking over the name to try and remember who that is.

"It does sound familiar and I know just that he was my dad's co-worker." She explains to Frank, looking at the page before looking up at him.

"Weird, now look at this..." Frank begins.

"They ordered a dozen of shots of different types of viruses and bacterias..." he adds a few moments later.

"Wait, what!?" Gillian freezes, looking up at him.

"Yeah... look..." he begins. "Mimivirus, Capsomere and bacteriophages..." he adds, reading through the list of the bacterias and viruses that were ordered.

"Well... they... they might have ordered them for a new project..." Gillian says.

"I don't know, but there is something fishy about that," Frank comments as he flicks to the second page.

"I'll be here in the back looking for some more clues," Gillian tells Frank as she walks away from him.

"Hey Gillian can you come here... look, I found something else, look..." Frank calls Gillian back to see what he just found. "I think it is some sort of an address..." he adds.

"Address?" Gillian asks him, quickly walking back to him.

"A- Ardh... Ardh Glun..." Frank attempts to pronounce the address.

Gillian interrupts him, "yeah, it is 'Ard Ghluain Nha Uaisce'," she says the name. "What number is in front of the name," Gillian asks him as she walks over to him.

"4334," he says.

"433..." she mutters when she suddenly stops. "Oh my..." she says as she looks up at Frank.

"What? What did you figure out?" he asks her.

"That address... that... that is my address" she says to Frank, "before we moved to Germany" she adds.

"These were delivered to your house, Gillian..." Frank concluded as he looked back at the list of bacterias and viruses.

"At least we know where our next stop is..." Gillian says to Frank, with a concerned look on her face.

*Unknown location*

"What do you mean you didn't get the document?" says an unknown voice.

"You better find it, do you know what will happen if she finds out?" adds the unknown voice.

"I am giving you 72 hours... starting now... don't disappoint me," says the unknown voice.

"Don't worry, she won't find out, I will not let her..." says a masculine voice before hanging up the call.

"I am sorry Gillian..." the voice mutters, looking through his binoculars, "I cannot trust you with the information that you are about to find out," he adds as he stands up, placing his binoculars into his bag and walks off out of sight.

*To be continued*
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    《The Apocalyptic Survival》