The Apocalyptic Survival
7 Chapter 7
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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7 Chapter 7

Frank and Gillian both exchange their final nervous looks before Frank places his hand on the handle and pushed the handle down, following a push.

Slowly, he began to push the door open with a lot of caution.

"Stand behind me," he said to Gillian as he looked back at her before looking back at the door.

Finally, when he fully opened the door, Frank saw a lot of bodies on the floor, drenched in blood, Gillian peered behind him.

"Oh my god..." she reacted to the sight as her eyes opened wide. She could feel her stomach beginning to turn as she looked around the reception from the entrance.

"Can you smell that?" she asked him as she looked back at Frank who was not facing her.

"Yes" he answered, "that metallic smell, it is the smell of blood" he added, making his first steps into the reception, watching his every step.

"Follow me," he said to Gillian, "we need to reach my room, okay?" he added, turning back to her.

"Ugh," she thinks to herself as she tries to make the same footsteps that Frank made, looking down at her feet.

She looks up to see where Frank is, she could that he made a few more steps forward. She looks back down at her feet and now tries not to step on a body or any puddle of blood.

"I wonder what happened here?" she says to Frank as her voice quivers, they both walked towards a staircase.

"Whatever happened here, one thing is for sure, it was definitely not pretty" he answeres her, facing down at his feet and what is in front of him.

Gillian followed behind him.

"These are all innocent people..." she muttered under her breath, loud enough for Frank to hear.

"... That is the sad thing about events like this, innocent people die" Frank said silently.

They continue making their way across the reception.

They suddenly come across a sign, 'Staircase 1 -> Area 1, 2, 3 -> Level 1', "we are almost there" said Frank as he began to walk up the steps.

He took a few steps before stopping to wait for Gillian, who followed a few steps behind.

When Gillian reached the same step as Frank, he began to walk to the top of the stairs alongside her.

Once they reached the top of the stairs, "follow me" he said to her, turning left, entering a long corridor. "We are almost there" he added walking down the long corridor.

They walked a few more meters before they made another left turn, entering another smaller corridor.

They walked down the corridor, they passed the first door saying 'room 221', she could see the second door, and just as they were about to pass the second door, Frank stops in front of the door, saying 'room 222'.

"Here we are," he says as he reached his right hand into his right jeans pocket, "I am surely lucky that this is still here," he said, pulling out a key card. He then proceeds on inserting the card into the card reader, at first a faint beep can be heard, before the door unlocks.

He opens up the door, letting Gillian in first, "ladies first" he said. Gillian looked at him for a second before walking into the hotel room, straight after her came in Frank, closing and locking the door.

First, they both take off their bloody shoes and place them outside, in the balcony. When they come in, Frank walks to his night table and leaves the key card on the table.

"Okay, now, let me see the bite," Gillian said to Frank as she walked him to the bed, where they both sat on the edge.

Frank gives his left hand for her to look at the bite.

First, she tucks up his bloody jacket sleeve, revealing the gory bite, "looks pretty deep" she tells him, looking closer at the bite.

"You might want to give that a rinse" she adds as she looks up at his face.

"I guess that it will be a good idea to take a quick shower then, huh?" said Frank as he begins to unzip his jacket.

"Yes, sure," she said, looking at Frank before taking her eyes off him.

He stands up, walks past her taking his shirt off and throwing it in an empty bucket, leaving him in a tanked top along with his jeans.

"Would you know where the first aid would be?" Gillian asked Frank, as she looks around the room, before looking back at Frank.

"Check my luggage, should be somewhere in there" he directed her as he began to button his jeans and unzip his flier. "If you are also gonna ask, yes, I bring the kit just in case something actually happens" he adds, smiling at her.

"Makes sense," she says, looking at his eyes before going down on her knees and unzips his luggage.

She begins to neatly search through his clothes before coming across a green metal box with a white plus sign in the middle and below the plus sign is white writing, saying 'FIRST AID'.

She raises the box among the clothes, "found it!" she said, and looked up at Frank, who is half naked with a towel, going from his torso down to his knees covering his crotch, his chest seems so strong, as his abs are so defined.

Gillian became speechless...

"I will be out in a couple of minutes," he said as he began walking to the door of the bathroom, but turns around, facing Gillian "thank you," he says in a sweet tone as he turns around, facing the door.

He extended his right hand towards the handle of the door and pushes the handle down, before pulling the door and opening the door.

He enters the bathroom, turns and closes the door swiftly. The door releases a squeak as they close shut.

Moments pass before water can be heard running, but Gillian is still mesmerised by his strong and defined body.

"Oh god, what am I doing?" she tells herself as she blinks and shakes her head, before going back to what she was originally doing.

She opens the first aid kit and begins to look through all the contents in the kit, finding a syringe, bandage, plasters, cotton buds and a few more things.

She picks up the kit and carries it over to the bed. As she sits on her right hip, she feels something hard pressing her right thigh, causing her to immediately stand back up.

She reaches her right hand down her right pocket and feels something tube-like.

She grabs the object and pulls it out of her pocket, with a closer look, she quickly realised what it actually was.

She suddenly gets a flashback to when she was back in Germany with her mother.

She was at Frankfurt Airport when they exchanged their final hugs.

"Take this, you will need it," her mother tells her, in tears, as she hugs Gillian again, "please be safe there" her mother adds as she pulls out a paper napkin to dry her eyes and nose.

Gillian blinks, coming back to reality.

She inhales as she looks at the tube and mutters, "the cure". Suddenly she looks at the door of the bathroom as they open, revealing Frank, again, half-naked, with wet hair and his abs dripping with water.

"What did you find?" he asks her curiously as he sees her holding some kind of an object in her right hand.

"You know you are one hell of a lucky mother-fucker," she tells him, smiling at him.

"Why?..." he asks, confused, "wait... wait... is that..." he begins saying, "yes, its the cure" she finishes off the sentence.

She looks down at his left arm, to where the bite is, "looks inflamed" she says as she looks back up at his face.

"At least it stopped bleeding," he says, smiling at Gillian.

He gazes into her eyes, while she gazes into his, and suddenly she inhales as she turns her head, " okay, so, you sit on the bed" she begins, occasionally looking at his face throughout the sentence, "I just need to wash my hands" she adds as she stands up and begins to walk towards the bathroom.

Frank walks past her, she could feel a wave of his refreshing body wash go up against her face and nose as she breaths in, she gives him another quick glimpse before she enters the bathroom.

As soon as she turns back around to walk to the bathroom, she could see steam pouring out of the bathroom and a strong scent of the masculine body wash and shampoo.

She enters the bathroom and begins to close the door, just as she was about to close the door shut, she looks at Frank, who is lying on the bed, on his right elbow, writing something with his left hand on a page.

Gillian proceeded on closing the door fully, creeks can be heard from the before it fully closed shut.

"I wonder what he is writing?" Gillian tells herself as she walks over to the sink, "is it about me?" she adds to her thought. "I don't know..." she tells herself again, "am I in love with him?" She mutters under her breath as she reached the mirror, looking up at it.

*To be continued*


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