The Apocalyptic Survival
10 Chapter 10
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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10 Chapter 10

Gillian is suddenly woken up by the sound of gagging and throwing up.

She sits up and notices the bathroom door wide open.

She looks to her left and sees Frank's bed empty, with the blanket unrolled to the bottom of the bed, she also straight away notices a blood stain on Frank's pillow.

Just as she was about to call out his name, she gets interrupted by the sound of coughing and throwing up.

"Frank? Are you alright?" Gillian asks him as she gets up onto her feet and begins to slowly walk towards the bathroom. It took a moment before Frank could answer Gillian back and all she can hear is him breathing heavily.

"Yes..." Frank finally answered, barely being able to talk.

She stops right outside the bathroom to tighten the towel around her body before proceeding on entering the bathroom.

"You don't sound so..." Gillian begins but stops when she enters the bathroom and sees Frank on the floor covered in blood.

"F-Frank?" she says becoming anxious and concerned.

She could see him sitting beside the toilet bowl with his mouth, jaw, chin, hands, legs covered and stained in blood.

"Yeah... I..." Frank begins talking but takes a short pause.

"Yea?" Gillian asks as she looks at him with sympathy.

"I am not... so good" Frank finished his sentence as his stomach growls.

"Yeah, I see..." Gillian adds, looking at him with a sad look on her face.

Gillian looks down to his left arms where the bite wound is, she could see that the wound is open again and it is bleeding.

"I'll go and find you a bandage for your arm, okay?" Gillian tells Frank as she looks at him for a few more moments before making any movements.

She turns around and begins to walk towards the exit of the bathroom. When she exits the bathroom, she heads towards Frank's bed and where his suitcase would be.

She reaches his suitcase and kneels down beside the suitcase, unzipping the zip and beginning to look through for his bathroom essentials bag.

After finding the bag, she begins to look through it for any bandages and she manages to find a bandage roll.

She stands back up and as she begins to walk back she can hear Frank throwing up again.

"Something is not right..." Gillian thinks to herself as she walks towards the bathroom.

"Are you feeling a bit better?" Gillian asks him when she enters the bathroom again.

"Yes," he tells her bleakly, as his eyelids begin to feel heavier, his face looks so pale, "you are as pale as a ghost," Gillian said, "come on, lets get you to bed now, okay?" Gillian adds as she begins to walk towards him, but Frank stops her.

"Wait" Frank stopped her, reaching for the leaver to flush the toilet, he pulls down the lever, allowing the water to rush down into the toilet bowl.

"Now.... sorry, I know that it looks... bad," Frank tells her as she approaches him.

Gillian reaches Frank, she reached down to him to help him stand up, she cannot help but look into the toilet bowl. The water is still red despite Frank flushing the water.

"Okay, lets go," Gillian says as she gently takes a hold of his left arm, beginning to drag him up gently. He can barely stand on his feet, but he manages to stand up with Gillian's help.

They both slowly begin to walk towards the door of the bathroom, every step synchronized.

They head towards his bed as the exit the bathroom, "slowly" Gillian whispers to Frank, holding him tightly so that he will not fall out of her grip, "okay, here we are" she tells him as they reach his bed.

Gillian reorients herself and Frank as she slowly lowers him onto the bed. First, he sits down before raising his legs onto the bed, Gillian quickly flips the bloody pillow over before he rests his head on it.

"Don't worry, I got it" Gillian reassured Frank as she covers him with the blanket. She gets the bandage and walks over to the other side of the bed and raises his left hand to wrap it up with the bandage.

But before she wraps up his wound, she grabs the bottle of alcohol and soaks a cotton bud before dabbing in on the open wound to disinfect it.

After wrapping his arm up she places it under the cover and tucks in his body and leaves him to rest, she walks over to the balcony window.

Frank closes his eyes as she tries to fall asleep, but he opens them up again, looking at Gillian, who is looking at the cloudy sky.

After a moment or two, Gillian turns around to see how Frank is doing.

"Are you okay?" Gillian asks him as she can see him looking at her, as she walks over to his bed, "I... I just..." he begins talking but pauses for a second. "Thank you" he completes the sentence.

A small smile grew on Gillian's face, "you are very welcome" she replies as she kneels down beside him.

"You are gonna get through this, we are gonna get through this" she adds as she looks at his face, straight into his eyes.

"Now go to sleep, you need rest, okay" she whispers to him.

Frank tries to give her a reassuring smile.

Gillian gently caresses his left cheek, before lifting her hand up and lowering her head until her soft lips touched his spikey cheek and gave him a smooth kiss. "That is my thanks to you," she tells him as she stands up, "rest... you will need it," she tells him as she turns around and heads towards the window.

When she reaches the window she slightly moves the curtains so that she can see through the window.

She could see clouds scattered around the indigo morning sky as they drift their way across the sky, and below the sky is a wasteland, building collapsed, burned down, the area is barely recognizable.

She can see trees sway in the morning breeze, some whole, while some broken. She can also see the dust from the collapsed building twirling and drifting in the wind, heading up into the sky.

She looks to her left, before turning her head right to look to her right side, everything looks the same... seems the same... feels the same.

Suddenly a knock on the door frightens her. She turns around and sees that Frank is asleep. Then she proceeds on walking to the door.

When she reached the door she tries opening the door but she cannot, soon realizing that the door is locked, she looks for where the key is. She finds it on Frank's night table, she grabs it from his table and goes to the door and unlocks it, before opening it.

She opens the door but sees no-one, that is when something on the floor catches her eye, it was a suitcase... her suitcase.

She looks at it confused and soon notices a page in one of the pockets in the suitcase. She takes the page, unfolds it and begins to read through it.

"Better be careful next time Gillian, I know you, but you don't know me," she reads out the note before taking another confusing look.

She then takes a look up and down the corridor and pulls in her suitcase before closing the door shut.

*To Be Continued*


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