The Apocalyptic Survival
8 Chapter 8
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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8 Chapter 8

Gillian takes in a deep breath before looking down and placing her left hand on the left tap faucet, the hot water faucet.

She slowly begins to twist the faucet to her left until water began running, she twisted it a few more times to increase the flow of water.

Placing both of her hands under the running water, she begins to rub them together, washing her palms, in between her fingers, the top of her hands and under her nails.

With her hands saturated in water, she reaches her right hand out to the soap dispenser and pressing down with her left hand, a big drop of soap lands into the palm of her right hand.

She immediately started rubbing her hands thoroughly as the soap began to lather.

She placed her hands again under the running water but quickly retracts them as the water is too hot.

With her right hand, she twists the right faucet, the cold water faucet until water began running and went back to washing her hands, washing the lather off her hands, she could the see the water becoming more murkier.

When she washed all of the lather off her hands, she twisted both of the faucets back to stop the water running.

She advanced her eyes around the bathroom, in search of any hand towels to dry her hands.

But she cannot find any towels in the steam-filled bathroom.

Assuming that Frank could possibly have the towels, she walks to the door.

Placing her left hand on the door handle, she pushes it down, hearing creeks from the door handle, she pushed the door handle causing the door to open.

As the door opened, as she walked out, she found Frank, standing up, totally naked, with his towel spread out on the bed as he is trying to put on his underwear.

Gillian quickly turns around, covering her eyes, "I am so sorry" she tells him as she is trying to contain her laughter.

"No, it is my fault, sorry," he tells her, "I thought you would be in there a bit longer" he adds beginning to feel slightly uncomfortable.

"Don't worry, my pants are on now, you can turn around..." Frank tells her as a slight grin appeared on his face.

She first opened her eyes before beginning to turn around, first turning her head and seeing Frank putting on a grey tanked top.

When her whole body turned, she began to walk towards Frank, "where are the towels?" she asked him as she came closer and closer to him.

"Check the wardrobe there," he said directing Gillian, as he stood up beside the bed, "they should be there" he added, looking at the wardrobe before looking down at Gillian.

"Okay..." said Gillian as she began to walk towards the wardrobe, but she stops, turning her head, facing Frank as she looked into his eyes. "Thank you," she said before looking back towards the wardrobe.

She walks over to the wardrobe and pacing her two hands on the handles of the wardrobe, she opens the wardrobe and looks around to see where the towels are. Finally, she finds a few towels on a shelf, but the bottom of the shelf itself is out of her reach.

She tries going on her tippy toes, reaching up with her right hand, but still, no success.

"Need help?" he asks her, seeing that she is struggling. But Gillian does not answer, she begins to feel more and more nervous.

Frank gives her a confusing look, as he looks down at his feet for a second before standing up and beginning to walk towards her.

He walks up to her and stands beside her. He reaches up and grabs two towels, "I am assuming that you will take a shower as well," he tells her, smiling, handing over the two towels to her.

She takes the towels, giving him a smile, "thank you" she tells him again, "no problem" he answers with a sweet tone and a smile, that melts her soul.

She quickly turns around, smiling and lets out a giggle or two, while she dries her hands.

Leaving the two towels on the bed, she proceeds to walk towards Frank, they both walk to the bed, first Frank sits on the bed with Gillian sitting beside him, to his left.

"Are you ready?" Gillian asks him, looking at him, becoming slightly concerned.

He takes a deep breath in, becoming uneasy.

"Are you okay?" she asked him, as she moved closer to him, placing her right hand on his left shoulder unintentionally, as she became really concerned.

Frank turned a few deeper breathes before turning around facing Gillian and beginning to smile. "I am only messing around, relax," he tells her smiling, she rolled her eyes.

"I hate you dude!" she tells him, and could not help but smile.

"Then why are you smiling? If you 'hate' me" he asks her in an annoying tone, still smiling.

She does not reply verbally, but she rolls her eyes as she tilts her head elsewhere.

A second passes before Frank clears his throat in an attempt to gain Gillian's attention but fails, he tries again, and finally, she turns around facing him again. He eyeballs his left shoulder.

Just then she realizes that her right hand is still on his shoulder. She quickly retracts her right arm as she slightly moves away from him.

"Okay, this will be quick," she says, reaching back for the first aid kit.

She opened the kit and got out a syringe and fetched the cure from her trouser pocket.

"This could sound wrong, but, would you possibly have any alcohol on you?" she asks him.

"So a drunk doctor, I see..." he answers, joking around.

"I want to disinfect the equipment before I use it on you Frank..." she answers becoming more annoyed.

"It's meant to me in the first aid box," he says, "is it there?" he asks.

"I don't see it here" she answers, still clearly annoyed.

"Wait, I think I know where it could be..." he says as he reaches for his luggage and begins to look through it, pulling out his bag of toilet essentials.

He unzips the bag and looks through it, eventually pulling out a bottle filled with a clear liquid.

"This should be it," he says, looking at it with an unsure look in his eyes. He then opens the bottle and quickly sniffs the rim of the bottle, but pushes the bottle away from his nose moments later, while moving his nose. "Yup, that is alcohol," he says, opening his eyes widely, while handing the bottle over to Gillian.

"Are you okay?" she asks him, trying to contain her laughter.

"That was strong," he says, beginning to laugh.

"Anyways, okay..." Gillian says, grabbing her hand towel from behind her. She opens the bottle and damps the end of the towel a bit with the alcohol, afterwards rubbing carefully the needle of the syringe and the area on Frank's arm where she will inject him with the needle.

She ribs the area again, to try and find a vain, and after she finds a vain, she reaches for the syringe.

"You may want to look away, you know," she tells him.

She could see that Frank is beginning to actually look uneasy as if he is nervous. "Don't worry, it will be like a mosquito bite," she tells him, in an attempt to make him feel a bit more relaxed.

With the syringe, her hand begins to approach his arm.

"So tell me, what was the hardest mission that you ever had to complete in the States?" she asks him, while she pushes carefully the syringe through his skin and into his vain, soon beginning to pull the top of the syringe, filling up the syringe up to the 10 ml mark.

"Well, I... I had to travel across the country, from Chicago down to Miami. I had to take care of this family of eight, they were paranoid and thought that they are gonna get murdered. Although it was back in the times when some mass serial killers roamed throughout the country. It was really hard, I had to stay awake for days. I don't know how I managed to survive, but I did..." He explained to Gillian.

"Okay, I need to ask you, would you have an empty container of some kind?" she asks him while holding the syringe filled with his blood.

"Yea..." he answers, "that was quick..." he added looking at the syringe before looking back through his toiletries in his bag.

"Ummm... would this do?" he asks her, lifting up a small, compact container.

"Yea, that is perfect" she answers, taking the container into her hands.

"Okay..." she says as she opens the tube filled with the dark grey powder, and with the spoon, she gathers a spoonful of the powder. She places the powder into the container and afterwards pours the blood into the container.

The blood begins to slightly fizz as it mixes with the powder, afterwards turning a darker red.

"Okay, it is done," she says as she places the mixture back into the syringe.

"Okay, so the same thing again, it will not hurt," she tells him again.

Frank looks away from Gillian and the syringe, "have I ever told you..." he begins talking.

"Yes?..." she asks him.

"Ummm..." he pauses, "nevermind," he says.

"You sure?" she asks him, "tell me what you wanted to say" she adds.

"No, it's... it's fine" he tells her.

"Anyways, we are done!" she tells him as she pulls the syringe away from his arm, and placing a plaster where the injected him.

She looks at him but sees that he does not seem okay, "Frank, are you okay?" she asks him.

"I... I don't... my head..." he says as he lowers his head.

"Frank?" Gillian calls out, becoming more and more worried.

"I guess I am..." Frank begins speaking.

"What?" she asks him.

"Tired," he tells her as he lies down on the bed, with his two hands behind his head, and with his left knee in the air.

"I am gonna go and have a shower, I'll be back soon, okay?" she tells him, as she stands up and grabs her towel.

"Sure" Frank answers, as he closes his eyes.

Gillian enters the bathroom, and right before closing the door, she looks at Frank lying on the bed.

"We will get through this, both you and me," she tells herself, before closing the door fully.

*To be continued*


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