The Apocalyptic Survival
4 Chapter 4
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The Apocalyptic Survival
Author :Strale
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4 Chapter 4

"We, need to get out of here Frank!" Gillian gasps anxiously.

She stands up as she finishes her sentence, but then suddenly another quake strikes the club, causing her to collapse to the floor. Frank quickly bent down to catch Gillian, but her redshirt slipped out of his reach.

The lights began to swing and blink abruptly again, as dust particles from the ceiling of the club fell to the floor, more and more cracks formed.

Gillian manages to stand up with the support of a bar chair. But it does not last long until Gillian again collapses to the floor with the bar chair on top of her. To make things worse, she could see a zombie is approaching her on her left.

At this point, the quakes began to die out as more and more people began to stand up and run, some of the manage to escape, but some of them are still trapped in the club.

Gillian pushed the stool off her stomach and quickly stands up. She looks around her, searching for anything that could be used as a weapon, whether it is a beer bottle or a plate.

She could hear the zombie approaching her, she could feel the hairs on her back rising as she begins to panic.

"What the... odd how there are no... bottles... only cups..." Gillian thinks to herself as she begins to bite her lip.

Finally, she manages to find an empty beer bottle on the ground. She quickly bends down to get the bottle. When she grabs the bottle, she swiftly turns around facing the zombie, gripping the bottle by its neck in her left hand. She begins to walk towards the zombie, with every step she grew more and more angrier until finally, she raised the bottle, and with all her force, she swung the bottle hitting the zombie on its head.

On impact, the glass bottle broke into many tiny shards of glass, some getting stuck into the cheek of the zombie, while some fly through the air, eventually stopping when they hit certain surfaces.

Gillian breathes in relief as the zombie collapses down to the ground, it begins twitches, but Gillian jumps over the body of the zombie, as she tries to look for Frank.

She can hear loud screams everywhere around her, as she looks around for Frank.

"Frank? Frank!?" she screams out as she keeps on looking around her hoping that would come out of the crowd. Suddenly, Gillian is tackled to the ground by a zombie that snuck up behind her. She tries to fight the zombie that is climbing up her body, but she struggles.

The zombie reached Gillian's eye level when it began to lift up its head, the zombie is about to bite Gillian.

Suddenly, Gillian could see that the head of the zombie rises even further, as a bloody hand, with a pocket knife, at first, the hand went by the neck before quickly dragging the knife across, slitting the throat open. Blood sprayed everywhere, on Gillian, the floor and on the hand.

Frank retracted the knife as he pushed the zombie away from Gillian, helping her stand up.

"Fra...." Gillian began speaking but was interrupted by Frank, "we have to get out of here Gillian, okay?" said Frank as he held Gillian by her shoulders, Gillian nodded, "this way" she said to Frank after a few moments.

They suddenly came to a complete halt as a zombie jumped out in front of Gillian, and without thinking, she thrusts her fist straight into the zombie's face, she heard a crack as the zombie fell to the ground. "Don't worry, you broke its jaw, now we have to go" Frank told Gillian in a hope to calm her down.

Both Frank and Gillian began to quickly run towards the exit of the club. Suddenly, Frank could feel someone touch his hand. At first, he tries to shake it off, but then he realized that it is Gillian.

They then ran into a crowd of people, slowing down Frank and Gillian, but then she decided to drag him through the crowd, it worked, until she felt his hand slip out of her grip, but it was too late, the crowd of people shoved up the stairs and out of the club.

She trips up and tumbles to her knees on the cold tarmac, she quickly turns around onto her backside and begins to move backwards as she watches more and more people run out of the club. She hoped to see Frank run through the crowd of people.

The hope was suddenly gone, as Gillian could hear loud cracking coming from the building. Suddenly large pieces of debris begin to fall down to the ground as the sound of cracking begins to intensify. From all of the sudden large debris, blocks fall down, blocking the exit. More and more debris fall until finally, the whole building collapses down, creating a huge plume of dust spreading quickly upwards and outwards.

Gillian covered her face quickly, to block the dust from going into her nose, but it did not work, she began to cough abruptly as the dust irritated her throat. She stood up and began to run until finally, she managed to get out of the dust cloud.

She looked around her and saw that the streets became once again empty. "Frank..." she whispered under her breath as her eyes began to fill up with tears.


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