The Apocalyptic Survival
11 Chapter 11
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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11 Chapter 11

Frank's left arm twitches, as his lips quiver. Suddenly he takes a deep breath before waking up.

He sits up, lifting his left hand up to wipe his forehead.

As his hand come in contact with his forehead, he feels something wet on his hand.

He retracts his hand and looks at it, he could see clear drops rolling down his fingers.

He soon realized that it is, in fact, his sweat and very soon he realizes that his body is sweaty. He turns his head to his right and sees that Gillian's bed is empty, he could see the towels she used last night, laid out on her bed.

That was when he suddenly heard clapping sounds from the bathroom, he could see the door wide open.

"Good afternoon Frank," Gillian says, "sorry, I am almost done" she adds.

"Good morning" Frank answers back, before moving to the edge on his bed to stand onto his feet.

He manages to get onto his legs and proceeds to walk to his suitcase. When he reached his suitcase, he kneeled beside it, unzipping the top and pulling out a clean tanked top and clean underwear.

"How are you now, Frank?" Gillian asks him, walking out of the bathroom, "I hope you are doing better" she adds as she looks at him.

Frank looks at Gillian and is mesmerized by her look. Her ginger hair is slightly curled and he could see that she applied a bit of makeup onto her face.

"Why, why makeup, you don't need any makeup, you are beautiful without it," he thinks to himself as he continues examining her.

He could see that she is wearing a grey top, along with a colourful, thin scarf around her neck.

On top of her grey shirt is a brown, leather jacket, her legs were covered by a pair of light blue, skin-tight denim jeans and for her legs, she's wearing a pair of brown, heeled boots.

"Y-yeah.." he answers as he continues on looking at Gillian. "What?... Is... is it my outfit?" she asks him as she looks down at herself.

Immediately, Frank replies "no, no, no, no...", "You... you look stunning" he adds, smiling at her.

"Well, thank you" Gillian replies.

"I am glad you like it" she adds a few moments later.

"And... I am glad that you feel better" she adds, smiling at him, after a brief moment of silence.

He looked at her again, appreciating her presence.

"So, tell me..." he begins.

"Yes?" she asks him.

"Did you steal those clothes from somewhere while I was asleep?" he jokes around with her.

Gillian gives him an annoying and dirty look, "I am glad to have you fully back too..." she tells him, "and no, I got it from my luggage" she adds.

"But you said you left it at the airport," Frank tells her.

"No... not left, It got lost" Gillian corrects him. "And apparently, someone found it and delivered it right outside that door there," Gillian says, pointing to the main door.

"This all happened while I was zonked out?" Frank asks Gillian to double check.

"Yes" she begins, "at least as far as my memory serves me" she adds.

"Sooo... how long was I asleep?" He asks her.

"Ugh, so many questions" she jokes around with him, "you were zonked out for about..." she suddenly stops to check the time on her wrist watch, "6 hours" she finished the sentence.

"6 hours! Wow" Frank reacted.

"Yeah... good luck with sleeping tonight" Gillian smiles at him, joking around.

"I'll manage" Frank replies, smiling back.

"Anyways, I am off to have a shower, I shall be out soon" he adds, beginning to walk towards the bathroom.

"Gillian looks at him, and turns around facing his bed, but suddenly she sees that he forgot his towel. "Hey! Frank?" she calls out, grabbing his towel into her hands.

Frank stops, as he heard her calling out his name. He turns around facing Gillian.

"You would not want to forget this" Gillian says as she tosses the towel at Frank.

Frank easily catches the towel, before walking into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Gillian watches Frank swiftly entering the bathroom and closing the door shut, she looks at the door for another moment or two.

She begins to walk slowly walks around the room. "Something about him is... is just..." she says, turning around looking at the closed door once again.

Frank takes off his bloodied tanked top, after his tanked top, he proceeds on pulling down his boxers and just then, he enters the bathtub.

Right before entering, he pulls the showers curtain to his right, and when he enters, he pulls them back.

He placed his right hand on the faucet of the shower, pushing it up, causing the water to begin running.

He begins to wet his hair but stops for a second, he begins to think of Gillian. "Something... something about her is just..." he says to himself, as he looks at the door of the bathroom, "why does she care so much about me?" he asks himself.

Gillian turns around, facing the wardrobe, and begins to walk. She turns right and enters the kitchen.

She walks over to the stove and turns on one of the cooktops, "I doubt that this will work now" she says to herself before twisting one of the buttons on the control panel.

Suddenly, one of the burners on the stove top begins to turn red. "What!?" she mutters. "It works!" she thinks to herself. "Ahh... I don't know how it works now, nor do I even care, all I need now is some food" she says to herself, walking over to the fridge.

She opens the fridge and looks through all the perishable goods, finding eggs, bacon, cheese, beans, lettuce, and a few other things. She takes out eggs and the bacon.

Afterwards, she looks for a pan and some oil, and after finding them, she begins by placing some oil into the pan and placing it over the burning burner to heat up the oil.

After heating up the oil, she first begins frying the rashers, she placed 4 rashers onto the pan. She flips the rashers over a few times before taking them the pan of the fire. Gillian could see that the rashers turned a nice, crisp colour.

She places the rashers onto the clean plate and proceeds on frying some eggs, she cracks two into the pan.

Frank finished showering and exits the bathroom, just as he began to walk, he could smell the scent of cooked eggs, and he could hear the sound of sizzling.

He continues to walk towards his bed to get some clothes.

After a few minutes, Frank begins to walk over to Gillian, entering the kitchen. He is wearing an orange polo top and blue denim jeans. He stays quiet, watching Gillian cook.

After a few moments, he takes in a deep breath before saying "thank you".

Gillian gets a slight fright, she turns her head and sees Frank.

"You scared me," she said beginning to slightly chuckle.

"Oh, sorry" he replied, smiling at her.

"Do you need some help with that?" Frank asks her.

"Ummm..." she begins, "no, I am good, thanks.... but if you want you can make something of your own to add to the table" she adds.

"Sure" adds Frank as he begins to walk over to the fridge.

When he reaches the fridge, he opens the door of the fridge and looks through it.

He gathered some tomatoes, a stick of cucumber, and some feta cheese.

He began to cut the tomatoes on a cutting board, placing them into a bowl. After he cut the cucumber, placing them too into the bowl.

Finally, he cuts the feta cheese into squares, adding into the bowl.

Frank seasons the salad with oil and salt, mixing it up.

He heads back to the fridge, opens it and picks up the lettuce.

Suddenly, something falls to the floor, a piece of paper.

Frank notices the folded up page, he returns the lettuce back into the fridge and he bends down to get the page. When he does, he unfolds the page and begins to read it.

Gillian notices him looking through a page, "what is that?" she asks him.

"What the fuck?" Frank reacts when he finishes reading the page.

"What it is?" she asks him, walking over to him. After walking over to him, Frank hands her over the page. Gillian takes the page and reads through it.

"To Frank and Gillian, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I am the gingerbread man," she reads the page, totally confused.

"How did that get there?" Frank asks.

"I have no clue..." she begins "wait..." Gillian pauses, walking over to the door, and with her right hand, she pushed down the door handle. She opens the door...

"The door is unlocked..." she says.

"No... that... that is not possible, I... I locked it last night," Frank says as he too walks over to the door.

"Maybe it is from the people who were here before us?" Frank suggests.

"That have the exact same name as you and me?" Gillian questions him.

"I... I... don't know..." Frank begins, "but then how does this person know our names?" he asks her.

"I wish I knew..." she answers looking at Frank, feeling uneasy.


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