The Apocalyptic Survival
9 Chapter 9
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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9 Chapter 9

Gillian walks over to the bathtub and begins to take off her clothes.

Moments later, she drags the bath curtains to her right, she walks into the tub and drags the curtain back.

She pushes the faucet forward to start the running of the water.

Noticing that the water is a bit too cold for her liking, she adjusts the temperature on the faucet, turning it slightly right.

Finally, when the water is just the right temperature, she first begins to rub her hair thoroughly, before beginning to scrub her body.

A few bottles caught her attention, she bends down a bit, focusing on what the bottles say, but she can not make out the small writing on the first bottle.

She grabs the bottle, and now, being able to see the writing clearly, her eyes scan the writing.

"Shampoo" she read to herself.

"But what is the smell of this shampoo?" she asks herself as she opens the bottle.

Giving it a quick smell and comes to the conclusion that its scent is coconut mixed with some other tropical fruit. Overall, she really likes the smell.

She pours a bit of the shampoo into her right hand before beginning to rub the shampoo into her hair.

It takes her a few minutes to lather her hair, and a few more to wash the lather out of her hair.

She repeats the process again, the pours some shampoo into her hand and lather her hair, but this time she does not rinse her hair just yet.

She moves on to her body.

"If there is shampoo, there must be some shower gel too," she thinks to herself, looking through the bottles.

"Conditioner... shampoo... shower gel, but for men... shampoo, again, for men..." she scans through each bottle until she looked through all of them.

"Weird, and annoying..." she tells herself a she looks at the bottles.

"Ah, fuck it," she says as she grabs the shower gel that Frank used.

She opens the lid, and instantaneously, she can smell the scent of the gel. It straight away reminds her of Frank.

She closes her eyes and takes a few deep breathes, she could not help but let out a small smile.

She opens up her eyes and pours a bit of the shower gel onto her right hand.

She proceeds on rubbing her body as the gel begins to lather.

Once she finished lathering her body, she began to rinse the lather off her hair and off her body.

Once finished rinsing her body, she pulls the faucet to stop the water running and, with her right hand, drags the shower curtain to her left to make space for her to exit the tub.

Gillian reaches down for her towel from the ground, and first, rubs and dries her hair, before drying and wrapping the towel around her body.

She opens the door and walks out, finding Frank, in the same exact position, left knee in the air and his right left down on the bed, sleeping.

"He looks so peaceful, and... and so good while he is sleeping..." she thinks to herself as she looks up and down his body.

Frank's arm twitched, causing Gillian to stop staring at him.

She begins to walk towards her bed, sits down and crosses her legs.

She looks for something that she could use to wrap her hair into.

She continues to look around the room, till her eyes stumbled upon her hand towel, lying on Frank's bed.

She quickly stands up and walks over to his bed. She leans over him to reach her towel.

With her right left hand, she holds the towel that is wrapped around her body tightly against her chest, just in-case it manages to somehow fall down, and with her right hand, she reaches out to try and grab her hand towel.

"Almost there!" she mutters under her breath, as she leans a tiny bit more forward.

She manages to place her hand on the towel and to grab it.

But when she tries to pull back and stand back up, she loses her balance and falls down on to Frank's right leg, waking him up in fright.

"Jesus..." he says, at first looking tense, but then looking relieved that it is Gillian.

She looks up at him and mutters, "Sorry".

She stands back up and walks over to her bed.

Frank rests his head back now on his pillow, his hands embrace and massage his forehead.

"My head is killing me, is that supposed to happen?" he asks Gillian, tilting his head and looking at her face.

"I... I am gonna be honest and tell you that I am not sure..." she tells him, beginning to feel slightly guilty.

"Oh lord..." he mutters as he closes his eyes and continues to massage his head.

"Also..." he adds.

"Yes?" asks Gillian.

"Would it not be better if you changed into your clothes?..." he asks her, looking at her again with his left eyebrow raised and a smile on his face.

"I would Frank if only I had my suitcase here with me..." Gillian answers him, becoming slightly annoyed.

Frank's facial expression changed from a giddy looking face to a serious face, "wait... what happened to your suitcase?" he asks her.

"Got lost..." she begins, "at the airport..." she finishes her sentence.

"What airport?" Frank asks, "Frankfurt? Dublin?" he asks.

"Funnily... I don't know myself..." she answers.

"Did you have anything important in your suitcase?" he asks her.

"Thankfully not" she answers him.

A few moments of silence pass, before Frank begins to speak.

"I am sorry about your suitcase," he tells her as he looks at her with true sorrow in his eyes.

"It is fine, it is just that I don't know what to wear, the clothes that I wore like now, they are all stained with blood and dirty." She explains to Frank.

"Don't worry, we will find something tomorrow, I need some clothes myself" he tells Gillian with a reassuring smile on his face.

Gillian begins to shake her head and smiles, "you can really be sweet when you want to be" she tells him as she looks at him.

"I'll take that as a compliment" he answeres back, as they both begin to chuckle.

"Anyways, sleep, we have a long day ahead of us..." he adds as he sits up on the bed.

"Where are you going?" Gillian asks him.

"To turn off the lights" he answers as he stands up and begins to walk over to the door.

Gillian quickly reaches out to the lamp by her night table and turns on the lamp.

"Why did you turn on the lamp? You scared of the dark?" Frank messes around with Gillian.

"No, it is for you, so that you can see where you are going." She answeres back while wrapping her hair into the hand towel.

Frank walks back to his bed.

"Okay, now... go to sleep," he tells Gillian, as he covers himself up with the blanket.

Gillian quickly covers herself up too with her blanket as she lets her head rest on her pillow.

"Good night Frank," she tells him, waiting for a reply.

"Good night to you too Gillian" Frank answers after a few seconds.

Gillian quickly reaches out to her lamp to turn off the light. A click can be heard before everything became pitch black.

*To Be Continued*


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